Next show: A tearful farewell to Electric Knife records 10/12/2016

Saturday 10th of December
last day of the shop

Duncan Harrison
Paul Daniel Knowles
Paul Watson
Daniel Gregory & Alec McGrory
Kostis Kilymis 

I reckon it'll be a good afternoon of electronic music, drinking, and more...

So please come along and buy records.


Next Show: Evil Moisture, Mark Durgan & John Wall, BBBlood + More...

Note about next BBBlood performance.


£7 entry 

New River Studios

Ground Floor Unit E, 199 Eade Road, N4 1DN London,

Evil Moisture
Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture), whom one fan said he "almost preferred Joseph Roemer", has worked since the early 90s in such fields as circuit bending (almost before this term really existed) and self-taught electronics allowing fabrication of basic synth building blocks, chaotic circuits, unusual ways of 'synchronizing' non-rhythmic sounds, alongside a use of magnetic tape (early evil moisture material was entirely edited by splicing tape) and electronics to produce a kind of low-fi musique concrete which would've no doubt been rejected by Ircams engineers as "technical fault, unlistenable", but it would've been rejected by Wattie of The Exploited as "fuckin shit" too, so whatever.. 

Recently he has been working more directly with tape 'live cutup', using multiple reel to reels, modified tape echos, and home made tapeloop delays, using as source material basic sounds such as oscillators, function generators ring modulated sounds, and home made microphone circuits such as ultrasonic (bat) detectors ( In addition to many Evil Moisture releases he has also made exhibitions and books of his visual work, recently collaborating with the Danish artist Zven Balslev. He runs the label School Of Meat Cutting, releasing cassettes and also an ongoing series of "effects" and sound generators (examples here He also regularly does workshops where people can build such things as ghost detectors, optical theremins, noisy synths, and is teaching an ongoing project to make a haunted house in association with the Lycée Autogéré in Paris.

John Wall & Mark Durgan

It’s a pleasant surprise to discover how well-matched Wall and Durgan are as a duo. Considering their contrasting backgrounds and approaches, their respective vocabularies mesh very successfully, yet retain a healthy amount of contrast and tension. Durgan’s contributions, generated from modular and pressure-sensitive synthesizer, develop the vocabulary which began to emerge on his 2009 PAN album Ploughing Furrows From Rotten Burrows: thick, relatively slow-moving sounds concrete-style slaps, oscillating granular pitches and crude percussive blurts which hint at looping patterns.
Wall uses a computer, which presumably allows him to move and react more quickly. Consequently his playing is more volatile and diffuse, deploying fraying frequencies and jittery, sibilant textures, which evolve rapidly into detailed fractal-like clusters; or glassy surfaces ruptured by bursts of tonal splintering and structural disintegration. - The Wire


Proper noise of the highest order: racket torn from a selection of table-top electronics and homemade devices (loose contact mic taped into tobacco tin being a live favourite). He has a wire-walker’s sense of balance – the balls-out noise is gonzo enough for nostrils flaring, meathead catharsis, the calmer moments clever and detailed enough to reward serious contemplation. Snatches of field and domestic recordings are dropped into the mix adding a very exciting sense of location. Thus, Paul does not present a free-floating, atemporal harsh noise wall. Instead this is very definitely happening Here and Now.” - Radio Free Midwich


Harsh noise - Circuit Bending - Rough Music - Since 2000AD

Pete Cann

Mangled electronics and decayed samples

21 November at 19:00–23:00
Next Week · 6–9° Rain£7 entry