BBBlood - Updates - 31/12/2006

First of happy new year. I hope it's a good one.

Out Now:

BBBlood / Fred Nipi / Izanami's Labour Pains / Torturing Nurse - In Harsh Noise We Trust # 1 CDr (Underground Pollution / Ars Funebris)

Comes with A3 Poster and loads of fun in a DVD case. I have a few copies available but no dvd cases. £3 Assemble yourself stylee. Contact me for more info. ltd to 50 copies, I only have 5 available.

Loads of new releases planned for the new year.

* BBBlood - Vulgar Eye 3" (Unluck Rec)

Expected sometime next year. 11 short noise blasts

* BBBlood / Ecoute La Merde - Split CD (Symbolic Prod)


« The Sushi Girl Split ». The UK Band BARON BUM BLOOD plays harsh noise / noise.

The french Band ECOUTE LA MERDE plays noise / harsh noise.

A totally violent, abrasive and crazy Release.

Pro printed black & white artwork. Limited to 250 copies.

* BBBlood - New Full Length - Experiment 50 (Trans-Dimensional Sushi)

Still in production, savage metamorphosis record.

* BBBlood - Ep (Kalaedascope Gang)

Still in production, bizarre sand blasted tonal torture.

* BBBlood / Green Mist C30 "Poo & Wee" (self released)

Expected very very soon.

* BBBlood / NapalmNoise / NxFxTxEx / ?? - Four Way Split (TBA)

Constant brain bashing

* BBBlood - Visions Of Lizard Ecstasy C30 (Unrest Productions)

2 tracks of intence ear bleed

And a few more that are in early development stages.

More shows TBA next year.

Unluck Recs Party Night Stuckometer, Thirdorgan, Isambard Kingston Brunel, BBBlood, Dude War...

Unluck Recs Party Night Stuckometer, Thirdorgan, Isambard Kingston Brunel, BBBlood, Dude War...

Tuesday 28th November
An Unluck Recs Party!


Isambard Kingston Brunel

Dude War
Tiger Piss

The Old Blue Last

Great Eastern Street, Old Street Tube

Be there!

Coming very soon...

BBBlood - Vulgar Eye - Unluck Recs
BBBlood - 4-way split with Torturing Nurse + More Underground Pollution
BBBlood - Visions Of Lizard Ecstasy - Unrest Productions
BBBlood - Experiment 50 - Trans-Dimensional Sushi.

Still avaliable - BBBlood / Towering Breaker Split CD, BBBlood / Rank Sinatra split 7"

New Profile Tune / Extra Show Added

Another new tune has been added to the BBBlood profile

"Addicts of drugs not yet synthesized", a dedication to Burroughs and the one of best grindcore bands ever Narcosis.

The track is taken from the next full length record on Trans-Dimensional Sushi. Expected by the end of this year.

Extra Show

6 Dec 2006

The Macbeth w/ Yolk + Geisha, BBBlood, AManAnimal (used to be HaHa)

Thanks to Chaos Vs Cosmos

Also some photo's of the Towering Breaker / BBBlood collab are online thanks to Maverick

BBBlood/TB Split CD Review - Smooth Assailing + Shows...

The recent split CD with Towering Breaker has been reviewed on the excellent Smooth Assailing.

The review can be found here...

Direct Link -

Thank you to Avant Gardening for a great review.

towering breaker & bbblood

[2006, transdimensional sushi]

towering breaker [pictured below, left] are a noise duo consisting of ben knight and jack allett, from brighton and east sussex, uk.

bbblood [pictured right], or baron bum blood (i still can't say that without atleast cracking a smile), is the working name of london's paul watson. he's also a member of cherry tombs, along with tiger piss.

this cd release consists of one solo track by the two projects and a collaboration between them on the third, it was put out by bbblood's own transdimensional sushi label. towering breaker begins the disc with bt never counted on tb, which starts off with a sound sample taken from a british tv program. after a little bit, the sample's manipulated as it becomes background fodder for towering breaker's creeping noise. it's slow-building, echoey and has a darker feel to it. there's also some moaning singing from one of the guys, which provides another interesting layer. bbblood's nearly nine minute the misty path of needles is next, and came as a bit of a surprise, but it was a welcomed surprise. coming into this, i was expecting the familiar harshness from paul, but what he comes through with is a lot more toned down, following tb's lead in it's sound. misty path is a slower effort, like theirs, though without the gloomy feel that tb had. there's repetitious noises and some sound samples buried underneath the noise and static. i said it wasn't harsh, but it does indeed have it's louder moments, starting at around three minutes into it. this was a real nice effort turned in by bbblood. noisy enough, but still showing some restraint, repetitious enough to keep you interested, and it has just enough changes to it to hold your interest. the twenty-one minute long collaboration, bum breaker, is last and it comes off as a perfect pairing. again, same slowed down mood as the solo pieces (giving the disc a very nice sense of continuity that's lost on most split releases), the trademark vocals from tb, good background noise and other repeating noises and a nice use of differentiating channel noises, which are always great to hear in headphones. this split was a little haunting, a little noisy and plenty good.

