New Release

Got my copies of the "Flowers" ep released on Small Doses. See previous post for more information.

I'm selling them for £3.50 (ppd UK) or £4.50 (ppd world)

paypal accepted to - baronbumblood at hotmail dot com

If you are stateside buy a copy from Small Doses direct.

Currently working on some new recordings and recovering my hearing from an electric performance from Pain Jerk and Emeralds on Saturday night.

Below is the artwork for an upcoming release.


Should be announcing some more live dates soon.

Some photos from Mondays gig and a new release coming


Go here for all the photos from Monday. Thanks to Annisa for taking these and to the people who showed up.

In the next couple of weeks I should have copies of my new ep 'Flowers' that's coming out on Small Doses.

Cover for upcoming record - By Gareth Miller

Email me for more information I should have them in a week or two.

Also I'm expecting a restock of the 2007 c30 'Visions of Lizard Ecstasy' released on Unrest Productions. Contact me for trades / sales... Working on having a online order page soon. So keep on checking this blog.

Upcoming Show - 12th January 2009 Bull & Gate w/ Men Of Unitus

12th January 2009
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Upcoming show (tonight!) expect harsh noises and stuff like this video. Thanks to Tamon for recording / uploading this to youtube.

£5 in I think. Men of Unitus, expect angry music and musk.

For more info click the flyer >>>

BBBlood Live @ The New Cross Inn. 15th December 2008

Oh yeah I just found someone uploaded their video of the Bromancer / BBBlood collaboration in August 2008.


I can't remember anything.

BBBlood - 2008 Summary

Happy new year etc...

The old webspace died :-( , no domain name and I moved house so maintaining the old website & this blog become impossible. The only updates were on my MySpace Blog.

In the future I'm going to make a concious effort to keep this blog updated.

2008 was a pretty productive year with playing over 12 shows, recording 4 new eps and playing in Germany once more.

Playing same bills as the following... Heatsick, Caldera Lakes, Ampersand, Skat Injektor, Legless, Mutant Ape, Cementimental, Horacio Pollard, Patel Pretal, Slow Listener, Old Bamboo, The Digitariat, Mongst, No Really? / Deepkiss 720 and many more I can't remember off the top of my head. Also collaborating with Bromancer in August (Collaboration material to be recorded at some point in the near future) what was fun.

A big thanks to all the people who helped out and made everything possible.

Some pictures can be found here, here, here, here and here. A big thanks to Annisa for support / taking all these great photos.

I uploaded MP3 of the long sold out BBBlood split cd with Towering Breaker that came out in 2006. (view comments for RS link)

A review of the show I played at the Foundry in November 2008.

Still copies of BBBlood Experiment 50 available but I'm down to my last batch. Email for more information...

BBBlood - Experiment 50 - Cover by Kerozen

I had some new releases...
So in all not a too bad year. A lot of new releases and exciting news to come. So yeah please keep on checking this blog. I'm going to try to keep it updated regular.