2014 review...

After a slow 2013, there was a lot of hope going forward to 2014. Already a handful of shows were lined up and recordings pending. In 2013 I had no records out, 2014 I have had insane 6.

  • Live at Crater Lake (Sound Holes)
  • Untitled (Baertown Records)
  • Moments (KIKS/GF)
  • Blind Dates (Chocolate Monk)
  • Grot (Self released demo)
  • No Religion at the Salad Bar (Angurosakuson)
And appeared on a number of compilations for Skeleton Dust, Nefarious Activities, and a couple others.

On the live front it's been busy, highlights were playing shows with Lettera 22, the collaborations with Duncan Harrison, and playing two times with Clive Graham.

Next up...

Completion of the split / collaboration with Duncan Harrison and then a few other releases TBC.

No forthcoming shows planned currently.
Best of 2014

Listed here is some of my favourite records / performances / experiences  (in no order)

  • Vanessa Amara ‎– Both Of Us / King Machine (Posh Isolation)
  • Joseph Hammer - Roadless Travel (Art into life) 
  • Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet - Popeth (Glistening Examples)
  • Pam Ball Tripel  - 'Oi lads I smell wort' + other misc recordings / alright duckie (Vigneronne)
  • Valerio Tricoli - Miseri Lares (PAN)
  • Spoils & Relics - Live in Belgium  (November 2014)
  • Wanda Group - Symirroretry (Meds) / Henry Caravan - Street Exotica From The Met (Umbro G) / Live @ Café Oto (Oct 2014)
  • Russell Haswell & PAIN JERK Electroacoustic Sludge Dither Transformation Smear Grind Decomposition nO!se File Exchange Mega Edit (Editions Mego)
  • Adam Bohman - Music and Words 2 (Paradigm)
  • Brunt "Strewthsayer" (Dismal Hangover) 
  • Lettera 22 - Live @ Electric Knife / Rammel Club (May 2014)
  • Mark Dicker - Talk of the University (Bunkland Records)
  • Jason Kahn, Takahiro Yamamoto, Takuji Naka -Yugue (2013?)
  • Small Cruel Party - Unroof The House Of The Fishes (Harbinger Sound) (Reissue, doesn't matter)
  • Phil Julian & Mark Durgan - Live in Belgium (November 2014), nod to the 'Trace' lp by Phil that I've still not brought yet!
  • Diastolic Murmurs - Live (December 2014)
  • Darksmith - Moral Injury (Self-Released, who cares if I didn't hear this til 2015)
  • Stuart Chalmers - Imaginary Musicks Volume 1 & 2 (Beartown / Self Released)
  • Pigs Ear Beer Festival (London, December 2014)
  • Mica Levi - Under the skin / Feeling Romantic, Feeling Tropical, Feeling Ill (DDS)
  • Renato Rinaldi – live (September 2014) 
  • Greg Kelley And Jason Lescalleet ‎– Conversations (Glistening Examples)

HANATARASHI 'We Are Hardcore!!!!!'

Post on behalf of a friend. Last chance to nab a classic.

HANATARASHI 'We Are Hardcore!!!!!' 6 x CD-R + DVD-R


Extremely limited expanded reissue collecting everything from the original 5 x CD set of early cassette material PLUS OVER 90 MINUTES OF BONUS AUDIO in the form of more rare comp tracks added to each disc and a 6th disc of the Hanatarashi & Kyoaku Kyojindan 'Jigoku No Komoriuta' collab. cassette. Also included is a DVD of the rare 'Cock Aktion' VHS.

Includes the largely uncirculated FULL COLOUR ARTWORK for the original 5 discs and several size A4 inserts of rare early Hanatarashi articles & interviews from Japanese magazines such as Fool's Mate, P.O.W, Gekko-Luna and more.

Each set is completely hand-made and neatly packaged in strong 6/9" (close to A5 size) grip-seal polybag with artwork affixed to front and back.

Last batch of sets currently in production and taking orders now at a reduced price. Don't pay stupid prices on discogs and ebay for the original set. For the same price that was sold for on release you will get all that and alot more in this expanded and improved reissue.

