Anotherenoughchairs - Blind Flags - Fri 13th Jan

Released on Friday 13th January 2006

Anotherenoughchairs - Blind Flags

My good friend Jason from Brighton has helped me out so much over the years with releasing my first two full length records and loads of promotion in the UK, virtually got me my first gig and he/his missus are exceptional people who run the awesome Nost8ment label. Formally Fridge Magnet but with a stick of dynamite up its ass AEC plays a full on noise feast with enough to share out for the whole family.

This is the first of many releases I plan to put out this year on the Trans-dimensional Sushi Label.

He's remixed and remastered the album and it's sounding amazing.

Some tracks are ambient workings some are blistering noise abuse.

erm.. Trades welcome if you want to pay it's £3 ppd (uk)

or $5 rest of the world. I accept pay pal, email me at baronbumblood at hotmail dot com, for more information etc..

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