Really short post here to announce two recent appearances on free to download compilations.

First up...

Various Artists - Acid Police Eternal Volume 3 [2011, Rainbow Bridge]

And secondly

Taken from Classwar Karaoke volume 0016 survey. Free Music Archive

Download here

More information

Two new releases planned for early 2012, will post more information soon.

Sottovoce Festival 2011

Upcomming event, playing on the 29th September. Copied and pasted from their mail out. Hope you can come along...

[no.signal] presents
SOTTOVOCE FESTIVAL 2011 - 4th Edition
A four-day festival of experimental music and films celebrating silence and noise
East London, Thursday 29th September - Sunday 2nd October

Anna Zaradny (PL) | Blood Stereo (GB) | Carlos Casas (ES) | Christian Munthe (SE) | Christina Sehnaoui (LB) | Evan Parker (GB) | Guro Skumsnes Moe (NO) | Håvard Skaset (NO) | Ida Lundén (SE) | John Butcher (GB) | John Duncan (US) | John Wall (GB) | Lina Lapelyte (LT) | Mario de Vega (MX) | Mark Durgan (GB) | Martin Brandlmayr (AT) | Paul Dunmall (GB) | Paul Watson (BBBLOOD) (GB) | Pulse Emitter (US) | Robert Piotrowicz (PL) | Rogelio Sosa (MX) | S.Moe / Skaset (NO)

The Nave | Bethnal Green Working Men's Club | Cafe OTO | LUX/Electra

- 4 day festival pass £30
- day tickets £10
- launch and screening tickets £5
Facebook event page


It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the full confirmed lineup for Sottovoce 2011, available to view on our website at

Both day tickets and festival passes are available at
If you're quick, you can take advantage of the early-bird 4 day festival pass for £25, available until 5th September.

Sottovoce, now in its 4th year, is a London-based, 4 day, 4 venue festival showcasing groundbreaking acts producing challenging, experimental music.

The festival includes first UK solo performances from percussionist Martin Brandlmayr, guitarist Rogelio Sosa, minimalist improviser and sound artist Anna Zaradny, guitarist Christian Munthe, electronic improviser Ida Lundén, and improv-noise double bass and guitar duo S.Moe/Skaset, the first time pairing of John Butcher and Martin Brandlmayr, the premier of Carlos Casas' new work 'War and Peace', and film premieres of Anne Maregiano's documentary 'Charlemagne Palestine The Golden Sound' and Bernard Josse's 'Soldier of the Road, a Portrait of Peter Brötzmann'. As well as what promises to be a haunting performance from John Wall in the Nave's main hall, a mind-blowing and intense set from Robert Piotrowicz, a multi-channel performance from John Duncan of LAFMS fame, a solo from the remarkable Evan Parker, and much more.

Get your tickets now at:
£30 Full Festival Pass (£25 Early Bird Pass until September 5th) includes digital compilation, complimentary drink, free entrance to all events, Sunday brunch
£10 per event (£5 for launch or Sunday screening on the door)

We'll be adding a player to our site with some previews and extra videos and information as the days unfold:

Sottovoce facebook page
Sottovoce facebook event

Download full press release/programme here [PDF]

DETAILED PROGRAMME Thursday 29 September Bethnal Green Working Men's Club: 8pm - 12am

Screening (with Director's Q&A)
Anne Maregiano Charlemagne Palestine, the Golden Sound (2011)

Paul Watson (GB)
Lina Lapelyte (LT)

Thursday 29 September full program Friday 30 September
Cafe OTO: 7pm - 11.30pm
Tickets £10 (free with festival pass)

Alan Roth, Inside Out in the Open (2002)

Martin Brandlmayr (AT)
Rogelio Sosa (MX)
Håvard Skaset (NO)

Ida Lundén (SE)

Friday 30 September full program Saturday 1 October The Nave: 2pm - 11pm

John Wall (GB)

Pulse Emitter (US)
Blood Stereo (GB)
Anna Zaradny (PL)
Mark Durgan (GB)
Christian Munthe and Christine Sehnaoui (SE / LB)
S.Moe / Skaset (NO)
Paul Dunmall (GB)

Saturday 1 October full program 2 October
LUX/Electra: 12pm-3pm

Bernard Josse 'Soldier of The Road, Portrait of Peter Brötzmann' (2011) - UK Premiere
sixpackfilm Austrian film selection

The Nave: 5pm-10pm

John Duncan (US)
Robert Piotrowicz (PL)

Carlos Casas (ES)
Mario de Vega (MX)
Evan Parker (GB)
John Butcher and Martin Brandlmayr (GB / AT)
Guro Skumsnes Moe (NO)

Sunday 2 October full program

Update 03/08/2011

Current working on the lp for (the label formerly known as) No Lite. Progress is good but slow, expect completion soon. It'll be out possibly early 2012.