GBP £ 24.00 UK
GBP £ 26.50 EUROPE

'International Signed For' (optional) costs an additional :
GBP £ 5.00

Payment by PAYPAL ONLY please to :
blackoperations_uk @ hotmail.com (remove spaces)

Next London shows

Monday December 8th 2014

Wednesday 10th December 2014

Like buses

Heavy drinking sessions, colds, and general life admin has got in the way for me to announce the fact that over the last couple of weeks I've had 3 brand new releases out. Making 2014 a reasonably productive year.

Here they are. Limited quantities of each available from me but it's probably best to contact the labels direct as all releases are still in stock.


APATHY brings together another four amazing acts constructing and destructing the dynamics and textures of harsh sound: BBBlood, Brad Griggs, Vassbotn and Vast Glory. Edition of 100 pro-duplicated copies housed in a vinyl case.

More information and ordering here...

Claus Poulsen, Duncan Harrison, Paul Watson, & Sindre Bjerga - Blind Dates CDr

 Alcoholic lethargic collaborations between the finest from Norway and a couple soft southern lads.

BBBlood - 'Moments' C40

All new works from Paul Watson. The jolly brewer presents 2 sides of subtle, intricate noise with a sound that is straying further into D.S. Mischgewebe territory with each passing day. Side A is persistent, Side B eclectic.


Reviews of recent release

Hi - Some words about my recent release on Beartown Records now sold out but available as download for rock bottom price.

Radio Free Midwich

BBBlood – Untitled
Paul Watson is a current scene leader in what I’ve always thought of as ‘proper’ noise.  That is: a visceral racket created by rough-housing with physical objects, by combining field and domestic recordings and by filtering the lot through a rag-tag tabletop of battered and home-made electronics.  However, that is not to belittle the skill and care with which Paul puts these recordings together.  The sounds are not ends in themselves but chosen, ordered and edited as a means to establishing an atmosphere.  His latest recordings eschew ‘harshness’ almost entirely and the listener is led through a post-industrial landscape of broken glass and burning tyres with, dare I say it, delicacy and finesse.
I can sense the leather-jacket owning section of my readership twitching with unease but don’t worry – I’m not saying Paul has gone all Nick Drake on us.  He still get his balls out on occasion – and so magnificent are his plums that it is no wonder the crowd goes fucking apeshit when they are displayed.  What I’m saying is the flashes of nad are appropriate and proportionate to the larger task at hand.
Essential, of course.  Available from Beartown Records.

Muh Mur

"Untitled" (how original) is the latest BBBlood release on Beartown Records. A C30 tape complete with vellum insert. Four tracks are listed but each side plays like one long piece, Side one is like the onset of madness where everything is blurred yet crystal clear in thoughts, action and sounds … Quiet suffering, apologetic cutlery, the flicker of empty film spools, waiting for the night bus on Gunnersbury High Street … Hallucination Password.
Side two begins with junk noise played at high speed and very high volume. Train wreck electronics that come of the rails leaving silence and the sound of a Tibetan Bowl being struck in the distance. The sounds try to rise phoenix like from the wreckage not to recover but short circuit and continue along the wire ..
Wonderful stuff, both sides are totally attention grabbing. BBBlood runs a blog and Beartown have a website, both are easy to find via Google (or Bing).
I think it is only a matter of time that (like Putrefier is now Mark Durgan and Cheapmachines is Phil Julian) the Baron Bum Blood himself becomes Paul Watson. (Gut feeling……great song).*

*He's pretty much spot on

Thanks for the kind words!

The tape was going to be called 'Hallucination Password' but some way along the line the title was lost.



Crank Sturgeon
Mic'd up American mad man with PREVIOUS.
See him doing stuff like this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maTd4SJ2dcI.

Vile Plumage
Mad duo from blasted North.
Andy Jarvis and Darren Wyngarde perform rituals from 'Book of Alsager'.
Expect masks and occult murmuring.

