2 NEW TAPES, Extra shows added

After a bit of an absence to concentrate on recording after a total Alcholocaust of a tour with Green Mist and Mutant Ape. There is two new BBBlood tapes out now.

  • C20 - Visions of Lizard Ecstasy (Unrest Productions)


BBBLOOD - Visions of Lizard Ecstasy C-20

£3.00 (from Unrest Productions)

Visions Of Lizard Ecstasy

  • C30 - Chemically Induced Brain Tension (Fuck You Tapes)


FUCK001 - BARON BUM BLOOD - C30 Tape [lim. 50] - harsh noise experiments and tinnitus-inducing insanity from London/UK.

Yeah, so they are new and hot. I have copies, £3 each email me for more info baronbumblood at hotmail dot com.

Also more copies of the BBBlood / Rank Sinatra 7" are available £3 a pop and also the BBBlood / Towering Breaker CD. GET IN TOUCH!

Next Up:

  • BBBlood / Green Mist - Split C30 "Poo & Wee" (BBBTapes - No label)
  • Heatsick (Steve From Birds Of Delay) - Muddy Paw CD (Trans-dimensional Sushi)
  • BBBlood - Experiment 50 CD (Trans-dimensional Sushi)
  • BBBlood - Vulgar Eye (Unluck Rec)

It starts to get fuzzy here, but there is a lot on.