BBBLOOD / HALF AN ABORTION SPLIT CS (Review / Download / Purchase)

Just uploaded the recently released split with Half An Abortion, download (name your price), or purchase a physical copy through the links on Bandcamp.

An excellent review of the tape on Radio Free Midwich

"The BBBlood / Half an Abortion split, self released by the pair of them in an edition of 100, is a magnificent half hour that may be the best ‘hard’ noise release I’ve heard this year.  Both tracks are composed entirely from glass – yeah, think on that for a second – but this is not just a trip to the bottle bank (although Pete’s side does feature such recordings – his younger brother can be heard gleefully enjoying that officially sanctioned destruction).  The dedication of Paul’s track to ‘Lowe and Lanz’ gives you some idea of the context this slots into and the tradition of warped humour and physical performance that it is part of.

It is, as you’d expect from these two, artfully constructed, nuanced and textured as well being totally balls-out gonzo in places.  Clinking-plinking-tinkling, smashing, grinding, crunching, squeaking, that kind of ‘pouring sharps’ noise as the pieces settle – like the apocryphal Eskimo having 40 words for snow, a specialist vocabulary is needed to describe the effects these chaps pull from their single sound source.  They play with the psychological implications of breaking glass too: veering from the amusing (as when someone drops a pint glass in a pub) to the unnerving (a quiet cracking downstairs in the middle of the night).  Eerie little rhythms are created by looping clinks, white noise roars by layered scrunching.  

As with the BBBlood disc on SLI the artifice is occasionally foregrounded such that you can’t mistake it for bare field recordings and have to approach it as ‘music’ or ‘performance’.  Thus figuring out the choices these two have made draws you further and further in with each rewind.  Fascinating, funny and, depending on your mood, troubling or weirdly soothing.  A fucking triumph."

Full review here

Next up, short review of the year and 2013 plans. 


I'm happy to announce the split C30 with Half An Abortion is out now.


"Paul Watson, aka BBBlood, is a maestro of noise. Harsh noise. Wandering through his extensive back catalogue, you'll come up against some pretty intense sounds; however, there's a depth and consideration with Paul's approach that soon has you warming to them and reaping the rewards accordingly... – Sheepscar Light Industrial

Half an Abortion is far more considered than the gonzo band name would have you expect, this is carefully layered, properly physical noise. Bits of this could lazily be described as ‘harsh’, I suppose, but it isn’t confrontational. It actually has a very engaging flow, a wry humour and a structure that invites the listener to climb all over it. Pete clearly wishes you to pay attention and you’ll be rewarded if you do. – Radio Free Midwich

Both sides of this split tape are composed entirely from glass sound sources."

£5 – UK
£6 – Europe
£7 – Rest of World

Please contact for more information.

N 51°33' 0'' / W 0°7' 0''

New ep available on Sheepscar Light Industrial

File under hangovers,Caledonian Road, and Marseille. Two tracks of field recordings and noise. More information here 

Sold out at Sheepscar, I still have a couple of copies. Message for more information. 



"London is hell" MP3 digital download and limited edition CDr (December 2012) (TBA)
Half An Abortion split C30 (November 2012) (Self-released)
Duncan Harrison split x2 C30 + 3" CDr collaboration (Early 2013) (Self-released) 
Izanami's Labour Pains split CD (Early 2013 hopefully) (Self-released)
"Hallucination Password" C30 (Late 2012) (Beartown Records)
"Untitled" 3" CDr (Sheepscar Light Industrial)

Out now:
umez split CD (So I buried) review | review | review (buy copies here)
"Shitnoise is gold #3" four way split with She Said No -  Prozac Maurice - Nundata (Recorded ages ago finally surfacing in 2012) (Filth is my life)
Tinitustimulus split C30 (Sold Out) (digital download available) review
"The vanity of existence" (digital download available) (later on art edition + CDr available)


Next London show is on Wednesday 3rd October 2012 and will be the launch party for the split with Umez. Please come along, I will most likely be playing an extended set and then collaborating with Umez at the end of the show.

artwork by Kohhei Matsuda & Takarsis
so i buried presents:
BBBlood / umez split launch party
this show is to celebrate the release of the split album by BBBlood and umez released by So I Buried Records.
the show will include an exclusive live performance of collaboration between BBBlood and umez after the live performances of each band.

A big thank you to everyone who put me on, came out to support, and shouted at my shows in Leeds and Deptford. Both gigs were a blast + there is live recordings kicking about of my set. 

