2011 - SUMMARY

It's 2012 and for the last few years I've done a summary for my personal highlights of the previous year.

2011 wasn't as eventful as I first planned but here are some highlights...


My records of 2011 for what it's worth (In no order)

  • John Wiese - Seven of Wands (PAN)
  • R/S - 'USA' (PAN)
  • Fossils / Darksmith - Million Year Spree (Kye Records)
  • Frieder Butzmann - Wie Zeit Vergeht (PAN)
  • Lettera 22 - True Form (A Dear Girld Called Wendy)
  • Ashley C - Timeless Reality - (Freak Animal Records)
  • Eric Lunde - TechNot Recordings (TraitMediaWorks)
  • John Mannion - Slice Through Or/In Glassmetal (Hanson) 
  • Skin Graft - Dystrophy (Hanson)
  • John Wiese – GGA (Teenage Teardrops)
  • Nicholas Szczepanik - Please Stop Loving Me (Drag City)
  • Rodger Stella / Kites - Interior Moon (Mutter Wild)
  • Helm - Cryptography (Kye)
  • Aaron Dilloway - Lip Syncing To Verme (Hundebiss)
  • Heatsick - Intersex (PAN) & also the Dream Tennis ep 
  • Alleypisser – Sult (Dokumentarisk Agenda) 
  • Bloody Letter - Past (Dotsmark)
There's loads more that I've not added to this list and they're just the records I could think of off the top of my head.

    Future plans...

    Next up...

    As yet untitled 3" CDr (Self Released)
    Split c30 with Tinitustimulus
    New c30 on Beartown Records
    BBBlood lp (eventually)
    Split CD with Izanami's Labour Pains (long overdue)

    More TBA.