New release featuring a BBBlood track, due out next week. Please contact Fragment Factory with regards to ordering. It looks really great.

[FRAG13] v/a "RESUMING TREATMENT: the first year" - cdr/box/shirt

Various Artsists - Resuming Treatment

Various Artsists - Resuming Treatment

Celebrating the first anniversary of the Fragment Factory, here's some special tidbit, representing exclusive unreleased material by Fragment artists and its closest allies. A diverse range of contemporary experimental electronic music from the UK, Japan, Germany and the US. An hour long delightful jaunt, featuring: Bryan Lewis Saunders, Sutekh Hexen, Yoshihiro Kikuchi, Filthy Turd, Krube, Drowner, Gray Mullet, Out Of The Unknown, BBBlood, Instinct Control, Regosphere and Duncan Harrison!

Housed in a 7inch mailing box, sticker/postcard inserts, spray-painted disk/inner sleeve. Artist copies + initial mailorder copies will include a dark grey shirt w/ black printed sleeve design on the front. Shirts are strictly limited to 20 pieces! This required many dirty hands and considerable effort, trust me on this one!

100 copies. shipping July 16

8.50€ + shipping //// 16.00€ + shipping incl. the shirt

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