Nottingham Sat 24 March : SUDDEN INFANT + H + BBBlood + Aqua Dentata + more tbc.

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Sat 24 March : SUDDEN INFANT + H + BBBlood + Aqua Dentata + more tbc.

Flyer and more information to follow.

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Copies of the BBBlood / Tinnitustimulus split are selling fast. A great review of this split can be found on the always excellent MuhMur blog. Thanks Steve!

Also some great reviews of last years Destroy, Shatter, Stun, Intoxicate cassette can be found here.


I'm pleased to announce the release of the BBBlood / Tinnitustimulus split c30.

This one has been in the works for quite a while now and I'm really glad how they have come out. I'd like to say thank you to Tomas for his patience.

This split cassette between London's BBBlood and Philadelphia's Tinnitustimulus has been a long time coming both sides deliver some ferocious harsh noise, weirdo junk metal and high end frequencies.

Paul Watson (BBBlood) has been making junk racket. harsh noise and bottom-of-the barrel field recordings for nearly ten years now, his side ranges from cut-up sampled metal to paint stripping white noise and back again. Recoded using various field recordings from a local building site, home sampling of a step ladder being scraped by copper piping, and plenty of contact microphone / pedal worship.

Tomas Bennett (Tinnitustimulus)mashing metal coils and bastardizing feedback loops since 2004. His side delivers a full spectrum assault of dense noise and high frequency tones. The second track Ahnighito is punishing! Almost verging on noise wall territory, very fluid changes, and consistent.