Hardworking Promotions presents...


Sophie Cooper is a West Yorkshire based musician influenced by psychedelic pop, weird noise and drone, whose main interest is in experimenting with conventional song writing. She is lovely and great, and her 2014 album 'Our Aquarius' went down a storm with people who know.


London-based 'proper' noiser who might be bringing a more restrained concreté sort of set along for this show, though I'm not making you any guarantees.


Brighton purveyor of gorgeous noisy shoegazey guitar songs. Melodies, and even vocals, lurk in the midst of wave upon wave of sparkle drone.


Ian Murphy of Hobo Sonn, Pascal Ansell of Panelak, and Tom Bench of Hardworking Families combine for the first time ever! Improvising guitar duo augmented with metal chair: you ain't seen this before.


All taking place in AT THE COACH HOUSE, an intimate and beautiful little Kemptown venue that you will feel very comfortable in. NOTE that this is not a pub called The Coach House, that is a different place in Brighton, and there will be no exciting music there.