Louie Rice (possible overlapping set)
Half of Hideous Porta performing a rare solo set - expect anything.
"Upon inquiring the cause of the attack, I was told she had been eating some grains of raw RICE in the morning" - T. Ogier Ward
"I now learned she had bought a half pound of rice the day before the attack, most of which she had eaten - indeed, she was eating it just before she was taken ill; and that her former illness was eating a pound of raw RICE she'd bought on the 10th" - [ibid]

BBBlood (possible overlapping set)
Improvised tape music centered around the notion of a hot balloon carrying Gaz Top, Armand from 3 Fonteinen & Neil Kinnock. Dance music

3 October at 20:00 to 4 October at 01:00
RYANS BAR 181 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0UI
£4 On the door

Updates, Reviews etc..

Review of recent tape on Beartown Records here... Thank you Steve.

Copies still available from the label


More reviews.

We need no swords on 'No religion..'

Radio Free Midwich on 'No religion..'


Reminder 5th September @ Power Lunches in Dalston in collaboration with Clive Graham, supporting Sweat Tongue / Sick Llama / Aqua Dentata / Ian Murphy.



Valencia Filter -  Demo / Vol 1. / Vol 2. CS
KIKS / Girlfriend CS

September 5th 2014 - Paul Watson & Clive Graham duo @ Power Lunches London.

Big thank you to everyone who came out for the Cordyceps is your friend event last Friday. Great times!

Next show I'm playing will be a collaboration with my friend Clive Graham (Morphogenesis, Paradigm Records, etc..) at Power Lunches in Dalston on Friday the 5th September 2014. I'm also doing some after show DJ murk as 'Plaistow-Facto' that evening.

Our collaboration is in support of Sweat Tongue from the Netherlands and Sick Llama from the United States. Also playing on the bill is Eddie Nuttal's Aqua Dentata and the excellent Ian Murphy. Ian will be doing a tape based set for this evening so I'm looking forward to that.

Here's the formalised details.  

Friday 5th September 
Power Lunches
446 Kingsland Road Hackney,, E8 4AE London, United Kingdom
£6 Entry on the door.
Itchy no-wave power mess divinity from Rotterdam guitar/voice/drum trio

Cosmic sprawl and alien static abrasion from Fag Tapes magus

Skewed textures, tonal flutter, sonic fog

Coastal cassette anomaly from the hands and face of Hobo Sonn

Paradigm Discs/Morphogenesis guru meets stalwart noise sage
http://stalk.net/paradigm / http://bbblood.blogspot.co.uk/


8PM-2AM, 6 GBP

Next London Show, Café Oto, 15th August 2014

Big thanks to Sophie / Jake for organising Tor fest, it was great.

The next BBBlood London show Friday 15th August 2014 at Cafe Oto.


Full updated details on Facebook

Great line up, cheap entry please come along.

£4 adv / £5 on the door

Sonic seeds and spores from sound artist and improviser Lorah Pierre, Stoke-on-Trent-based doom/ambient trio Black Heath Coven, fractious noise musician Bbblood, minimalist dronemaker Anji Cheung and synth/cello improv duo Grapefruits. Plus filmprojektion from Laid Eyes.

Lorah Pierre's work is inspired by adopting scientific experiments and the process of forgotten technology, with performances displaying the sonification and optical realisations of these processes. Black Heath Coven feature members of Vile Plummage and Space Witch and build coruscating doom atmospherics which spill suddenly into acoustic reveries and tape loops. Bbblood is London-based Paul Watson, who makes noise scree that moves from the envelopingly abstract to the caustically brutal. Anji Cheung crafts repetitious, minimal and meditative drone space for the mind's psychedelic landscapes - purely subconscious and of the theta wave. Grapefruits are the synth and cello improvising duo of Tartaruga Records' Max Bondi and Oliver Barrett (Petrels/Glottalstop).

Recycled materials and a DIY approach have been centred on developing systems that expose technologies chemical and physical properties through experimentation in hardware electronics. From interactive installations, performance and laboratory settings, Lorah has collaborated with scientists, artists and musician, focusing on knowledge transfer as a central part of her artist practice. Inspired by adopting scientific experiments and the process of forgotten technology, performances display the sonification and optical realisations of these processes.

As a performer, Lorah explores feedback mechanisms in opto-electronics with electronic artist, Ewa Justka, and has also been commissioned to write traditional compositional accompaniments for performance artist, Nicola Canavan.


