Hey cool cats, come to this show and party on down!



Saturday 1 September
The Foundry
84-86 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London.
Transport: Old Street tube/rail, many buses.

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Please come along it's going to be a blast

Experiment 50 - review


Cool, I've done a few nice trades for Experiment 50 and one of them has been reviewed on this blog...


Cheers Fred!

BBBlood is the UK-based noise project of Mr. Paul Watson who also runs the label, Trans-dimensional Sushi. Apparently this is his 50th release. What we've got here is just under 47 minutes of ultra dynamic, all over the place noise. Everything from delay pedal worship and knob tweaking to screaming feedback to distorted crunch and classic harsh noise. The occasional odd sound and volume dropouts let you know that this is the real deal, not some ultra-edited bullshit. The three tracks on this release are all fairly lengthy but they cover so much ground and move so fast you can hardly tell. My favorite of the three tracks is "Submissive" because of it's haunting chill-ass vibe. It sort of reminds me of the ambient mix version of Painkiller's Execution Ground. Rumbly, reverb soaked, and beautiful. The cover art for this release (by KEROZEN) is beautiful as well with lots of vibrant colors and the laser printing makes it look and feel very slick. Of all the releases I've gotten in trades in the past few months this one is definitely in my top three. Viva La Delay Pedal! Contact BBBlood to see if it's still available. http://www.bbblood.co.uk

Nice. Well if you want to hear more drop me a message or an email. We can talk business. Interesting trades or hard blood money please!

What's next?

BBBlood - Liquid Jewels (collaboration DVD)
BBBlood - BashBashBash split (TBC)
BBBlood - Vulgar Eye (Unluck Rec)
BBBlood - 3" (Burnt Sound Offerings)
Green Mist/BBBlood - 'poo & wee' C30

TDS related

Helm - Optimism (Trans-Dimensional Sushi)
Compilation 2
More TBA....

Trans-Dimensional Sushi - NEW HEATSICK, BBBlood Releases


Trans-Dimensional Sushi is a small label that I mostly use to put out my own releases and a few others just concentrating on getting good releases out in runs of about 100 + copies.

So after a few months of heavy boozing and cruising in London and Europe I'm happy to announce the following new releases....

TDS15: Heatsick - Muddy Paw
£4 ppd UK, £5 ppd world
(100 Copies)

Somewhere in party centraal Berlin lurks Steven Warwick (one half of the rad Birds of Delay) aka Heatsick. Muddy Paw is his fantastic journey wading through a dewy perfume sunrise with arms splayed out. 3 psychedelic tracks the sound of wrestling with Oliver Reed naked by a lake just like in 'Woman In Love'.

TDS16: BBBlood - Experiment 50 'untitled'
£3 ppd UK, £4 ppd world
(100 Copies)

Somehow I can't believe this is the 50th released recording I have done over the years making noise. 3 tracks clocking in to almost 46 minutes exploring three different sides to BBBlood. Track 3 is probably one of my favourite works to date. Expect smashing, distortion, crunches, feedback, droning etc..

Yeah so if you want to party paypal me

If you want both releases I can do special deals to make it cheaper.

Any questions or good trades (these things are not that cheap to produce) or just chat; please get in touch.

http://www.transdimensionalsushi.co.uk (bit out of date)

Also still available BBBlood recordings

Mongst/BBBlood - 'Total Shave' C30 - Isolated Now Waves
Rank Sinatra/BBBlood - Split 7" - Mourning Glory
Towering Breaker/BBBlood - Split CD - Trans-Dimensional Sushi (2 copies left)
Watzone & Proktor - Jams 1-3 (one of each left)

plus I have loads of other stuff kicking around


Helm - Optimism (hopefully next month)
Trans-Dimensional Sushi - Compilation 2 (couple months time, still getting the artists together!)
Green Mist/BBBlood - 'poo & wee' C30 - Repressing of the tour tape.

+ loads more.
www.bbblood.co.uk - UK Noise

New BBBlood - full length

Experiment 50 - 'untitled' full length

New BBBlood recording out now on Trans-Dimensional sushi recordings. Can't update website at moment home pc died.

£3 ppd UK, £4 ppd world

3 Tracks - 46 mins.

Party pay pal - baronbumblood@hotmail.com


No gigs planned at the moment.

Submissive - New show added

Sadly the gig on the 27th w/ The Poly Shang Quan Band & Birds Of Delay has been cancelled (or postponed) for now sadly.

But good news BBBlood is going to Bristol

And for the always amazing Guns N Horses. It's good to have them back. 2 weeks a go go Sweaty Days played in Deptford for Animal Fact records night. It went pretty well. I'm pretty psyched about this gig and I plan to have some limited edition CDrs & Recent tapes especially for this show. Also not to mention that BBBlood is again on the same bill as the always amazing Made Out Of Wool. If you don't know their music you are missing out big time.

TOTAL SHAVE! - New Tape(s) / Updates

Another new tape out now from the wonderful people at Isolated Now Waves.

Talking trolls and shards of steel bending and vessels bursting....This wicked split comes in a little box full of treats. BBBlood is a dude from the UK breaking walls and Mongst is J.V.Dubbleyou of Shearing Pinx infamy. Ltd to 50 copies.

It looks fantastic and is probably some of my favourite BBBlood material to date. I should be receiving my copies soon but anyone over the other side of the pond should put in an order with Isolated Now Waves.

Big big thanks to Jer for this.