Various Artists -  Skin Irritant compilation should be out shortly. This features a BBBlood track recorded in early - mid 2010.

BBBlood / Legless / Am Not 3x CS box set, the tracks are done. Just needs some mastering and then we're ready to send get duplicated. No ETA to announce.

BBBlood / Inazami's Labour Pains split CD penned in late Early 2012

BBBlood / Pollutive Static collaborations to see the light of day some time soon.

BBBlood -  Live show September 24th in Brighton @ the Green Door Store as part of Splitting the Atom IV. More information to follow nearer the time.

Recent recording extracts, ideas, samples uploaded to SoundCloud.

Don't Think by BBBlood

Also have noticed some issues with this blog and the header vanishing, this will be resolved as soon as I can.


An excellent review found on Right Where You Are Sitting Now of the Pollutive Static / BBBlood show last week in Birmingham.

Check it out

Thanks to everyone up there for making us welcome.


Various Artists - Skin Irritant

Coming Soon, compilation sample..

Tracks by

Pregnant Spore
Sleep of Ages

Skin irritant Compilation Sample by tinnitustimulus


Limited copies of the BBBlood / Emil Beaulieau split c30 can be brought from Second Layer Records

You Are Playin' Like A Fuckin' Pub Band. Two

Whilst you are there make sure to grab a copy of the excellent Werewolf Jerusalem 4CD box



"The 7.17 From West Wittering... is putting out especially for the Record Shop Day, 6 split tapes that will be available from the Second Layer Records Shop (323 Archway Rd, Highgate, London) this Saturday. Featuring an artist from UK on one side and a guest one on the other."


One. Cheapmachines / Concrete Violin
Two. BBBlood / Emil Beaulieau
Three. Dieter Muh / Balinese Beast
Four. Onomatopoeia / Sudden Infant
Five. Smell & Quim / Family Battle Snake
Six. Dylan Nyoukis / Ryan Jewell


April 2011 - ILL FM by bbblood

On the first Thursday of every month ILL FM broadcasts from the Others Gallery. Come down for some mid-week sounds and drinks.



Standgericht is a London band which started out as a martial rythmic noise band but shifted more into ebm in the last two years.
The word Standgericht means "court martial" in german but is also a play on words, which could be translated as "take away meal".
Standgericht does not reinvent the wheel it embraces the idea of 4/4 danceable music fully without subscribing to any kind of main stream sound.
Standgericht's mission in life is to make the world a noisier place, it does not educate, it entertains.
Standgericht is not noise, Standgericht is "Achtung Disko!".


(L.A.L in short) was founded in August 2008 to express new musical Ways and turning my deepest Feelings inside out. You can expect a wide range of different musical Styles, mixed together, processed, rebuild and made to something new.
Since 2008 5 Albums already have been Released and made a huge Imcpact, specially in Russia and the former USSR Contrys. A New Album will be Released soon, called "Cocon"."


public catharsis #1
First ever performance by Abuse Electronics artist Bagman. The first step on a dark road....(newcastle, UK)


A Maelstrom of harsh metallic noise destruction - this is the first in a series of planned live collaborations between these two London noise producers who have an upcoming 7" vinyl and tape release expected later this year on Der Bünker Records.


Slimelight's finest returns to The Others by special request.
Expect intros,interludes and outros spanning the darkest avenues of post-industrial and gothic music..


Just a quick post to let those who follow this blog about these two great dates in April.

London 15th April

Werewolf Jerusalem / Skullflower (London)

Make sure you get there early enough to catch Hal Hutchinson's set it's going to be storming. Exciting news to follow about the BBBlood / Pollutive Static live collaboration in April.