Grab the whole Leeds set from here


Next BBBlood show...

£2 entry (1997 prices oi oi!), cheap booze, and loud noise.

Facebook event page :

Next up, playing Power Lunches on the 3rd October with Umez. More information to follow this post.

Forthcoming releases 2x split CS + 3" CDr with Duncan Harrison, Split CD with Umez, Split CD, and a tape on Beartown Records due to pop. So yeah there's a lot on the table right now. 


This Saturday

Should be fun, and another punk track - just because keeping with theme...



 Supperclub Cruise

Line recording from the recent Cube Cinema performance now online at Zamzamrec.
Video and report from the event here.


Here we go again!

Facebook event:

Stoked to announce that we have sets from Closed Circuits and BBBlood this month. Can't fucking wait. Listen to their stuff linked below and you will understand why.

Drinks, as always, cheap as they come.

Oh yeah and...



Crow Versus Crow and Sheepscar Light Industrial present...

Petrels, Aqua Dentata, Max Bondi, BBBlood, Ben Gaymer & more tbc...

7-11pm Saturday 15th September 2012
Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Petrels (Tartaruga Records / Denovali Records)

'...A deluge of beautiful noise and crushing melody, which ebbs and flows beneath the surface. Utilizing bowed strings, discarded electronics, found percussion and occasional vocals, portentous drone and cascading rhythm.’

Aqua Dentata

As Aqua Dentata, Eddie Nuttall (Baraclough) creates sounds with synths, tapes and, according to the blurb at Beartown Records, "bowed miscellany"; sounds to consume and get lost in, be they shimmering and beautiful or throbbing and fizzing...

Max Bondi (Tartaruga Records)

'...An exploration of constraint, limitations, and repetition. Fragments of sound fold in upon themselves, constructing patterns and melodies which overlay, interfere and diverge, varying from dense clusters of pulsing frequencies to torrents of cascading electronic notes.

This is uncompromising machine music, but with a melodic edge, rhythmical but irregular, ‘electrical’ rather than electronic.'


Paul Watson, aka BBBlood, is a maestro of noise. Harsh noise. Wandering through his extensive back catalogue, you'll come up against some pretty intense sounds; however, there's a depth and consideration with Paul's approach that soon has you warming to them and reaping the rewards accordingly...

Ben Gaymer

Ebbing, swelling, layered and heavily textured drone from the Bleeding Heart Narrative guitarist, soon to release his debut record on Tartaruga Records.

Facebook Event :

Doors 7pm, £4

Wharf Chambers is a members' club and you need to be a member, or guest of a member, in order to attend. To join, please visit Membership costs £1 and requires a minimum of 48 hours to take effect.

And just because....


Note: there will be a new tape on Beartown Records soon. Hopefully within the next few months.


Please take a look at the video of Saturday's set. Thanks to those who came along, helped us and such.

Also a really nice review on MuhMur New records and future updates coming soon.


So I buried presents UMEZ NIGHT...


Tuesday 26th June 2012
20:00 open
£3 advanced / wegottickets
Artwork by Yoichi Tamori.
Get advance tickets from here.

Power Lunches Arts Cafe
446 Kingsland Road
Hackney, London,
E8 4AE. 


No news at the moment, will announce shortly a couple live dates and a couple new releases as soon as I have concrete information.

In the meantime please check out the short review of 2009's rust cassette digital edition here. Thanks Rob for the great review.

This update was influenced by Mikkeller Belgian Tripel. A highly recommended beer.


Thank you for all that came along (especially to atomo for videoing this) and the other excellent acts. I had a great time.

RUST (Digital Edition)

Fundraising for future releases so please donate. This version of rust comes to 40 minutes. That's double the length of the original cassette. These tracks comprise of junk metal, harsh noise, effect pedal abuse, and tape manipulation.



an evening with

SUDDEN INFANT (Switzerland/Germany)
Sudden Infant harnesses childish glee into surrealist sounds and a performance that disturbs as much as it amuses. Joke Lanz is a member of the Schlimpfuch-Gruppe, the notorious Swiss aktionist group and was involved in traumatising a captive audience in Nottingham a few years back. This is his only UK date.

H (France)
It’s a little known fact that after the breakup of Steps, H moved to Bristol and started to produce convulsive electronics. At least this is the information I’ve been given, apart from the bio which says "Pyramid Power and Drone Zone Hymns for a Battle Bliss H, Nerd Kundalini, practices mesmeric audio gestures to make U go 3D B'aaouuuwh"

A notoriously violent and abusive London noise thug. Was last seen onstage carving his initials into rodents using a rusty contact mic that had ceased to work in 1998. The Sun calls him a “vile and unpleasant human being” and we’re only too pleased to welcome him to the Rammel Club stage.

