Small updates...

I've sold out of all my tapes, still have a couple of the Reaching. split CDr and plenty of Al Qaeda split 7" and even a couple re-discovered copies of the Rank Sinatra split 7".

Email me (baronbumblood at hotmail dot com) for more information on ordering.

Some recordings in the pipeline, I've been pretty busy recording, moving and trying out some new ideas. The new set-up is all done and I'm really happy with recent recordings.

One of the upcoming highlights is a 2x C20 collaboration with Legless. Danny is a good friend and was living in the UK two years ago, we played a show together and had a few beers. He once played guitar in The New Flesh, has done collaborations with Kakerlak and is Half of Pastures. He has a upcoming split tape with Goat and also collaborating with Kakerlak on an upcoming LP. Our recordings are in progress so not too much to report at the moment.

Also due is a currently untitled CDr on We're gonna get fucking drunk tonight boys. I'm expecting to see this come out in the next couple of months. I've submitted the master CD but still need to provide art work. I just need to scan it in then I can send it off.

And finally I'm working on a new tape to release on Trans-Dimensional Sushi. Once I've managed to pin down Matt, I'll be potentially uploading out of print releases and updating the TDS blog. Although there are several blogs out there that have already have uploading some of my discography. Download some selections of the BBBlood back-catalogue here...

Otherwise there is a couple of other split tapes, collaborations and compilations tracks I am working on but I'll post here when things are more concrete.