2015 Summary

The annual tradition of summarising the past year is more for personal reasons than for readers of this blog. To be honest with you it's been a relatively quiet year for my recorded output. Not as slow as 2013 I guess but I would have liked to have released more records.

Probably the main highlight for myself was the short string of dates with Duncan Harrison and Aqua Dentata. I think the highlight of these shows was playing Newcastle on the first night. Met loads of great people, great nights out, and fantastic music.

We released a CD to coincide with the tour, I have no copies left, Duncan may have some? We may repress the record. This was my only release of 2015.

End of year list

Everyone has a end of year list these days, I'm no exception. However this year I don't think I've really listened to many new releases. You have to consider that I've listened to mostly records released or recorded by friends so there is a slight bias naturally.

So here's my list in no order...

  • Miguel Prado - Titubeo (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) - I could easily say this was my favourite record of 2015. His performance the other month at Café Oto was fantastic. This record and live is like nothing else I've heard this year, high recommendation and still available. Check it out here..    
  • Marc Baron - Carnets (Glistening Examples)
  • Heinz Hopf - IDS INTE (Vitrine)
  • Panos Alexiadis - Orphine (Thalamos.net)
  • Darksmith - Everyone Is Welcome In My Room (Vitrine)
  • Basic House & Metrist - The World Is Order. Incarnate (Opal Tapes)
  • G*Park - Gour (Tochnit Aleph)
  • Chris Goudreau - Odd Monsters & Ultranegative (Elm Recordings, Kitty Play Records)
  • Duncan Harrison - La Loi (From Ineluctable modality of the visible) and Live @ The Old Police House Newcastle. One of the best performances I've seen all year, so intense and relaxed. Hit all the spots.
  • AMM - Live at Café Oto 
  • Pigs Ear Beer Festival - Hackney December
  • John Wiese - Deviate From Balance (Gilgongo Records)
  • Stuart Chalmers – Loop Phantasy No.2 (Ono)
  • Louie Rice - Puxe (Porta)
  • Kostis Kilymis - Not Homesick (Pt. 1 & 2) ‎, Bethnal Greener (Strange Rules, Rekem)
  •  Astor - 'Lina in Nida' (Penultimate Press)
I could probably add more but that'll do.

Ten years of this blog

It's staggering how time can fly, and when I think about the earlier posts on this blog it feels completely alien to me.

Ten years ago I think most of us was in a different head space and in different situations. I feel like I had a very different take on music and noise. On a whole I've stuck to my original agenda for making electronic music that has excited and interested me.

So yeah thanks for the support for the last ten years, things take a little longer to record and put out but I'm hoping to make more time for this in 2016.Watch this space.

Happy new year