Towering Breaker and BBBlood Bum Breaker Excerpt (from 6:41 to 10:14


Recently BBBlood played a very short and full on set at Corsica Studios on the 26th of October as part of "Curry Club"

A big thanks to Little Fisty, Rupert Murder, Hiyoko Mame, Land Of Playlist, Jazz Trance plus the other guys who I forgot. (I was still really hungover from my birthday) It was a very cool and night despite all the sketchy goings on from the venue. I think it added to the great time.

Next up...

2rd November Towering Breaker /w BBBlood Collaboration Bumbreaker live. + The Coughs (USA, Load Records etc..) @ The Prince Albert

28th November /w Stuckometer, Dude War, Clunes & Isambard Kingston Brunel @ The Old Blue Last, Great Eastern Street, London

2nd December /w Birds Of Delay, Doggs, DJ Tendraw, Eaten By Children, Zero Point Energy + Loads More @ The Foundry Great Eastern Street, London

Hope you can make it to one of the shows.

BBBlood / Towering Breaker Split CD - OUT NOW!

£4 (ppd UK) £5 (ppd World) paypal - baronbumblood @ hotmail dot com

TB / BBBlood - A brief alliance 'tween the erstwhile Baron and young seaside upstarts; once more Transdimensional Sushi serve us up a delectable dish of sonic sweets. A labour-of-love label run by the Baron himself and ADHD-ravaged metal exponent Guanoman, it may still be waddling around in a training nappy but has nonetheless dropped a few tasty turds already. Check beautifully packaged compilation 'Wasabi For Your Brainpipe' for a comprehensive statement of intent - a psychdronetrash ode to the belief that the puerile and the ecstatic are one.

But onto this record...Well BBBlood, for one, has been aligning himself with all manner of equally vile cohorts of late (Rank Sinatra, Mutant Ape...) and in joining forces with TB appears at first glance to've formed a close bond. A viscous mass oozes all over the audible (and inaudible) spectrum as a perfectly uniform entity, infinite density. Yet within this singularity much evidence of conflict; a group mentality plagued by in-fighting. Witness the violent tussle of a finale as the Breaker boys take control of the Baron's sounds, forcing them into strange new forms. Here is a big bang spewing forth in sprays of static, hiss and bloody screaming.

Friends? Hardly. Yet on this CD is captured that brief time when two discrete objects - each with their own determined trajectories - collide, and exist together in space and time before obliteration.

Larry Furrowbrow

· Towering Breaker are also about to release two full-length CDRs, 'Purges' and 'Those Who Do Not Believe In The Subversive Power Of Love Have A Corpse In Their Mouths' on Curor and Chocolate Monk respectively.

· Baron Bum Blood has some 34 and releases and counting scattered around the world, his output continues as prolifically as ever;

BBBlood - 3" CD (Unluck records)

BBBlood - 3" CD (Kaleidoscope Gang)

BBBlood / Gland / Cementimental - 3 way split 3" (Luggage Records)

BBBlood C20 (Unrest Productions)

BBBlood / Mutant Ape 12" (Turgid Animal / TDS)

all coming soon...

Recent Gigs.... New Releases... I need Artists!

Hey, I shall be doing an update to the website soon but in the meantime I'll keep on posting blogs of recent activities.

Recent Gigs

Thanks for everyone who turned up and cheered on at the gigs in August. Some recent photos can be seen on the flickr page.

New Releases

BBBlood / Towering Breaker - CD (Trans-dimensional Sushi)
Loads of excitement and interest has been whirling around this savage slab of noise and pestilence. Expect this one to be out by the 2nd half of September ltd to 100 copies with artwork by Dr Parsons. Don't sleep!

BBBlood - 3" CD (Unluck records)
12 tracks of wall to wall harsh noise in under 22 minutes expected soon

BBBlood - 3" CD (Kaleidoscope Gang)
More surprises and knife edge noise expected.

BBBlood / Gland / Cementimental - 3 way split 3" (Luggage Records)
A unruley noise battle royal from 3 London noise louts.

