Blog review

I can never really get the look and feel of the blog here quite right so will be experimenting with some themes and changes / a refresh of the content. What started initially as a MySpace blog transferred over to blogger has never really been maintained properly.

Otherwise, loads of half finished ideas, none ready for release. No gigs lined up currently but will announce here if that changes. 

Deaf and Capital

New BBBlood cassette ep "Deaf and Capital" has been released by new NYC based tape label Fantasy Knife. I'm extremely happy to see this tape released and it's the first new(ish) BBBlood recordings to have been released for some time.

It's a c30 comprising of material I've had in progress for the past 4-5 years, mangled re-processed in 2020.

I have a limited number of copies so if you are interested message me. If you live in mainland Europe White Centipede Noise have copies, USA either direct from the label or Skeleton Dust.

 Please check it out. I'm considering uploading to Bandcamp when it's sold out, but for now it's offline.