Manchester 16th April

Skullflower / Werewolf Jerusalem (Manchester)

This is the first ever UK date for Texas noise legend Richard Ramirez playing as Werewolf Jerusalem. Co-headline with Skullflower (full-band line-up).

Werewolf Jerusalem

Werewolf Jerusalem is one of the multitudes of names that the absolutely legendary noise artist Richard Ramirez records under

Richard Ramirez is an American noise music artist from Houston, Texas, recording and performing both as a solo artist and as part of several groups and the "static noise" solo project Werewolf Jerusalem. He is notable for being one of the earliest American harsh noise artists.

Ramirez, though extremely prolific, draws a distinction between his relatively few professionally printed CDs and LPs and the many CD-Rs and tapes he produces for smaller record labels. He has done collaborations and split releases with many figures in the noise field, including Merzbow, Emil Beaulieau, Skin Crime, Marc Broude and MSBR.

Ramirez's work tends to consist of long, slowly changing or static tracks of heavily distorted low- to mid-range noise, with a gradual move over the last several years toward more drone-influenced sounds in addition to his harsh noise work. Parallel to this evolution has been a shift in thematic concerns, with album covers, titles, and general themes changing from more typical noise music concerns such as violence and war (largely borrowed from Industrial culture) to a focus on homosexual themes and gay porn artwork. In addition to his musical work, Ramirez also runs the noise and experimental music label Deadline Recordings.


To the uninitiated, Skullflower is one of the better-known bands that originated in the early 1980s power-electronics / noise scene, and one of the few to achieve any real recognition outside their homeland, especially in the United States . Unlike most of their contemporaries (such as Whitehouse, Con-Dom, Grey Wolves, etc.), they are an actual band (as opposed to one or two musicians employing a mix of instruments, synths, and tapes), and retained just enough of rock's basic structure to attract the attention of people beyond the power-electronics genre.

Skullflower's roots are in the European power-electronics / noise scene taking place in the early 1980s. A number of experimental musicians and bands who had grown bored with punk began experimenting with a more confrontational brand of volume-dependent artistic expression. Bands like Whitehouse, Final, Napalm Death, Con-Dom, Throbbing Gristle, The Grey Wolves, and the like were pushing the boundaries of sonic assault, employing damaged synths, guitar noise, unsettling tapes, and extreme volume to confront audiences. Swiping a page from punk's DIY manual, most of them were also releasing their own material (and in some cases, the material of a great many others) on cassette and (when they could afford it) vinyl, to be sold at shows or by mail order.


Compilation "net-release of one-second-long chipnoise, chiptune, 8bit, videogame, micromusic NOISE by various artists, collected by Tim Drage (Cementimental)"

BBBlood - broken bit features as track 112 out of 258 tracks! Tracklist


Another demo uploaded.

27/02/2011 - Demo by BBBlood



Another SoundCloud upload from a recent rehearsal. Check it and please follow...

Demo 26-01-2010 by BBBlood

BBBlood / Duncan Harrison c30 - Update

A great review with some small conversation of the BBBlood / Duncan Harrison split C30 from last year can be found here on the fantastic MuhMur blog. Thanks!

This tape is now sold out but we (Duncan and myself) are planning to re-issue this as part of the Crystal Maze in a bigger edition with extra tracks and a possible collaboration some time in 2012 (hopefully).

Duncan is currently embarking on a UK tour with HoboSon who I met in Brighton last month and they have a great tour edition tape available. Check out this link for more information on their tour.

Destroy, Shatter, Stun, Intoxicate

Sold out very fast, I do have literally 2 copies left from my artist copies so please contact me if you would like to buy / trade. Otherwise they'll be gone very soon.

Tape review

Very soon, I will be uploading this release along side last years also sold out 'Rust' C20 online for free download.


Artist page on Facebook established, will be dishing out occasional updates on shows, downloads and new releases.

Check it out, spread the word.

Free BBBlood

Two releases from the archives have been uploaded as MP3 for FREE download


2011 Plans

The following releases are planned for this year
  • BBBlood lp (NO LITE)
  • BBBlood / Pollutive Static split 7" + Collaboration cassette (Der Bunker)
  • BBBlood / Izanami's Labour Pains CD (TDS)
  • BBBlood - C40 (Geluidsoverlast)
More TBC...