BBBlood C20 (Unrest Productions)
Filthy Dirty noise, gargled screaming and sonic worship

BBBlood / Mutant Ape 12" (Turgid Animal / TDS)
Expect someone to draw blood

All releases expected in the next coming months.

Art needed

If anyone is interested I'm looking for artists to do work on the artwork for my next couple of releases coming out soon. If you are interested please send me a message.

New tune added + BBBlood/Mutant Ape Colab released & other updates...

Just a quick post, new BBBlood tracked added to my profile "Filth Abhors Filth" taken from the next BBBlood release, I'm just putting together all the tracks and it should be out pretty soon, It's sounding great.

Also I didn't realise it was out but the BBBlood/Mutant Ape colab cd is out now on Turgid Animal. so get a copy now!

084: Mutant Ape and BBBlood - "Armed Combat Collaborations V" CD-r £2.50

Another vile edition to Mutant Ape's Armed Combat circus! Harsh and relentless track in thirty mins. In simular vein to the rest of the series: TOTAL HARSH TERROR! Printed on tracing paper, looks nice! Limited to 14 copies.

Get it from - Turgid Animal and whilst you are there buy loads of other stuff.

The BBBlood website has been slightly updated and the DVD is out now for sale / trades / whatever. Drop me a e-mail and we can talk business. See the previous blog post for more info about the DVD.

Towering Breaker split cd expected in a couple of weeks the artwork for it is mindmangleing.

More gigs added to the schedule. It's looking pretty good there is a few colabs planned in the next couple of months.

If you are in the London area make more noise!

BBBlood - Bloody Mess? Yes! ~ Romford last night + Updates

Good morning or good evening... whatever.

First off played a very cool show last night in Romford. It wasn't a normal BBBlood show it was a 'Sweaty Days' gig. This means I played along side the legendary Rupert Murder (aka Wet Dreams and a hundred other names.) It went really well we had a few issues with sound levels at one point but it all worked out cool. Drinking loads before setting up gear is not a great move but it all worked out.

We got to Romford and it's not really changed much since I was there last year but it was little things that you notice. Fuck I don't want to ramble on too much but it was just little eerie to be back there but when the booze kicked in it was business as normal. Psyched up to make some loud noise we took the stage and layed down a slab of noise boogie wonderland experience. I think the people enjoyed it, later today I'm going to listen to play back of what we recorded.

Some Photo's Thanks to Tarik for taking them..

On directly after us was Tiger Piss, who was amazing as ever he played some pure tonal bliss tricks and looped chants and improv drumming beats. It was excellent and the finishing move was to spill his pint all over the floor almost blowing up Jay's power sockets. Hehe, it was very cool.

After some mopping up and a few more pints necked, was the turn for Made out of wool to take the stage. it's the first time I've seen them with a full line up and it was a treat. My minds a little fuzzy but I was literally soaking in the sound waves very cool set. Yes I know I said soaking like I need some kinda bath or something, but it did have that effect over me. Very cool!

I hope the BBBlood/Made Out Of Wool big band cd can be processed quicker, as I'm itching to release some of their music.

Then after the 'noise' played it was just a normal club night, two bands played afterwards but I didn't watch them play, probably because of my drunken state at the time. After that it was more drinking and catching up with people I know. Very cool night.

I'd really like to thank everyone individually for turning up last night. It was nice to see so many people I know at a show, hopefully Romford will have another night of noise. Well that's wishful thinking really.

But thanks go to Jay, Louis, Rich, Barnes and Big Muff Regan. everyone else I chatted with, embraced and got drinks from.

Here's the flyer...

Special Mention ~ Happy Casio

Ah yes I almost forgot to mention..

You have to check out the high fuel'd Indie rock bontempi bastards Happy Casio.

Last night I was given a copy of a special ep called "Bloody Mess? Yes!" and have been listening to it solid this morning. Hopefully it might make a Trans-Dimensional sushi appearance, well I've not asked them about this yet.

They are playing loads of gigs and are still unsigned if anyone is interested

Sep 11 2006 8:00A
AllSorted?! @ Hog in Armour, Norwich Norwich
Sep 25 2006 8:00A
Spread Eagle, Shoreditch London
Oct 20 2006 8:00P
Come Out 2 Nite, The Purple Turtle London
Oct 27 2006 8:00A
Dolly Mixture @ MacSorleys Bar TBC Glasgow

Yeah so Cheers Sean/Laura for coming out to my gig last night enjoy the records!

Ok BBBlood update - August 23rd

Couple of shows coming up this month be there or be someone who don't like noise.