A very rare live performance from Black Heath Coven - a trio project from Stoke-on-Trent featuring Andrew Jarvis (Vile Plumage) and Daz Rowlands (Space Witch). Created in 2013 after a number of conversations between Andy and Daz about doing a project together in the vein of all things dark and all things art. Initially envisaged as a once a year occurrence of getting together recording and releasing the product of their experimentation. Bringing together acoustic and electric guitars, synths, FX, tape recordings of noise, recorders and bowed instruments. First release - ‘Cavern Of Mantras‘ - was released last Halloween on Cosmic Tomb Records. Drawing on drone, noise, vintage horror film soundtracks, doom, folk and more over its 36 minutes, it was one of the highlights of last year.

BBBlood is London born artist Paul Watson recording and performing since 2002.

Guitar/synth spell casting...bleak soundscapes and ritual drones...

Improvised sonic debris from Max Bondi (Tartaruga Records) and Oliver Barrett (Petrels/Glottalstop) making use of cello, synths, tape loops and electronics.

Laid Eyes is a video artist and film maker currently living in South London. With a background in visual anthropology, he is currently drawn to making digital music videos exploring abstract forms, and performing live improvised visuals for the likes of Petrels, Talvihorros, Pascal Savy and Time Attendant. He has collaborated with a wide range of artists including Excepter, Maria Minerva, Ensemble Economique, and Ekin Fil, and has had work screened at Denovali Swingfest in Essen, End Tymes Festival in New York, and Dunk Festival in Belgium.


Watch this space for more news and release details. By this show I should have copies of my new cassette on Beartown Records


Next BBBlood outing...

Band running order will be announced on the day.

Friday 25th July, 3 Wise Monkeys, doors 7.30PM - BBBlood / Debbie Sharp / Electric Knife Boa Melody Band

Saturday 26th July, Todmorden Unitarian Church, doors 1PM - Family Elan and guests Qawaal Party /
United Bible Studies / Bear Bones Lay Low / Bridget Hayden / Delphine Dora / These Feathers Have Plumes /
Kelly Jones & Pascal Nichols / Ben Reynolds / Lobster Priest / + installation by Helmut Lemke

Sunday 27th July, Bare Arts, doors 1PM - Jason Steel / Irma Vep

Check the Tor Press website for more information. And the Facebook event page.

Buy Tickets here.

Here's a playlist for the festival that features as unreleased BBBlood track.

Also have been informed the beer selection is pretty amazing too.

See you there hopefully.


Quiet on the communication front. Recovering.

The shows with Lettera 22 were great. Thank you to all involved and came to these shows.

New releases TBA soon. Show in Todmorden in July, another blog post to follow.

'Grot' free download soon.

This Saturday - Record Store Day

Record Shop Day
@ Electric Knife

Aqua Dentata
Phil Julian

Electric Knife Records

16b Fortess Green Road
Kentish Town

Saturday 19th April

2pm, Free


And then afternoon drinking and possibly something extra. More information TBA just turn up and see what happens, you know it's a free show so get a grip on yourself.

But the moneys no good...

PS: Lettera 22 tour updated check previous post for more information, see you down the pub.

Lettera 22 UK tour, 10th-14th May 2014

Currently booking dates for Lettera 22 in the UK. Between 10th-14th May 2014.

Lettera 22 are the duo of Matteo Castro (Second Sleep, Kam Hassah) and Riccardo Mazza (RM). They've been recording as a duo producing some of the most interesting noise, electro-accoustic, and concrete textured sounds around at the moment. Their releases on NNA tapes, Second Sleep and Ljud & Bild Produktion have been breath taking, pushing the boundaries of modern noise music. So bringing them to the UK is a real coup as they've not played over on these shores since the Broken Flag festival in London in 2012. Where they were one of the highlights. 

