BBBLOOD / HALF AN ABORTION SPLIT CS (Review / Download / Purchase)

Just uploaded the recently released split with Half An Abortion, download (name your price), or purchase a physical copy through the links on Bandcamp.

An excellent review of the tape on Radio Free Midwich

"The BBBlood / Half an Abortion split, self released by the pair of them in an edition of 100, is a magnificent half hour that may be the best ‘hard’ noise release I’ve heard this year.  Both tracks are composed entirely from glass – yeah, think on that for a second – but this is not just a trip to the bottle bank (although Pete’s side does feature such recordings – his younger brother can be heard gleefully enjoying that officially sanctioned destruction).  The dedication of Paul’s track to ‘Lowe and Lanz’ gives you some idea of the context this slots into and the tradition of warped humour and physical performance that it is part of.

It is, as you’d expect from these two, artfully constructed, nuanced and textured as well being totally balls-out gonzo in places.  Clinking-plinking-tinkling, smashing, grinding, crunching, squeaking, that kind of ‘pouring sharps’ noise as the pieces settle – like the apocryphal Eskimo having 40 words for snow, a specialist vocabulary is needed to describe the effects these chaps pull from their single sound source.  They play with the psychological implications of breaking glass too: veering from the amusing (as when someone drops a pint glass in a pub) to the unnerving (a quiet cracking downstairs in the middle of the night).  Eerie little rhythms are created by looping clinks, white noise roars by layered scrunching.  

As with the BBBlood disc on SLI the artifice is occasionally foregrounded such that you can’t mistake it for bare field recordings and have to approach it as ‘music’ or ‘performance’.  Thus figuring out the choices these two have made draws you further and further in with each rewind.  Fascinating, funny and, depending on your mood, troubling or weirdly soothing.  A fucking triumph."

Full review here

Next up, short review of the year and 2013 plans. 


I'm happy to announce the split C30 with Half An Abortion is out now.


"Paul Watson, aka BBBlood, is a maestro of noise. Harsh noise. Wandering through his extensive back catalogue, you'll come up against some pretty intense sounds; however, there's a depth and consideration with Paul's approach that soon has you warming to them and reaping the rewards accordingly... – Sheepscar Light Industrial

Half an Abortion is far more considered than the gonzo band name would have you expect, this is carefully layered, properly physical noise. Bits of this could lazily be described as ‘harsh’, I suppose, but it isn’t confrontational. It actually has a very engaging flow, a wry humour and a structure that invites the listener to climb all over it. Pete clearly wishes you to pay attention and you’ll be rewarded if you do. – Radio Free Midwich

Both sides of this split tape are composed entirely from glass sound sources."

£5 – UK
£6 – Europe
£7 – Rest of World

Please contact for more information.