Undereducated Night @ The Grovesnor - Stockwell, London
Wednesday 23rd August

Lucky Dragons -
Tiger Piss (aka the Danny Dyer of Experimental Music) -
Gay Against You -
Thee Moths -

New Releases available

Ok I've got 3 copies of the BBBlood / Mutant Ape colab cd left

084: Mutant Ape and BBBlood - "Armed Combat Collaborations V" CD-r £2.50

Another vile edition to Mutant Ape's Armed Combat circus! Harsh and relentless track in thirty mins. In simular vein to the rest of the series: TOTAL HARSH TERROR! Printed on tracing paper, looks nice! Limited to 14 copies.

Get it from - Turgid Animal and whilst you are there buy loads of other stuff. I now have copies so e-mail / pm me if you are interested.

This has not gone on the website yet so snap them up before they are gone... gone... gone...

Also I have 3 copies left of the amazing NoSt8ment compilation

I got my copies last night and it's an excellent compilation. I insist you get one. Either contact me or go direct to NoSt8ment...

Featuring tracks from T11, Green Mist, BBBlood, AEC, Falling Boy, Textured Bird Transmission, Towering Breaker, Guanoman, Gland, Mutant Ape and more .....

Check it out.

I've still got copies of the BBBlood / Rank Sinatra 7" for sale, I can't stress how much of a cool release it is. £4 ppd UK, £5 ppd world.

Also I am down to a few copies of the DVD (Hand Made DVD of BBBlood live) left they are going quick. Get one whilst they are hot! £4ppd UK £5ppd World.

Ok thanks for reading and keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

*****Edit: check a second blog on Mavericks page*****

Couple of shows coming up this month be there or be someone who don't like noise.

Undereducated Night @ The Grovesnor - Stockwell, London
Wednesday 23rd August

Lucky Dragons -
Tiger Piss (aka the Danny Dyer of Experimental Music) -
Gay Against You -
Thee Moths -

Tuesday 15th August @ Pacific Edge, Romford, Essex

(Flyer to follow)
Made Out Of Wool - (Full Band Tiger Piss)
Tiger Piss (Solo Set?)
BBBlood (Sweaty Days... Colab w/ Rupert Murder aka Wet Dreams)

Sunday 6th August @ The Old Angel Nottingham

Hair Police
Birds Of Delay

BBBlood updates - 2006-07-04 - Misty Forest Gate

First of thanks to those who came to the 666 gig last month it was awesome, big thank to Bill for putting on such a great show. hopefully there will be more gigs coming soon.

What's new? - I know no recent updates from the Baron, well after a break due to the World Cup and some awesome shows recently played. I've started working on loads of new releases.

Recently released on Titus Records was the BBBlood/Jake Vida split CDr. The tracks are excellent and it was a pleasure to work with such a awesome noise artist. And if you are interested in hearing BBB records remixed and mangled well then you must check this out.

Up next will be the BBBlood live DVD taken from footage at the Guns N Horses show in May plus some hidden extra footage.

Once that's released a trilogy of 3" recordings are expected to follow. The first of those released on the mighty Legion Sudan.

After these then expect the Made Out Of Wool collaboration cd and the long awaited Towering Breaker split, and then the split tape with Solblomma on BT Recordings...

Also the new compilation from Kalaedascopegang :

KSG001- POPULATION COMPILATION: featuring music/art from Metal Islands, Crime Desire, Le vansona, Hot Girls Cool Guys, Slap Combat, Dear Chris, Rocktopus/hide and seek, Sweden has a plastic industry??!!, Pretty Thigh, DD/MM/YYYY, Viking Club, Escapist, O Gafanhoto, The Fugue, Woody Allen and the ocean view marching parade, Pharoah Don't Care-o, Grey Jackets, Post Office Gals, Hello Astronaut Goodbye Television, Sweetohm, Trencher, Hands on Heads, Family Battle Snake, Kevin Wilk, BBBlood, PRE, Trencher, Casy Brian, ZIXOGLERHONDURIS, Sincabeza, Damn Shames, Jediak, Janster, Michael DeForge, HIV Tarnations, Datashock, Pascal Hector.


And then after that hopefully I can get the podcast running..


Plus expect loads more compilation appearances and split releases to come. I have uploaded a new Track 'Henry VIII' to my profile.

BBBlood updates - Live this Tuesday 666!

website updated...

More live BBBlood Massive updates - Yes Thanks to everyone who turned up to the Guns n Horses show last week it was a blast.

But you have another chance to catch the Baron live this coming Tuesday the 6th of June (aka 666) @ The Marquis of Landsdowne, Dalston, Stoke Newington rd, London, near Barden's. Supporting The following top artists Sudden Infant, Birds of Delay, Terminal Outputs, Family Battle Snake, Isambard Kingston Brunel, Sgure, BBBlood ( possibly Another Enough Chairs collaboration).. Get there early to avoid missing any of the acts.

