An excellent review of the N 51°33' 0'' / W 0°7' 0'' ep that came out last year on Sheepscar light industrial by former zine now top review blog Idwal Fisher.

BBBlood - N 51°33' 0'' / W 0°7' 0''
Sheepscar Light Industrial. 3”CDR. SLI 010. 50 Copies.

"Meanwhile, back at the Barons cage we have Paul Watson keeping the capital alive with his highly rewarding noise constructs. Its a pity there hasn’t been more of BBBlood through these gates for what I hear impresses me - this isn’t all head down, thumbs through belt loops, shoulder swinging, hair swaying drongo noise y’know, there’s a great deal of thought goes into what he does and it shows. During ‘Marseille’ I’m treated to the sound of an oak tree being snapped in half, the splinters ripping across my skull in all its panned glory. I’m sure there’s field recordings in there too, especially on the first track ‘Obscurantism’ which sounds as if it was recorded on the buffet car of the London to Leeds East Coast express. An all out blast appears in due course and when it arrives you know about it but its the way in which Watson arranges his sound that impresses me most. He’s an erudite chap and his compositions show and yes I did mean compositions. The way in which these two tracks are structured, the way in which various elements appear and disappear, the continuous flow of ideas and sounds all point towards a daring and highly enthusiastic mind. I dare say that the Baron has laid his offerings at the TNB alter too for there is the scrape and a rusty bike wheel being slowly spun, its rotations coming to an end with an ear squealing orgasm. Factory hum, that glorious wood tearing .. I believe we may have some kind of mini classic on our hands here. To the downloads."

Thank you for the review! Also check out the Sheepscar Light Industrial website as the recent batch was pretty exceptional.

You can read the full review here

I have 2 copies of this left so email me if you want one.

Also  the split c30 with Half an Abortion made it into the 'top-ten of 2012' on Radio Free Midwich
plus I received a couple other mentions in the list. Thanks!

Next show I return to Leeds in March to play the Crater Lake All Day event.

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2012 wasn't the best year, but it wasn't the worst year either, I'm kind of glad to see 2013 arrive.

One of the biggest challenges of 2012 was not having any recording equipment for almost half the year and trying to find ways to record / transfer from tape to digital without a fully functional computer. Scrapping plans on the first BBBlood lp (if anyone is interested...) and a couple other release wasn't what I planned either. However there were some real highlights to take away from the year.

Personal highlights :

  • Playing in Nottingham, Bristol, Leeds, and a couple shows in London
  • Sharing a couple of these line-ups with friends Aqua Dentata, These Feathers Have Plumes, and Cheapmachines
  • Managing to record three decent eps over the space of the year (split w/ Tinnitustimulus, split w/ Half An Abortion, and the 3" CDr on Sheep Scar)

Highlights / records of 2012 (for what it's worth):

  • Aaron Dilloway - Modern Jester (Hanson)
  • Rammel Club weekender, Nottingham
  • Daniel Menche live @ West Germany, Berlin
  • Broken Flag weekend, London (and meeting loads of great people)
  • Small Cruel Party - An Accident In Substance (Harbinger Sound - Reissue) 
  • Francisco Meirino - Untitled Phenomenas in Concrete (Cave12)
  • The New Blockaders / Vagina Dentata Organ live @ NK, Berlin (+ the VDO picture disc issued later in the year on Harbinger Sound)
  • Schimpfluch Carnival, Bristol (Both for the social event and musically)
  • Basic House ‎– Cryptid Binaries (Washy Tapes) 
  • Lee Gamble ‎– Diversions 1994-1996 (PAN) 
  • Wanda Group ‎– Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight (Opal Tapes)
  • Reverse Baptism - Street Business (Anabolic Dimension)
  • Marc Hurtado and Vomir - 2012 (Tourette)
  • Lettera 22 ‎– Native Waters (Second Sleep) 
  • John Macedo ‎– Silt (Beartown Records) 
  • Arv and Miljö ‎– Orientering I Denna Värld (Ljud & Bild Produktion)
  • The Tobacconists - Smoking Is Green (Economy Of Language)
  • Jason Lescalleet - Songs About Nothing (Erstwhile Records) 
  • Robert Turman ‎– Flux (Spectrum Spools - Reissue) 
  • Yeast Culture ‎– IYS (Art-Into-Life - Reissue)
  • Liars ‎– WIXIW (Mute)
  • Jason Crumer - Let There Be Crumer (Second Layer Records)
  • Hype Williams - London 2012
  • Holly Herndon - Movement (Rvng Intl.)
  • Heatsick live and on record
  • Astor - Alcor (Kye)
  • Various Artists - Truth was invented by liars (Dotsmark)
  • Jean Tinguely - Sound Sculptures at the Tate (Edition Bierammer)
  • Ssaliva - RZA (Vlek)
  • Aqua Dentata - Stone Garden Borders (Feral Tapes) 
  • Duncan Harrison - Young Arms (Chocolate Monk)
A pretty long list

Next up, I'm currently recording a new cassette for Beartown Records and a track for the second split tape with Duncan Harrison. Both are taking a long time with many false starts. Hopefully both will surface soon.