Pure crystalline drone from London, whose last piece reminded me of Charlemagne Palestine’s work which in reality meant I sat transfixed in my comfy chair with the cat for an hour or so. We’ll be providing neither chair nor cat accompaniment for this engagement.

>> and performances by

"Jenna Finch is a performance artist based in Nottingham. She rejects the market-driven art world and instead favours obscure happenings that money can't buy. Jenna tries to blur art and life by translating her banal everyday politics into "visual feedback". She uses her childish wit and eccentric props to communicate her ideas."

"Lauren Marie is a sexually frantic and brutally honest poet and performance artist. Grief is a piece about freedom for emotive expression translated through the face of a Geisha."

SATURDAY 24th MARCH 2012 -- 8.30pm
The CHAMELEON Arts Cafe, Nottingham
(Old Market sq / alleyway next to the Bell Inn, above Clinton Cards)
8.30pm doors -- £6 / £5 for holders of a wristband for so keep that wristband!

Facebook event:

Nottingham Sat 24 March : SUDDEN INFANT + H + BBBlood + Aqua Dentata + more tbc.

Next Show

Sat 24 March : SUDDEN INFANT + H + BBBlood + Aqua Dentata + more tbc.

Flyer and more information to follow.

Go to this!

And in a couple weeks time make sure you go to this...


Copies of the BBBlood / Tinnitustimulus split are selling fast. A great review of this split can be found on the always excellent MuhMur blog. Thanks Steve!

Also some great reviews of last years Destroy, Shatter, Stun, Intoxicate cassette can be found here.


I'm pleased to announce the release of the BBBlood / Tinnitustimulus split c30.

This one has been in the works for quite a while now and I'm really glad how they have come out. I'd like to say thank you to Tomas for his patience.

This split cassette between London's BBBlood and Philadelphia's Tinnitustimulus has been a long time coming both sides deliver some ferocious harsh noise, weirdo junk metal and high end frequencies.

Paul Watson (BBBlood) has been making junk racket. harsh noise and bottom-of-the barrel field recordings for nearly ten years now, his side ranges from cut-up sampled metal to paint stripping white noise and back again. Recoded using various field recordings from a local building site, home sampling of a step ladder being scraped by copper piping, and plenty of contact microphone / pedal worship.

Tomas Bennett (Tinnitustimulus)mashing metal coils and bastardizing feedback loops since 2004. His side delivers a full spectrum assault of dense noise and high frequency tones. The second track Ahnighito is punishing! Almost verging on noise wall territory, very fluid changes, and consistent.



2011 - SUMMARY

It's 2012 and for the last few years I've done a summary for my personal highlights of the previous year.

2011 wasn't as eventful as I first planned but here are some highlights...


My records of 2011 for what it's worth (In no order)

  • John Wiese - Seven of Wands (PAN)
  • R/S - 'USA' (PAN)
  • Fossils / Darksmith - Million Year Spree (Kye Records)
  • Frieder Butzmann - Wie Zeit Vergeht (PAN)
  • Lettera 22 - True Form (A Dear Girld Called Wendy)
  • Ashley C - Timeless Reality - (Freak Animal Records)
  • Eric Lunde - TechNot Recordings (TraitMediaWorks)
  • John Mannion - Slice Through Or/In Glassmetal (Hanson) 
  • Skin Graft - Dystrophy (Hanson)
  • John Wiese – GGA (Teenage Teardrops)
  • Nicholas Szczepanik - Please Stop Loving Me (Drag City)
  • Rodger Stella / Kites - Interior Moon (Mutter Wild)
  • Helm - Cryptography (Kye)
  • Aaron Dilloway - Lip Syncing To Verme (Hundebiss)
  • Heatsick - Intersex (PAN) & also the Dream Tennis ep 
  • Alleypisser – Sult (Dokumentarisk Agenda) 
  • Bloody Letter - Past (Dotsmark)
There's loads more that I've not added to this list and they're just the records I could think of off the top of my head.

    Future plans...

    Next up...

    As yet untitled 3" CDr (Self Released)
    Split c30 with Tinitustimulus
    New c30 on Beartown Records
    BBBlood lp (eventually)
    Split CD with Izanami's Labour Pains (long overdue)

    More TBA.