Live In Bradford With Shift & Mutant Ape - Sept 16th 2005

A early start to the day and I made the long train journey to Bradford, lugging around a heffer of a suitcase (aka the portable lab) what is fun. I turn up in Bradford expecting red carpet treatment but all I get is moody looks from some mental kids. Ahhh just like home.

Anyway after a crappy coffee and chips I get to the 1 in 12 and meet George (Mutant Ape) and he's massive. Anyways we are really early so we find the Weatherspoons pub and some mentalist gets thrown up after throwing a wobbly about not being able to take a bottle of wine out of the pub. Haha, I sink a Efes and then we make our way to the venue where we meet the sound chap.

When you try to explain what kinda music we make to a sound guy and you say "noise" they dont actually get it that you are going to make noise but thats cool, I unpack mess about with some gear, by this time Martin (Shift) turns up and I have to say I am impressed by the ammount of gear and professionalism. Up until then I was not aware of his stuff but the records I got and his set blew me away.

So I play and make some fun harsh stuff happen, I tried to mix in some beats but I dont think that worked so then I squeezed in a quite nice ambient loop at the end. and just did a really nice 19 min set what gave me a big grin.

then we drank some more, I was shocked that I got a round and got change from a £5 note!!! I mean thats a rare thing in London and I also got to drink unknown beers that were class.

So then Mutant Ape plays and delivers a tidy set from a awesome little suitcase, really really ripping set. Gave me quite a few new ideas and was suitable sound track for all the juiced up kids outside having a drinking session. George's set was just what the doctor ordered.

Ok so then another short break and I'm so glad I recorded the sets onto mini disc.

Then steps up Shift who I'd not heard of before but then he unleashes a god nasty roar of a set what really tests the 1 in 12's sound system, it's really angry and direct Lovely stuff!! Inspiring and I was instantly won over by the set. God knows what the random chap in the corner thought of it but I kept on drinking and just enjoying the set. Amazing!

Ok then we all have a jam and it's good fun I cant remember what was going on but I added loads of strange sounds what kinda worked for me. But it was just harsh.

Then I had to make an exit after another beer, wandering the streets of Bradford with a massive case and a little bit tipsy was fun. I was lost so I asked a Goth for directions and he was the most happy Goth ever!! Nice chap, so I found the Hotel I was staying at. And drunkenly checked in, listening to my bootleg of the gig made me grin and vomit shortly after. What a drunken idiot!

Next day massive breakfast and the long journey back to London.. Amazing gig!