The dates confirmed are:

Saturday 10th May - London, The Apiary Studios, Hideous Porta,

HP12 | Saturday, 10.05.14 | Apiary Studios
Buy tickets [£6 advance]

Lettera 22
Dynamic, fractured concrète mass

Paul Dunmall
Solo pipes - uncompromising air supply

Spoils & Relics
Labyrinthic tape manipulations and entangled electronics

Birgit Ulher
First London performance in a decade
Trumpet, radio, metal, speakers

Bohman Brothers
Everyday objects and spoken collage

Seymour Wright & Patrick Farmer
First time duo. About Saxophone and Electricity

Daniel Jones
Disruption by minimal means
(also I'm selecting tracks under the name Valencia Filter, message/telegram/telepathic requests only)

Sunday 11th May - Down the pub

Monday 12th May - London, Electric Knife Records 

7:00pm (ish) start. Free Entry

Lettera 22
Vasco Alves & Louie Rice

Tuesday 13th May - Leeds, The Wharf Chambers (Membership required see website for information)

8:00pm Start. Live Projections, £5 Entry, Facebook Event

Lettera 22
Spoils & Relics

Stamina N***s

Wednesday 14th May - Nottingham, The Chameleon, Rammel Club

8.00pm doors, 8.30pm START, £5 Entry, Facebook Event

Lettera 22
Aqua Dentata

I'm hoping to fill the missing dates and confirm the line ups ASAP so please get in touch if you are interested in booking a show.

baronbumblood AT hotmail DOT com


HANATARASHI 'We Are Hardcore!!!!!' 6 x CD-R + DVD-R set

...Posting on behalf of a friend....

HANATARASHI 'We Are Hardcore!!!!!' 6 x CD-R + DVD-R set

Extremely limited repress collecting everything from the original 5 x CD-R set of early cassette material PLUS OVER 90 MINUTES OF BONUS AUDIO with additional early compilation tracks added to each disc and a 6th disc of the Hanatarashi & Kyoaku Kyojindan 'Jigoku No Komoriuta' collab. cassette. The first 20 sets also come with a DVD-R of 'Cock Aktion' video.

Includes the largely uncirculated FULL COLOUR ARTWORK for the original 5 discs. New artwork contains rare early Hanatarashi articles from Japanese magazines such as Fool's Mate, P.O.W, Gekko-Luna, etc.

In production and taking orders now. Don't pay stupid prices like http://www.discogs.com/marketplace?release_id=1294623&ev=rb for an original set. For the same price the set was sold for on release you will get all that and more in this repress.

GBP £ 30.00 UK
GBP £ 32.50 EUROPE

Payment by PAYPAL ONLY please to :
blackoperations_uk @ hotmail.com (remove spaces)

Each set will be handmade with care. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery depending on location.

Recent updates...

February / March were been busy months. I've spent a lot of it propping up the bar in various haunts, playing, traveling, and hungover.

The Collaboration with Duncan Harrison went well. I really enjoyed working a lot with Duncan and hopefully you'll hear the fruits of this collaboration some time in the near future.

A lot has been said about the Crater Lake festival but I'd like to thank Pete once again for putting it on. I feel like this might become a bit of a tradition.

Sold out, the live CDr / Tape on Sound Holes live editions has sold out from me, you can still buy copies of either or stream / download from the label's website http://sndhlslive.bandcamp.com/

New release available on Angurosakuson (the Leeds based label run by Pascal Ansel)


'No religion at the salad bar'
Comprises of two refined noise tracks. Recorded around 2009 using very crude equipment and an old bicycle wheel. File under harsh noise.

A nice review of this CDr can be found on Idwal Fisher here, plus also a drunken ramble from myself.

"‘No Religion at the Salad Bar’ is two tracks of the noise makers art which if left unchecked have the capability to involuntary spasm the spine into wide eyed erectness. Watson’s live shows have been of the highest order and a testament to the noise artists craft, with ‘Collapse, Decay, Descend’ he may begin with some TNB fumblings but once he it hits his strap you know about it - full throttle, seat of the pants, hanging on to the edge of a table for dear life blasts of thundering noise. ‘Zagreb’ origins are equally squally and there are breaks for you to catch your breath in which small boulders can be heard being crumbled but once that noise burst hits you its like having your face pitted with iron filings in a blizzard."

I have limited copies myself, but I encourage you to buy from the label.


Return to Crater Lake

I'm excited to be performing with good friend and collaborator Duncan Harrison. This is the first live appearance for our duo.

All the details can be found in the flyer below.

Pete Cann - "The annual thing I do to celebrate my birthday, putting on some of my favourite under the radar UK acts on in Leeds best venue."

£5 entry

Hooligan Harmonics

A rare performance from these 3 faux shadowy figures, as nobody else is foolish enough to book them. Set your expectations to minus.

