Quick updates...

Thanks to Dan, for putting me (us) on in Leeds last month. As always it was a hoot!

Some words/sounds/thoughts can be found on Idwal Fisher, Radio Free Midwich, and Sheepscar Light Industrial.

If you don't follow any of these blogs, then you should really consider doing so.

Again it was great to see loads of happy faces. Hopefully there will be another Leeds trip planned soon.

The IIPA CDr is gone, download it for free in the previous post. Thanks for those who came to this show and joined for the very drunken DJ Drain Bramaged set afterwards.

Next show announcement very soon, stay tuned.


So Saturday the 29th June was the first (and quite possibly the only) IIPA performance. I played at the Unicorn just north of Camden Town quite near to where I live in Holloway, a pub I've been to once before in the past for a gig, and subsequently left before any of the bands had even started. Good vibes. However it's improved a lot since I last went there.

The theme behind the project "IIPA" is street drinking. If you've not heard of a IIPA before it stands for Imperial India Pale Ale and is a style of beer.

"Double IPAs (also referred to as Imperial IPAs) are a stronger, very hoppy variant of IPAs that typically have alcohol content above 7.5% by volume.[22] The style is claimed to have originated with Vinnie Cilurzo, currently the owner of Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa CA" (Wikipedia). 

So if you know anything about drinking anything above 7.5% abv is pretty heavy. Heavy drinking, heavy noise both seem to go hand in hand within the music (See Incapacitants - Alcoholic Speculation). So that's why I decided to do this one-off project as tribute to the combination of street drinking and noise.

The performance I played probably just over ten minutes sat at a table enjoying a bottle of exceptional IIPA (Double Eye PA) by Mikkeller which clocks in at a reasonably heavy 14% abv. It's a strong one. Especially as it was warming up in my bag whilst setting up and watching the other bands. Minimal non-visible setup, focus on the drinking aspect, and loud noise.

In conjunction of this performance there was a limited edition of 24 copies CDr 'streetdrinking' given away for free. All copies are now taken, I won't be reissuing this CDr at any point. But you can download / stream the tracks for free on BandCamp.

Thanks to Rick and Oli for putting me on.