The Watzon / Proktor vol 1-3 collab tape is available through Turgid Animal, also the long overdue English noise compilation is out now.

"V/A - "Horrible English Noise" C-32

Finally, ultra delayed Turgid Compilation featuring the cream of the crop of English pure noise: Filthy Turd, Bongoleero's (now defunct, that's how long its been!), BBBlood, Cementimental, Mutant Ape and DOG. Full colour art by Tisbor, first edition of 30 on ultra nice purple tapes!"

Turgid Animal

I can't even remember what my tracks sound like for this.

Even more tapes...

Hot off the press 4 new tapes available of the recent BBBlood / Mutant Ape meeting.

- BBBlood & Mutant Ape - Live Blood : London 190407 - bottom

- Prokter + Watzone - Volumes 1-3 (3 tapes) - top

Thanks to Turgid Animal.


Buy copies from there. I have 2 copies of the live tape and 1 copy of the Proktor + Watzone 3xtape (not breaking up the set)

Message me for ordering details. btw: The live tape is amazing! Thanks Georgeeeee.

2 NEW TAPES, Extra shows added

After a bit of an absence to concentrate on recording after a total Alcholocaust of a tour with Green Mist and Mutant Ape. There is two new BBBlood tapes out now.

  • C20 - Visions of Lizard Ecstasy (Unrest Productions)


BBBLOOD - Visions of Lizard Ecstasy C-20

£3.00 (from Unrest Productions)

Visions Of Lizard Ecstasy

  • C30 - Chemically Induced Brain Tension (Fuck You Tapes)


FUCK001 - BARON BUM BLOOD - C30 Tape [lim. 50] - harsh noise experiments and tinnitus-inducing insanity from London/UK.

Yeah, so they are new and hot. I have copies, £3 each email me for more info baronbumblood at hotmail dot com.

Also more copies of the BBBlood / Rank Sinatra 7" are available £3 a pop and also the BBBlood / Towering Breaker CD. GET IN TOUCH!

Next Up:

  • BBBlood / Green Mist - Split C30 "Poo & Wee" (BBBTapes - No label)
  • Heatsick (Steve From Birds Of Delay) - Muddy Paw CD (Trans-dimensional Sushi)
  • BBBlood - Experiment 50 CD (Trans-dimensional Sushi)
  • BBBlood - Vulgar Eye (Unluck Rec)

It starts to get fuzzy here, but there is a lot on.

1st BBBlog post / Gig photos

Hi, this is the first post on the BBBlood. If you've never had the experience to check out any of my music do so http://www.myspace.com/bbblood or free mp3 downloads at http://www.bbblood.co.uk (now extinct)

Hopefully the .co.uk website will eventually look like a blog so then I won't have to use myspace to blog and maintain a website and post on 3 different blog sites and then the eventual podcast http://bbblood.podomatic.com/ (link might not work; it's not as I type this post) you can see why I want to move all of them into one place. Maybe this blog is the solution? Who knows.

Gig photos

Yeah I have a flickr page (wow what a suprise) http://www.flickr.com/photos/bbblood/

This blog will exist alongside the other pages until I've found a solution.

European Tour... + More

Green Mist / Mutant Ape / BBBlood - European tour dates March 2007

1st Mar 2007 - BERLIN - The West Germany w/ Green Mist & Mutant Ape
3rd Mar 2007 - FRANKFURT - Curmbox 2 w/ Mutant Ape, Green Mist, more TBC
4th Mar 2007 - STUTGART - Innerer Nordbahnhof w/ Mutant Ape, Green Mist more TBA
5th Mar 2007 - ANTWERP - Freaks End Future w/ Green Mist, Mutant Ape, more TBC
6th Mar 2007 - PARIS - La Miroiterie w/ Mutant Ape, Green Mist more TBC

Quite excited more information TBA

Frankfurt -

see the full image here


UK Shows,

Thursday 15th Feb - LONDON - 231 Totenham Court Rd + loads more
Sunday 18th Feb - COLCHESTER - Arts Centre, supporting Chris Corsano & Mick Flower+ More
Thursday 8th March - IPSWICH - The Big Vent Festival w/ Zeropointenergy + More edit:

London show
Thursday 15th (THIS THURSDAY!)
at ASDA squat
Death Code
Eaten By Children
Elite Barbarian
Family Battle Snake
Isambard Kingston Brunel
Martin Aaserud
Patel Pretal
7pm - Late,
231 Tottenham Ct Rd.
Central London


New Releases -

C20 - "Visions of Lizard Ecstasy" (Unrest Productions) - Out NOW

BBBLOOD - Visions of Lizard Ecstasy C-20 (60 copies)

Slightly more subdued than the split with Rank Sinatra, Initially. Then it kicks off. Less rumble, more screech and hiss. The Baron proves himself further with this one. East London's finest!

C30 - Split w/ Green Mist "Poo & Wee" (Self Released) - Due in time for the tour
CDr - Splut w/ Stuntcock "Distorted Quim Grand Opus" (After The Fireworks records) - Early Spring
C30 - Split w/ Solblomma (BT Recordings) - Expecting copies soon
C30 - Untitled (Fuck You Tapes) - Very Soon. http://www.fuckyoutapes.net/
CDr Split w/ (Symbolic Prod) - Have copies available this week.


Still available copies of the Towering Breaker split CD and the Rank Sinatra split 7"

Hope some of you can make it to the gigs!