A late 2021 review


Readers of this blog might (or probably didn't) notice / care that there was no 2021 review, but I did start writing a blog post back 17th December last year. Here it is, I just never hit publish. Since this, no new news, I'm kind of taking a break for now, but never say never...

You'd think, it's got to get easier? But 2021 was personally a challenging year, so that translated for me into a not so productive year. I mean there's not been too many gigs going on here in London until recent, and people are generally I'de like to think more cautious about going out. I didn't play any shows, nor did I get a rush of creativity caused by lockdowns or being indoors. 

I think the one thing I appreciated the most over the last year was the support of friends and family. 

It's not all bad news, I do feel and hope the worst of this is past us, I managed to go abroad for a few weeks, got to see family I wasn't able to in previous years, and I think it meant when I was out I valued the company and occasion more than in the past where sometime I feel it could be taken for granted.

With all that considered, I was able to relase one new BBBlood cassette 'Deaf and Capital' on Fantasy Knife, which is now sold out from me, but I believe should be available directly from the label and various noise distros. Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy it's appreciated. 

What else? I record a lot of music, field recordings, sampled manipulations, noise, cut ups, but I think the challenge is really that focus time to edit and mix down everything into a recording that I'm satisfied with. 

 In 2002 when I first started to record I was wet behind the ears, listening to Merzbow, Masonna, Bastard Noise (all via Relapse) and whatever other noise I could find via mail / early online distros, the bar for quality noise was set really low, and I also had way too much time on my hands. Now fast forward to 2021, with all the noise gear I'd dream of back then, family responsibilities, a global pandemic, information overload, and a wider appreciation for noise music. I feel the need to make sure that anything I release is original, thus putting a lot of pressure onmyself to do something I'm really proud of. As 2022 is the 20 year anniversary of 'Experiment 1' I'm planning on releasing something next year on CD as a celebration! As and when I'll update on Twitter and this blog.

End of year list:

As ever I try to put together a list of records / experiences that really stood out over the last year, in no order at all. This includes gigs, reissues, restaurants, anything I want.

Kent Tankred - There Is Nothing To Attain 
農家の日焼け – でんき風呂
Shakeeb Abu Hamdan & Sholto Dobie - It's worse
Territorial Gobbing - Anything on his Bandcamp

Charmaine Lee - KNVF

Emil Beaulieau - Korm 88
Neil Luck - Downturn Fantasies
WCN Podcast - 
Small Cruel Party - è vago fior del tempo
Negative Reaction LP (Reissue)
Mlehst - Her Single Desire Was Sadistic Pleasure But Emotions Always Betrayed Her ‎/ Deep Throat And Felching /   Breathing In Dead Flies / Cock Sucking Lips ‎(Re-Issues)

Probably a few more but I've forgotten now.