BBBloodlust... 2x New CDs + Shows

Earlier this year I moved to the other side of town. I can party harder and so I do. But my music (BBBlood) went on the back burner for a bit.

Well now things are started to happen again, new ep out self released Transdimensional Sushi...

Just recently played a gig with Old Bamboo Here, thanks to all those who came along.

Cough, Spit, Splutter 3" CDr, limited to 50 copies. Artwork by Stephen Vs Cosmos - Chaos vs Cosmos blog

Stephen is 1/2 of manly noise act Bromancer who I will be collaborating with on the 2nd of August at the Colour Ride - All Dayer. It's shaping up to be a very brutal event.

Two day's before I'll be appearing on Ill FM doing 2x 15 minute radio sessions. Make sure you tune in on Thursday 31st July.

If that wasn't enough, I have a new CDr 3" out on Burnt Sound Offerings run by Tyler / cracked dome


BBBlood - 3inch
"5 blasts of limey rage from the motherland. throat stomping drug taking thrills. the hangover will split you in half. you will become a junked out zombie. go fuck yourself. [30 copies]"

I should have copies soon for sale / trades

If you are stateside contact burntsound at gmail dot com.

I've got my copies now (looking good!), so pm for more info.

What else! Well - In September BBBlood is playing in Brighton a couple of weeks after Colour Out Of Space (What I'll sadly miss). I've sold up of split tapes with Green Mist, George - Mutant Ape, should have some on Turgid Animal left. Contact Turgid Animal Webstore. Also Nicola - Fecalove will be releasing the BBBlood 'Vulgar Eye' on Tape. Groovy!

Well keep on checking the blogs here and on MySpace for all updates.

BBBlood - MySpace

Thanks for reading and I've tried to link in as many artists / events as possible.


New 3", future goings on

Hey thanks to the people who went to Button Up Your Overcoat show last night. It was pretty cool and special mention to go to the Old Bamboo.


New CD released last night too. "Cough, Spit, Splutter" 3" Trans-Dimensional Sushi.

£3 contact for more info.



Next up, Collaborating with Bromancer in July in Brixton, Playing in Brighton in September.

More news to follow.