Wow what a massive line up hopefully it will be a top night full of good old fashion noise and drones. I'll have copies of the 7" available the Split cassette with Infected Fungus (Ltd 15 copies in nice tissue paper artwork) will be on sale too. Come down and say hello. Also make sure you stick around and catch all the other top acts!

The Trans-dimensional sushi website has been updated and you can order copies of the very fine "Wasabi for your brain pipe" compilation featuring loads of fine artists.

Still Available -

BBBlood / Rank Sinatra 7" - £4 ppd UK, £5 world ppd - Via Paypal
baronbumblood at hotmail dot com

Guns N Horses - A Dolphin's review

Copied and pasted from

Guns N Horses 25.05.06:A Dolphin's perspective

On Sunday my friends Ommm and Lovely Brother AKA Land Of Playlist put on a wicked noiz/electro/fun night called Guns N' Horses. It was the best party I've been to foe agees!
There were lots of really friendly cute girls and boys, who were all having a lovely time!
Here are some of my friends.

For this special occasion, Land Of Playlist made t-shirts and a compilation CD made especially for the evening. The CD is excellent, really groovy stuff, and the shirt rules!
Look at these beauties!

So as you can see on the flyer there were six music artists, and also added later was the brilliant visuals of the uber-talented WEIRDCORE! His VJing is definitely the bees-knees, so check out his stuff!

First was DJ NEGATIVE SKILLS. He played lots of tapes of a very diverse selection of music, skilfully woven together. A great DJ, better than Judge Jules!
Then GREYPETCAT, the enigmaic purveyor of solid dark industrial beats and basslines. He played a great 30 minute set, very well put together, with fantastic visuals of interference by Weirdcore (who did live visuals for everyone!!). Here is Greypetcat with his funky midi controller.

After Greypetcat came ORGAN MORGAN. He was playing some way out vibes on his old organ and theremin. He's a super player and composer who captivated everyone with his unique style. Go and see him if you get the chance!
Then came the lovely HIYOKO*MAME, I think this may have been her first solo gig, which is unbelievable!! She was soooo great, everyone loved her!!! Fantastic cheeky beats and melodies and some wicked rapping, singing and dancing. She is a mega-talented ultra genki energetic performer. People were dancing and loving her! And she played the Rocky them as her intro live on the keyboard. Charming!
Next up BBBLOOD. Wooooooooooooaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!
This guy is insanely good, definitely the loudest and coolest thing to come out of East Ham. He played for 15 minutes and literally blew everyone away! The most hardcore shit around, he was mental!! Rauarw! Props to the crowd for being very receptive to his extreme-ly good show, but of course all the credit belongs to him for turning in a star performance wrapped in lights!

Last live act of the night was the mad bastard they call RUPERT MURDER! He took to the stage wearing his trademark R. Murdoch mask, and rocked the dancefloor with his insane dance-noise-murdercore music. The crowd were loving it and pulling off funky moves. Awesome!
Back to DJ Negative Skills to wrap it up with some dope tunes... and everyone went home beaming with happiness!
But I'm not going to finish without a huuuuuge THANKYOU to the best compere in the world, MARY SOUL! Who put in great efforts to entertain and inform everyone about the goings-on. She was so funny and cool, it wouldn't have been half as successful without her.
We love her!!!! She was dressed as Hugo Chavez! Here she is.


and MARY SOUL!!!!

Check my page:

Thanks for reading,
Floppy xxxxxxxx

BBBlood@ Guns N Horses + Next show!!

HeyHay thanks to the people who came to watch BBBlood's first London show. I thought it went pretty well considering a few technical hic-ups but just a quick reminder that I'll be playing

Dalston, Stoke Newington rd, London,
With.. SuddenInfant, Birds of Delay, Terminal Outputs, Fbsnake, Isambard Kingston Brunel, Sgure, BBBlood( Another Enough Chairs guest) 6/6/6

if you can make it along then that would be great.

Anyway last night, rah what a cool gig. First off I must take my hat off and pay my dues to Rich (Rupert Murder) the big cheese of Guns N Horses and to the other chap who put it on too. The night was awesome I think there could have been more people but it did go head to head with Lightning Bolt who were playing somewhere in London that night. But I think this show had more soul!

I turned up in the quiet little pub and went down the stairs I was absolutely shattered after a very long bank holiday weekend. Big bag in hand I sat down and had a couple of drinks then I set up a makeshift (shitty) merch stand where I think I probably only sold 1 record oh well.

