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Bbblood/Al Qaeda "split" 7''

Splits are sometimes a risk. Sometimes you only like one artist on the split. Sometimes the artist that you actually like tried something new that you ended up not digging the new direction. But then, splits can also be awesome and amazing, like this 7” from Bbblood and Al Qaeda for example. Both artists are truly great. And they both play some of their most laudable work.

If you’ve read my 2009 Year End fav’s list then you know that I hold Al Qaeda in very high regard. I still think they’re a crew to watch out for. Their name will be huge, and not just because their name is associated with a terrorist organization (but not related to it). They just need to get to the point where they can release a full length LP or something. Anyway, their side boasts two inspiring untitled tracks. This trio; Eric, Scott, and Erin, from the Bay area, give us two of their blissful best. These are straight up late night dream tracks. REM drones that’ll make your eyes sink into your skull, your respiration lag, and your mind wander. The most calm and collected I’ve heard AQ.

Bbblood is also an amazing talent. His side is just one longer track, “Mental Funeral.” That’s pretty much self-explanatory. This noise artist out of London, Paul Watson, reminds us why noise is the new punk. This is sheer music decay. It’s kind of cool how this track develops, building up from a slowburner to a raucous display. Bbblood drains its electronic veins gradually and then lavishly floods your speakers with bloody good psychotics. A true “Mental Funeral” indeed.

Top all this off with some cool full color collage art by Stan Reed (Blue Sabbath Black Cheer) and you have a pretty short but fun ride on the drone-go-round. This is Trans-Dimensional Sushi’s first-ever vinyl release, and I can assure them that they picked a great way to kick off the new format’s lineup. 9/10 -- Dave Miller (16 June, 2010)

Thanks to Dave Miller for the review.

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This review is taken from TRUST magazine in Germany.

BBBLOOD / AL QAEDA - split 7“
Baron Bum Blood alias Paul Watson aus London, seineszeichens Noiseaktivist und routinierter Soundmanipulator seit 2002, liefert auf seiner jüngsten Veröffentlichung bedrohliche Synth-Collagen, düster und alptraumhaft, sich schleichend steigernd zum finalen Raptus. Insgesamt gemäßigter, jedoch kaum weniger intensiv, als Watsons Harsh Noise Ausbrüche der Vergangenheit. Al Qaeda aus San Francisco, erst kürzlich mit Minutemen/Firehose Urgestein Mike Watt am Vierseiter auf Tour, setzen dem ruhige, atmospharische Kompositionen entgegen, für mich schwer zu kategorisieren. Al Bjornaa hat AQ mal ganz treffend beschrieben: „
Part ominous, part chilling - this withering slice of out there atmospherics orbits darkly detached drone terrains located at the outer reaches of the early career sonic spectrum of Roy Montgomery.Runde Sache. (Michael)
Trans-Dimensional Sushi