2019 Review

2019 Summary

I can quickly sum up my output for 2019, 2 gigs in a month, appreance on the radio, and one digital release that was recorded in 2013. All of the below are documented on this blog!

I also lost a hard drive of old material and digital copies of some masters what was quite annoying, but it happens!

All releases on Bandcamp are pay whatever you like, so go for it.

Favourite Events/Records/Other from 2019:

It's been a really good year however I don't think I've really listened to as much new stuff as I'd liked to have to. However from this year all the following stood out.

The Gerogerigegege - Uguisudani Apocalypse
Michael Speers - xtr'ctn (probably my favourite of this year - recommended!)
Small Cruel Party - La Chrestomathie Du Désespoir
Wojciech Rusin - The Funnel 
Darksmith - Poverty of Will 
Blood Stereo ‎- Two Paths To Outer Edge
Skin Crime - Traveller On The Road 
SÄHKÖ-030  - No Title
Pavement wipe - Down ballot
Purpura & Lacrima - New World In A Peaceful Death / Dust Sculptures
Bloomer - Battle's Sign  
Howard Stelzer ‎– Anathematization Of The World Is Not An Adequate Response To The World
Possett - The Golden Handshake That Almost Broke My Wrist
Reynols - Minecxio Emanations 1993-2018 
Painjerk - Mission Invisible Kill The Poor
Joe Colley - Solo For Chair And Feedback Circuit

Belgium Cycle Trip to Ghent, Antwerp, and Brussels
The Kernel and Mills
The arrival of M.F.W. 18/12/2019

2020 Plans

There's loads of unreleased material dating back over ten years. I'll probably revisit a lot of this with fresh ears, new ways of mixing the material. It's good to get the ideas coming. I just think I need to work on knowing when something is good to go. Gigging, yeah I might have a show in March, but nothing is confirmed at the moment. I can't see myself doing to many shows in 2020.

Regardless, looking to 2020 with a lot of optimism. Happy New Year!