Trans-Dimensional Sushi - NEW HEATSICK, BBBlood Releases


Trans-Dimensional Sushi is a small label that I mostly use to put out my own releases and a few others just concentrating on getting good releases out in runs of about 100 + copies.

So after a few months of heavy boozing and cruising in London and Europe I'm happy to announce the following new releases....

TDS15: Heatsick - Muddy Paw
£4 ppd UK, £5 ppd world
(100 Copies)

Somewhere in party centraal Berlin lurks Steven Warwick (one half of the rad Birds of Delay) aka Heatsick. Muddy Paw is his fantastic journey wading through a dewy perfume sunrise with arms splayed out. 3 psychedelic tracks the sound of wrestling with Oliver Reed naked by a lake just like in 'Woman In Love'.

TDS16: BBBlood - Experiment 50 'untitled'
£3 ppd UK, £4 ppd world
(100 Copies)

Somehow I can't believe this is the 50th released recording I have done over the years making noise. 3 tracks clocking in to almost 46 minutes exploring three different sides to BBBlood. Track 3 is probably one of my favourite works to date. Expect smashing, distortion, crunches, feedback, droning etc..

Yeah so if you want to party paypal me

If you want both releases I can do special deals to make it cheaper.

Any questions or good trades (these things are not that cheap to produce) or just chat; please get in touch. (bit out of date)

Also still available BBBlood recordings

Mongst/BBBlood - 'Total Shave' C30 - Isolated Now Waves
Rank Sinatra/BBBlood - Split 7" - Mourning Glory
Towering Breaker/BBBlood - Split CD - Trans-Dimensional Sushi (2 copies left)
Watzone & Proktor - Jams 1-3 (one of each left)

plus I have loads of other stuff kicking around


Helm - Optimism (hopefully next month)
Trans-Dimensional Sushi - Compilation 2 (couple months time, still getting the artists together!)
Green Mist/BBBlood - 'poo & wee' C30 - Repressing of the tour tape.

+ loads more.
_________________ - UK Noise

New BBBlood - full length

Experiment 50 - 'untitled' full length

New BBBlood recording out now on Trans-Dimensional sushi recordings. Can't update website at moment home pc died.

£3 ppd UK, £4 ppd world

3 Tracks - 46 mins.

Party pay pal -


No gigs planned at the moment.