2013 Summary


2013, was a slow slow year and was not very productive recording-wise, a lot of lessons learned, upgrading of recording gear, and some big changes in life meant to no new BBBlood releases in 2013. In some ways it was the best and worst of times. But the year is almost over now...

Next releases

Recordings of material for a few releases including a c30 on Beartown Records and finally the 2xC30 split tape with Duncan Harrison should be out early 2014. More news on that when I have updates.


Performing live, I've probably played some of the most memorable shows to date including really enjoyable sets in Leeds, Brighton and in London. The Crater Lake all day event stands out as my favourite of the bunch, a live recording was released on Sound Holes that can be downloaded and soon to be released on mini CDr.


I also started and finished a new project IIPA which played it's one and only show this year and released a 20 odd minute CDr 'street drinking' this can still be downloaded on the BBBlood bandcamp page.

Drain Bramaged

That happened

End of year favourite records / gigs

I'm going to try keep it short and sweet but there has been some amazing new releases this year, quite a few I'm probably going to forget (and probably add on later). Also this year has been great for a lot of my friends who have either put out or recorded some exceptional records. No nepotism here but honestly amazing records (OK maybe just a little but still no less worthy).

  • Joesph Hammer - Albany/Philadelphia (Dungeon Taxis)
  • Heatsick - Re-Engineering (PAN) (Also the Snakes & Ladders ep)
  • Wanda Group - Outer Alsatian (Notown)
  • Lettera 22 - Physical Point (Holiday Records)
  • Rose Alliance ‎– Scandinavian Pictures (Posh Isolation)
  • Sissy Spacek - Billions and Billions (Chondritic Sound)
  • Colour Out of Space 2013 / Dinosaurs with Horns @ Cafe Oto
  • Phil Julian - Live Flux (Tape Worm)
  • The Bomber Jackets - The Lister (Alter)
  • The Fall - The Remainderer (Cheery Red)
  • Basic House - Oats (Alter) 
  • Astral Social Club ‎– Destiny Snfu (NNA)
  • Pam Ball Duo - Sour Pact 
  • Crater Lake all day event in Leeds
  • Pieces - Self titled (White Centipede Noise)
  • Spoils & Relics (live) 
  • Morphosis - Dismantle / Music For Vampyr (Honest Jon's) (Possibly played at the wrong speed)
  • Playing with my friends Aqua Dentata & These Feathers Have Plumes 
  • The Homosexuals - Live on The HMS President
  • Joseph Hammer & Jason Crumer - Show em the door (Accidie Records)

LIVE IN 2014

Next BBBlood show, the first of 2014 is in London at Cafe Oto.

Thursday 9 January 2014

Door Times : 8pm

Tickets : £4 on the door

Great line-up featuring Duncan Harrison, who's put out releases on labels such as Chocolate Monk, Soundholes, Fragment Factory and Beartown; a special collaboration between Daniel Thomas (Hagman, Sheepscar Light Industrial), Kevin Sanders (Petals, Hairdryer Excommunication) and David Thomas (Hagman, Ap Martlet, Kirkstall Dark Matter), performing together for the first time; visceral and immersive noise from BBBlood; Slow Listener - who's recent release on Exotic Pylon has drawn deserved plaudits; and DJ sets from DJ Miley Sirius and Clive Graham.

Full information.


Hope to see you there.

2013, round up and other announcements to come.