You Like?

Well then the music started all the acts were introduced by Mary Soul who was sporting some kinda military style get up and beret. Later on there was a guessing competition for who she was. Venezuela?? I don't remember much at that point.

I forgot to mention that at Guns N Horses you get free t-shirt and CD for the price of your entry. Bloody good value!

Anyway first up was Greypetcat who was a very big man who was hidden behind his laptops and stuff but the music was quite cool beats sounds and other wonderful stuff. I was quite busy manning the stall drinking, meeting and greeting people who'd come down to see me make a racket. Good set..

DJ Negative Skills was spinning the decks and making lovely sounds, I can't remember what he was playing.

Organ Morgan ( was next up and unleashed a nice set I really was hitting the sauce by this time so all gets hazy but what I can remember was awesome organ sounds and some doors sounding bits and loads of psychedelic theremin / organ action very cool indeed and Jim is a top bloke I must catch Organ Morgan when he next plays.

Next up was Hiyoko Mame ( who started off with playing the Rocky theme on a melodica, what a way to start a set!! Then went into some good beats and singing and other stuff (you notice I use the word stuff to fill in blanks of my memory) loads of nice 8-bit sounding beeps and stuff and it was quite a fun set. Definitely check out her stuff it's really cool!

Ok so then BBBlood was up next, after a nice introduction by Mary Soul. I wrapped a tube of light around me and started freaking out with a old tobacco tin making feedback theremin and my sampler what didn't work (oh well I think it's probably past it now damn!!) yeah I think I played alright it was such a blast to be playing and I hope the crowd enjoyed it. I ended up bashing stuff on the floor and I can't remember much more than that. But thanks to all the people who WOOOOhhh'd and all the people who actually watched the whole thing. Ok so moving on...

Oh yes Action Jackson video taped it, hopefully I can get this online and use it for BBBvideos... And there was a very cool guy who I was introduced to was doing visuals to my set it was pretty cool loads of blood and stuff. Cheers!

And the grand finale was the mythical Rupert Murder ( I really really enjoyed his set, behind a mass of tables and laptops and other stuff was this guy in a mask rocking out to fantastic beats and sounds and harsh stuff fucking awesome I must say. I felt it was a perfect way to end the nights entertainment and everything seemed to be in 3D at this point it was class. Wow what a mental evening.

After that we started drinking upstairs this involved loads of booze talking to old Jamaican dudes saying goodbye to peeps and then my friends taking over the DJ booth to play 80's film music mostly hearts on fire and you got the touch oh yes and Incredible by Genral Levy!! After that we got a cab home and it was quite strange, I think he video'd this too.

Thanks to Rupert Murder for putting the Baron on, hopefully a few people enjoyed it. I think I'm going to go back to sleep...zzzzz

Oh yeah I must mention that they are doing another show in June 25th. I'll be on holiday at this point but if its anything like this one, it's going to be a very fine night of mad music. The line up is...


Tiger Piss!!! Shit I wish I was there for this gig, you gotta go to it!

Ok now I go back to sleep.


Heyhey, yet another amazing release out now.

Rank Sinatra / BBBlood - Split 7" (Mourning Glory)

£6 UK ppd, £7 World ppd. (Ltd 300)

If you can remember a few years back BBBlood's first full gig was at the Colechester Art Centre supporting the amazing Rank Sinatra. Well since that amazing show it's been on the cards for BBBlood and Rank Sinatra to do a split record. If you are not familiar with the genius what is Rank Sinatra then you are missing out on full on epic noise crooning from down under, as summed up by the BBC as "If pop has eaten itself, then this is what happens when it goes to the toilet". This 7" is the first release by new label Mourning Glory and hopefully soon I will have copies on sale (expect major spamming when I do). Art work on this record was done by Emily Hasselhoof and the BBBlood side by the infamous Dr Parsons. Amazing stuff and I feel really proud to have worked with some amazing people.

I currently have copies and they are shifting like hot cakes.. I accept pay pal. address baronbumblood @ hotmail dot com please contact for ordering information etc.

Thanks again to the amazing artists and the genius of 7U? for doing such an excellent job on this release.

Reviewed here..

Updates / LIVE GIG / 2006 EP ~ Trades / "The Cosmic Gash"

Some more BBBlood news..

1) Website updated..

2) Gig added

28th May - Ryans Bar, Stoke Newington, London


3) I still have copies of the 2006 ep available for Trades etc..

4) I'm proud to announce the newest BBBlood full length "The Cosmic Gash" has been released on Audiobot Recordings.