Der Bunker Records Presents...

More information to follow soon.



A great review of the now Sold out Rust c20 released at the end of last year reviewed by Evan on his review blog Inside Noise Reviews

RUST c20
SELF RELEASE, December 2010

Side A immediately pummels my speakers with HNW textures and shrill droning feedback that split into deeper bowel moving, blotting rumbles and high-pitched harsh noise scratching and scraping, sounding like contact mics. The feedback comes and goes, the rumbling begins to slap-back echo before churning and thrashing into higher gain territory. What's nice about this track is about how elements and textures come and go- returning full force. The low rumbling ceases, leaving only the scratching and scraping, like 1000 nails on a chalkboard, over and over in what sounds like a circular, almost whirlwind motion. The churning returns briefly before fading once more. The feedback also ceases. A new mid-range swirl is introduced, sounding similar to ocean waves. The scratching turns into a higher pitched static and what sounds to be cymbals or junk metal fade in. At this point the track is stripped bare of all low end, before HNW walls burst through, also bringing back the scraping that was a mentioned earlier. A sense of fried circuitry can only be felt here, the charred black wall surging with swampy lows and electric-shock high crackles. The wall turns into a moster, screaming before cutting out- leaving a looping organic texture before fading.

Side B slowly sneaks out of my speakers, dark-ambient atmospheres gradually building up. A drone starts to take center-stage before fading back into the ambience. Heavy contact mic'ing emerges almost instantly, smashing, hitting, bashing. The atmospheres are no more. Violent Japanese-style bursts, blown out low ends throbbing and pulsating while the scraping continues on. Feedback emerges before everything cuts back into the dark ambience. A certain fuzzed out circuit sound gains momentum and volume over the ambience, going from it's constant volume to dominating the track, before going back to it's regular presence. Crackling flame-spewing starts under the ambience, not quite white noise, not quite hnw, before cutting quickly into contact micing under the same ambience. Feedback flies by, shifting and disappearing in waves. The scraping piles on thickly, only stopping to let feedback make repeated cameos. Again the harsh japanese thrashing starts once more, but way more blown out, extremely blown out. And then cuts off. More violent than the first track, but clearly thought out in the placement of each movement.

This cassette makes me want to listen to it again. And again. The tracks are JUST the right length to get that certain itch that leaves you wanting more.


Now sold out, I will soon be uploading MP3 of this and the recent 'Destroy, Shatter, Stun, Intoxicate c20 cassette.


BBBlood - Destroy, Shatter, Stun, Intoxicate

New c20 out now released on Void Seance extremely limited copies available.

Buy copies here, act fast as they are very limited.

"Harsh noise heavyweight BBBlood from the UK destroys this tape with two ten minute pieces that juggle between HNW textures and harsh noise insanity. Red chrome cassettes with printed tape labels come in standard jewel shell with xeroxed artwork on heavy yellow stock. Don't sleep." - Label Description.

Destroy, Shatter, Stun, Intoxicate (Extract) by BBBlood

Download this free here

09/12/2010 - ILL FM + VIDEOS

An excellent account of the show @ ILL FM last December on MuhMur blog...

Fond memories of this night and I'm really pleased that people enjoyed this set.

Here are some videos of the sets from the night

Aqua Dentata


Dieter Muh


Oh yeah and I've sold out of RUST, the last copies are at Second Layer. Get them there. Thank to all those who supported.


New release available from UK label Quagga Curious Sounds

BBBlood / Endometrium Cuntplow: Split C40, edition of 22 (Quagga Curious Sounds)

Label Description

QCS_034-BBBlood / Endometrium Cuntplow: Split C40, edition of 22

The first QCS release for 2011 and what a terrific one it is! Both artists seem to take a more restrained approach resulting in initial passages of ambient/experimental sounds developing into searing noise/power-electronics!

Pink cassette is packaged in a clear PVC zip-lock bag. Black and white artwork is printed onto orange card. Each copy comes with two miniature playing cards and an assortment of sequins and spangles.

£3.60 (UK)
£4.35 (Europe)
£4.85 (Wordwide)
Prices include postage.

I have limited copies myself so please contact the label if you wish to buy a copy, act now as I'm sure this will sell out quickly.

I'm pleased with how these came out and recommend you support Quagga Curious Sounds.