1st BBBlog post / Gig photos

Hi, this is the first post on the BBBlood. If you've never had the experience to check out any of my music do so http://www.myspace.com/bbblood or free mp3 downloads at http://www.bbblood.co.uk (now extinct)

Hopefully the .co.uk website will eventually look like a blog so then I won't have to use myspace to blog and maintain a website and post on 3 different blog sites and then the eventual podcast http://bbblood.podomatic.com/ (link might not work; it's not as I type this post) you can see why I want to move all of them into one place. Maybe this blog is the solution? Who knows.

Gig photos

Yeah I have a flickr page (wow what a suprise) http://www.flickr.com/photos/bbblood/

This blog will exist alongside the other pages until I've found a solution.