BOT 185 BBBlood - The Cosmic Gash - CDr

UK harsh peddling feedback junk highly influenced by distorted water falls and mutilated sponge bob's, cranks out a space-travelling tribute to the forefathers of noise and the love of having no restrictions. Equipped with lowlife microphones, metal objects, crunched teeth, electronic drills and bargain pedals, BBBlood shows no mercy. Includes the track that first appeared on the nu-metal/hybrid compilation that accompanied the Zero Tolerance magazine. Described by Bizarre magazine as ' tinnitus-inducing insanity, like being vomited on by some angry digital god, the only way to appease him is to drill holes in your brain, record it, and play the sounds to a roomful of very small children! '. Full color artwork by Italian beach-dweller Tisbo, in an edition of only 65 copies. File under = distilling harsh blood.

Check for more information and buy loads of excellent noise!

Expect more updates soon, I've been very very very busy so watch this space!

BBBlood wants your cds!

If you are a trade friendly artist I'd love to hear from you as currently B.B.Blood is giving out free copies of the 2006 ep.

I'd like more than one copy of your records if possible so then I can pass them on with trades and continue passing out free records. = more exposure and maximum listening for your music.

If you want to send B.B.Blood cd's then message me or e-mail

BBBlood Interviewed in Bizarre Magazine.

BBBlood Interviewed in Bizarre Magazine.

Yeah pretty cool huh? I've not had much time to really comment about this but I was interviewed around christmas time by (the genius) Dr Parsons for Bizarre magazine. and finally my interview along with a few more excellent noise makers were interviewed and a massive noise spectacular special. I'm on pg 102 of this months issue (May 2006) it was released today I believe 29th March.

The article is titled "The Joys Of Noise"

Baron Bum Blood
"Tinnitus-inducing Insanity, like being vomited on by some angry digital god. The only way to appease him is to drill holes in your brain, record it, and play the sounds to a roomful of very small children."

Pretty cool huh? Go rush to the shops and get a copy so you can read the rest. Also the magazine contains strange stuff and some nudity yay!

BBBlood colab with Made Out Of Wool 17th March 2006 ~ BRIGHTON

Yeah I know the Baron didn't even mention this but it was a last minute thing but my good good friends Made Out Of Wool (consisting of Another Enough Chairs and T11/Skunks/Crusty Old Cock) invited BBBlood to join them on the stage and make a noise. So I packed my bag and trekked to Brighton yesterday.

Turning up at a cheapo rehearsal studio very psyched up to get things started I unpacked my makeshift set up, from the initial warm up noises it sounded amazing!

So then few hours we make our arrival at the local Friends Meeting house aka a Quakers house. I know nothing about Quakers but its cool enough we are playing there. We turn up and the only people there are 3 of my favorite noise acts and darn right good peeps Mutant Ape, Shift and Filthy Turd. The host of this evening Dallas is no where to be seen what confuses us but after a cheeky coffee with Filthy the man turns up with two nice big amps.

Now at the moment I'm quite excited about this loud amps the UK's best noise acts this is going to be a treat, next to arrive is Johnny Scarr and Cheapmachines who bring their impressive gear.

We (Made out of Wooly BBBlood aka Crusty Cock Armageddon) are armed with some awesome megaphones and rape alarms. We set up gear and a few people start turning up. So after a little cheeky Beer in the cold we go on. We play a pretty nice 10mins of noise I mean I don't think I could hear what was going on but I think it came across as nice and loud.

As soon as we finish a few more people turn up but I was really glad that Spoono could make it as I've not seen him for ages.

(From now on the running order is a little hazy)

Next up is Cheapmachines who uses his metal bowl of noise to great use dropping what I think was an electronic whisk in to the mix is a classy touch and makes some lovely harsh noise. More of this is needed.

Ok so then I had another beer in the cold and it was fucking cold but worth it. Chatted noise with some of the crowd met some nice people. Went back in and Johnny Scarr was playing, he played a nice set what was considerably quieter than all the rest of the noise acts tonight, he specializes in bashing metal with loads of delayed and pedal driven noise really cool stuff, and thanks to Johnny for going out and getting the beers, life saver.

After Johnny Scarr's cool set was Mutant Ape who's got bigger and noisier and shoutier than I last remember giving it all noise and shouting over some pounding noise whilst Shift in full cammo/3 stripe as well stands his ground and makes the experience even more intense it was like war in 10 mins.

Another Beer (I think they are all gone by now) and the night is going pretty well more chatting and trading records. Next up is Shift. Sporting a big wooden box a microphone and some impressive looking gear he means business, I think the aisle like venue (Quaker meeting house) suited Shifts set as he looked like a demented evangelist converting everyone into his power electronic church of anger, Excellent stuff.