Dutch Oven

Dutch oven consists of Mel, Marlo, and Joe. Sweet appliance jams and metallic clangs.

Paul Watson & Duncan Harrison

First time live pairing of the 2 of the UK's best and brightest.

'Paul Watson, aka BBBlood, is a maestro of noise. Harsh noise. Wandering through his extensive back catalogue, you'll come up against some pretty intense sounds; however, there's a depth and consideration with Paul's approach that soon has you warming to them and reaping the rewards accordingly...'

'An obsessive love of all sounds and strategies suggested by the lazy term 'weird music' guides the composition of Duncan Harrison's recorded work, though tape and vocal improvisation are a safe bet in live settings. His music has been issued on labels such as Chocolate Monk, Soundholes, Fragment Factory and Beartown. Lives and works in Brighton.'

Slow Listener

“A long-time purveyor of quality tapes and audio curiosities, Robin Dickinson has been cleverly snapped up by the very good Exotic Pylon records and it’s a good thing too. ‘The Long Rain’ might be the most complete vision he’s come up with to date, as he blends a sensitive ear for decomposing drones (think an atonal William Basinski) with a keen understanding of music concrete and noise. The most marvellous thing about ‘The Long Rain’ is the very character of the sounds, and even in the digital realm it plays like a warped Dictaphone tape with bell sounds warbling and fluttering and crunching percussive sounds coming across like Leatherface’s chains draped around your neck before he drags you into the killing room. We’re probably making it sound much darker than it is, but that’s just the thing – Dickinson has left so much to the listener themselves; the music is at times just low end warbles, radio interference and other-worldly tones, so it depends on our references for those sounds how we actually hear them, and that’s a very good thing indeed. A stunning piece of music, one for fans of Geoff Mullen, PAN or Kevin Drumm – seriously, don’t sleep” - Boomkat

Hobo Head

Foldhead, Yorkshire’s finest monger of overdriven abrasive electronic squelch teams up with Brighton’s Hobo Sonn, renowned for his highly detailed and engaging concrete soundscapes.

Chastity Potato

Dumbo pairing of ex-Hullensian purveyor of the finest in freaked out audio goop Luke Poot (Lovely Honkey, Very Rich Lexicon) and Manchester avant-garde guitarist Dave Birchall.

Clive Henry

Bang the Bore organiser, Hunting Lodge bassist, Boduf Songs band member and tape label veteran under his recently retired littlecreature moniker (to ignore his forays into indie, hardcore, terrifyingly creepy doom, improvisation etc. etc.) Clive has covered an insane range of underground music while never sounding like anybody but himself, and always with a unique physicality. His releases are prolific, obtuse and often remarkable, but for me the best way to experience the music is live where his complete immersive involvement in the music is utterly infectious and absorbing in a way that few performers manage.

Filthy Turd & Yol

Début mangled meeting of minds between 2 of the UK undergrounds most brilliantly stark performers. Sure to captivate, amuse and unnerve in equal measure.

Brittle / Fettle

Andy Jarvis, veteran of the Stoke-On-Trent experimental scene and now mostly seen in his outstanding horror cabaret duo Vile Plumage with Filthy Pig Wyngarde, combines power amulets with Kieron Piercy of the lovely bands Spoils & Relics and Castrato Attack Group.


The solo project of Lucy Johnson, winner of Radio Free Midwich’s “I’d never heard of you 10 minutes ago but now desperately need your whole back catalogue” New-to-RFM Award, delivering creeping, slow and considered noise grit.

The Subs(cribers)

The Subs began around the start of the 90s as a project conceived entirely on the Amiga 500 borrowed from Neil Davies in order to reflect Loo Loo’s combined love of electro pop (a la The Army of Lovers) obscure Japanese anime, the film music of John Carpenter, Bootsy Collins and Death Metal. Enlisting the help of Paula Hayes on shared vocals (“The Carpenters for the 90s” as one gig flyer read) they released the 17 song cassette “Going Like the Clappers” on Phil Todd’s Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers label including such instant pop classics “QWERTY” and “I Have A Key” . They also contributed to the infamous 7 x 7” box set released by Stomach Ache, their track “Snow in my Pocket” depicted a love affair with a snowman that could only end in disaster. Releases and gigs from them are not frequent to say the least. Now joined on “Voice, bass, synth, trumpet, hair, logistics and costumes” by Mikarla Jarvis, Subs create beautifully simple and charming pure synth pop that you will never forget.


