2018 Review

Hello. I was mulling it over the weekend whether I should do an end of year review or not. However it's a tradition that I'm going to stick with regardless of whoever reads this. Here is a brief summary of what 2018 has meant for me.


So 2018, A couple eps came out, the 3 way live CDr and the Split with Claus (mentioned previously in this blog). However both were live recordings and also recorded over the last couple years. So yeah quite unproductive on the recorded front. Yeah I did record stuff, quite a lot but none if it is ready for release in my opinion.


Gigs front, nope, nothing here.

So you may ask, what have you been doing? Good question: Not much, working, travelling, and probably more working.

Which is a bit disapointing since the last end of year review I spoke about renewed energy to do things, however it doesn't always work out like that. And I'm not taking it too much to heart.

Next Up
So do you have anything lined up? Actually yes, I've started to look to new means to record perform and hopefully invest some time into actually getting something released, first new recordings since 2017. And gigs... yes I do, I have a show lined up in April as BBBlood! I'll post more about this when all the details are online.

Best of 2018

Well, to be honest I've not even really listened to much this year either (Yeah you always say that!). But some records I enjoyed (Including the ones I downloaded from other peoples eoy lists and places to find them) are:

Acolytes - bus-final2-tFZqV8QQR34 
Darksmith - Hatred Of Sound LP 
Lolina - The Smoke 
Graham Dunning & Tom White - You Are A New Creature 
Hum of the Druid - A Strange Export
Kevin Drumm - Frozen Pipes
Kevin Drumm - Inexplicable Hours
Apostille - Choose Life 
Chris Goudreau ‎– Brief Sensuality
Blood Stereo - Tape Loop Meditations
Translucent Envelope - A Slight Remove
Slow Listener - Live At Fort Process
Red Brut - S/T

Xi'an Impression
Tough guys in Tokyo - The Nightingale
Visiting Japan
Monk Fest @ Cafe Oto
Haringey Borough FC ten game undefeated run and being top of the league at Christmas / Promotion / Beating Heybridge Swifts in the play-off semi final

As per tradition I'll probably review / add to this list when I think of more records. 

Also it's strange that I've finished this post before the end of the year and Christmas, so if you are reading this. Have a great holiday!