Last but least is the awesome Filthy Turd, who was my highlight of the No Trend all day event in London last month where he set fire to all his gear and poured mud everywhere as well. So very high expectations to top that were her on the night but he sure did not disappoint. The set started off (from what I can remember) with some insane feedback and the dim lit venue / candles created an atmosphere Filthy starts with putting on some rubber gloves and putting metal objects down his trousers then in a mass of feedback and destruction he starts smashing the fuck out of this pan and metal plate then chucks around loads of stones and pebbles creating just pure chaos, then more metal smashing and pant stuffing Filthy creates a load of concrete on the floor (what some guy Hoovers up at the end of the night) The grand finally is the noise stopping and Filthy stripping and putting a cd on (I think it was the Velvet Underground??) then saying "thank you very much" only wearing some animal mask and that's all. Quite possibly just as good as or even better than the last time I see his set.

What a way to end the evening. After that we had to make a move, said good bye to the lads who have a long journey ahead of them back to Leeds in the morning and to Dallas who was a complete legend for putting the whole thing on. Thanks again and hopefully we can play again sometime soon. After the show what I can remember is eating a good burger and getting a quick pint in some pub and then abusing plastic paddys celebrating St Patrick's Day with Made Out Of Wools megaphones good fun and then passed out ready for the 1 1/2hr journey home in the morning.

Excellent show!

**Oh yeah Paul Maccartneys nutter of a son was there too.

New CDs!! Finally, BBBlood 2006 ep & Bloodmoss

Ok so you may have missed BBBloods short notice gig in Brighton where I gave out some 10min noise mess cassette but don't worry. BBBlood has released a new EP comprising of 6 slabs of noise that seem to blend into each other the new EP 'BBBlood 2006' is a compilation of a couple unreleased and new mixes from the same recording session recently

Also I have copies of Bloodmoss what was well worth the wait George has done a excellent job of this record.

If you are interested in either of these releases please contact me via the email address or even send a personal message. But I don't have that many left.

Narcosis Album out now

As far as I know it's out now and you can get a copy from Calculated Risk or direct from the band.

The Baron's work is on Track 9 titled "The World is your Oyster, I am the Hammer" I believe and it sounds great.

Coming soon a Split Cassette and the 7"

Also I've sold out of the Mutant Ape slab ep.

BBBlood - Noise On Narcosis new album

A noise sample from Experiment 21 - "The Cosmic Gash" has been distorted mashed up and used on the excellent new album by Grindcore Cunts Narcosis. they are a good bunch of tommy touchers and you should pre-order their album now.

Narcosis - "Romance" - Calculated Risk Products

yeah so what are you waiting for?

2nd Trans-dimensional Sushi Release / BBBlood - Bloodmoss

Mutant Ape - The Slab EP (Business Card Release)

George (aka Mutant Ape) Is a noisey northern shitcunt, BBBlood played a show with him in September last year and it was awesome. So it was only a matter of time I'd release one of his recordings. George co-runs Turgid Animal recordings and has put out loads of BBBlood recordings.

The Business Card is limited to 8 copies and will be ready in the next week, as soon as I get the Anotherenoughchairs CD out. Chances are I might run out really quickly.

Make sure you check out the Turgid Animal website..

Give George loads of money and buy Bloodmoss the new BBBlood recording.

010: BBBlood - "Bloodmoss" - CDr £3

BBBlood, one of the UK's finest geek-tronics acts around today. Track one is a live offering taken from Septembers gig at the 1 in 12 club in Braford. Blistering harsh noise and theremin abuse. Track two builds up into a hypnotic frenzy of pixel freak out. This is an all round awesome release. Comes with tin foil shit and inserts a plenty. Limited to 20 copies.

and check Mutant Apes website..

Anotherenoughchairs - Blind Flags - Fri 13th Jan

Released on Friday 13th January 2006

Anotherenoughchairs - Blind Flags

My good friend Jason from Brighton has helped me out so much over the years with releasing my first two full length records and loads of promotion in the UK, virtually got me my first gig and he/his missus are exceptional people who run the awesome Nost8ment label. Formally Fridge Magnet but with a stick of dynamite up its ass AEC plays a full on noise feast with enough to share out for the whole family.

This is the first of many releases I plan to put out this year on the Trans-dimensional Sushi Label.

He's remixed and remastered the album and it's sounding amazing.

Some tracks are ambient workings some are blistering noise abuse.

erm.. Trades welcome if you want to pay it's £3 ppd (uk)

or $5 rest of the world. I accept pay pal, email me at baronbumblood at hotmail dot com, for more information etc..