Aka Matt Loveridge of Team Brick and Beak> fame. This guy is a musical genius making intense and incredibly creative compositions. Everytime we’ve seen him play live he’s had a different set up and approaches the performance in a totally unique fashion building up tons of loops, drones, and interesting noise. We heard a rumour that this show might involve some saz rock outs but who knows what to expect. – Tor Music Press

Lobster Priest

The two sides of this plastic grooved abomination highlight Lobster Priest’s different aspects, each side bulging with third eye nutrition. Where Lobster Priest have always reliably delivered the goods in the form of the purest grown Anatolian psychedelic dronerock, the addition of artist and keyboard player Cara France has broadened/weirdened their sound. Now with a Carnival Of Souls aspect to their sound, and the increased ability to run on grooves as well as the fumes of abandon, the already liberated guitars of Bong’s Mike Vest and Totem Recall’s Cameron Sked are even more free to scrape the VU meter’s limits. The A side, the epic ‘Suzie Fuckin’ Q Death Trip’, manages to transmit a great emotional ache through its melody while still kicking out the jams. The sound may be reaching for the skies of the sunscorched open plains, but there’s always been a further skewed aspect to Lobster Priest beyond that of psychedelia. They’re not so much tripped out as they are ragged and a little bit fire damaged, at the odd crossroads of expanded pupils exhilaration and closed eye wrecked. Lobster Priest’s huge guitar workout tracks are more than just the produce of stoners, more than just a retread of past glorious trails. – Radio Free Midwich

3:35 – Hooligan Harmonics
4:10 – Dutch Oven
4:45 – Paul Watson & Duncan Harrison
5:20 – Slow Listener
5:55 – Hobo Head
6:30 – Chastity Potato
7:05 – Clive Henry
7:40 – Filthy Turd & Yol
8:15 – Brittle / Fettle
8:50 – Smut
9:25 – The Subs(cribers)
10:00 – MXLX
10:35 – Lobster Priest

Between sets Aimmar Cair will be playing songs and sounds to delight the ear.

Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club is a members’ club, and you need to be a member, or a guest of a member, in order to attend. To join, please visit wharfchambers.org. Membership costs £1 and requires a minimum of 48 hours to take effect.

Live @ Crater Lake CDr review

Very quick post but here's a nice review of my Live @ Crater Lake CDr.


Thanks Paul!

And a mention on the great Tabs Out podcast



I have 2 copies of the CDr left, if you want one please write to me.



2014, new year, new start, new people... So why not go on a blind date?

Well yes sorta, I'm going to be collaborating with weird, noise, junk, tape hiss, crackle and roll, star Sindre Bjerga on Monday 24th Feb. We've never played together so this should be a lot of fun.

18 Stoke Newington High Street – 8PM – £3
Two experimental, improvised music duos who never played before..
Sindre Bjerga + BBBlood
Claus Poulsen + Duncan Harrison

This is part of Sindre's tour of the UK and beyond going on this month. Full information can be found on this blog. and on the Facebook event

Strongly recommend coming on down to the event on the 21st at Ryan's Bar in Stoke Newington. See the flyer below.

BBBLOOD - Live at Crater Lake (2013)

First release of 2014, I'm pleased to announce that the set I performed last year in Leeds @ Pete Cann's birthday is finally available on cassette and 3" cdr, thanks to the awesome Sound Holes.

This release is available on Sound Holes' live editions sub-label

Both are in limited quantites. I have a few of each left, The label should have copies.

Or just feel free to steam this.

Thanks to Kieron for recording this and for Pete for organising the show.

Video clip.

UPDATES 01-2014

Quick updates.

The show earlier this month at Cafe Oto went well, here's a nice write up about the gig. Thank you!

And here's a few images. Thanks again.

There's now physical copies of my Live At Crater Lake live recording on both CDr and cassette. Another blog post to follow shortly.

New releases / shows TBA.