Cryptic Video

Just a quick post, This video was recorded over ten years ago but the sound quality poor as it is sounds amazing.


So whats going on? Recording, keeping safe, planning. Hopefully should be able to share some news with you all soon. 

The recent split tape is sold out, but the digital is "pay what you want"


Missed shows, collaborations, new releases,

So some updates here. I hope this finds you well.


On the 13th March I played probably the only gig I will be playing this year, a collaboration with Yoni Silver @ 5 Miles.

Here's the poster. . .

Was a great night. Here's a couple of photos

It turned out it was the last show before lock down. In retrospect maybe it shouldn't have gone ahead. But it's been that kind of year.

The recording of the set has been released by Beartown Records

Whilst you are there check out Karen Constance's new tape and the Lasse 10". Great releases! Send the Bears my love.

New Releases

Also I finished and put out the long overdue split c10 with Kindvriendelijk. It's a loud one, enjoy with a Belgian beer at any time.

I'm down to 5 tapes. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Untitled looped recordings.

Yesterday I also released a new online only release. This comprises of 16 tracks I composed from the contents of an old SD card which lived within my old looping pedal. So a lot of the material here is what I would have used and buried within my live set up for the last 6 years.

I set myself the restriction to get everything done in one evening and I delivered. Normally I would labour over artwork or track titles etc... but keep it simple it's just untitled looped recordings.

Cycle Ride Optimism

Another thing I've not shared here is that I've done a series of Cycle ride noise videos over the last few months what have appeared on several Lock Down era live broadcasts.

Please watch the whole thing and subscribe to their channels!

Colour Out of Space Present Plague Time Television 2

I feature from roughly the 1hr mark


Approx. 1hr 12 min

Roughly 1hr 50 min Mark

I also did a video for Heinous Whining #10 but it looks like the archive is not kept

However, I've uploaded a home recording to YouTube

On that note did I ever share this video here?

Next plans?

No gigging, but hopefully some new releases coming soon.


2019 Review

2019 Summary

I can quickly sum up my output for 2019, 2 gigs in a month, appreance on the radio, and one digital release that was recorded in 2013. All of the below are documented on this blog!

I also lost a hard drive of old material and digital copies of some masters what was quite annoying, but it happens!

All releases on Bandcamp are pay whatever you like, so go for it.

Favourite Events/Records/Other from 2019:

It's been a really good year however I don't think I've really listened to as much new stuff as I'd liked to have to. However from this year all the following stood out.

The Gerogerigegege - Uguisudani Apocalypse
Michael Speers - xtr'ctn (probably my favourite of this year - recommended!)
Small Cruel Party - La Chrestomathie Du Désespoir
Wojciech Rusin - The Funnel 
Darksmith - Poverty of Will 
Blood Stereo ‎- Two Paths To Outer Edge
Skin Crime - Traveller On The Road 
SÄHKÖ-030  - No Title
Pavement wipe - Down ballot
Purpura & Lacrima - New World In A Peaceful Death / Dust Sculptures
Bloomer - Battle's Sign  
Howard Stelzer ‎– Anathematization Of The World Is Not An Adequate Response To The World
Possett - The Golden Handshake That Almost Broke My Wrist
Reynols - Minecxio Emanations 1993-2018 
Painjerk - Mission Invisible Kill The Poor
Joe Colley - Solo For Chair And Feedback Circuit

Belgium Cycle Trip to Ghent, Antwerp, and Brussels
The Kernel and Mills
The arrival of M.F.W. 18/12/2019

2020 Plans

There's loads of unreleased material dating back over ten years. I'll probably revisit a lot of this with fresh ears, new ways of mixing the material. It's good to get the ideas coming. I just think I need to work on knowing when something is good to go. Gigging, yeah I might have a show in March, but nothing is confirmed at the moment. I can't see myself doing to many shows in 2020.

Regardless, looking to 2020 with a lot of optimism. Happy New Year!


Feral Tape - Combined

New EP released. This is a fundraiser so I can release more records.

This EP features three tracks from 2013. Feral Tape part 1 & 2, are tracks intended originally for a fanzine however I didn't end up submitting them and then the project was shelved. Combined is a harsh noise track I edited this week which was pretty much complete. Unsure what it was originally intended for.

I've set the price for £3, and if you donate I'm happy to give anyone who does a significant discount on the next physical release when it's ready. Have a listen.


Radio Airtime - Blog Updates

Radio Airtime

So first up a massive thanks to Steve Cammack from the legendary Dieter Müh. If you don't know him, alongside Dieter Muh, he has a excellent Blog "MuhMur" now ReMuhMuration and a regular radio show down in Devon. Steve has been kindly supportive of my work for I guess about 10 years now and asked me to do a session for him ages ago. Finally I've got round to sending him something!

If you've read the previous blog update I have a forthcomming EP Divorse (Proceedings) From Reality which I'm hoping will be complete before the end of the year. Steve's show plays the rough MuhMur mix of this ep in full alongside some other BBBlood cuts from the last ten years.

Please feel free to check it out.


And a direct link to the broadcast



Blog Update

In addition I've made some time to update the blog, this includes a biography detailing the early years of BBBlood, future plans and some of the highlights. Have a read if you have time.

More news soon!



Divorce (Proceedings) From Reality

New EP v soon. Roughly 20mins of chopped tape music, loops, odd sounds, field recordings, live recordings. Standard stuff.

Preview on MuhMur Radio soon, full release to follow after.

No gigs currently planned, more releases planned (finally).

Enjoy the summer!



Sunday 21st april 2019


@ Cafe Oto


2018 Review

Hello. I was mulling it over the weekend whether I should do an end of year review or not. However it's a tradition that I'm going to stick with regardless of whoever reads this. Here is a brief summary of what 2018 has meant for me.


So 2018, A couple eps came out, the 3 way live CDr and the Split with Claus (mentioned previously in this blog). However both were live recordings and also recorded over the last couple years. So yeah quite unproductive on the recorded front. Yeah I did record stuff, quite a lot but none if it is ready for release in my opinion.


Gigs front, nope, nothing here.

So you may ask, what have you been doing? Good question: Not much, working, travelling, and probably more working.

Which is a bit disapointing since the last end of year review I spoke about renewed energy to do things, however it doesn't always work out like that. And I'm not taking it too much to heart.

Next Up
So do you have anything lined up? Actually yes, I've started to look to new means to record perform and hopefully invest some time into actually getting something released, first new recordings since 2017. And gigs... yes I do, I have a show lined up in April as BBBlood! I'll post more about this when all the details are online.

Best of 2018

Well, to be honest I've not even really listened to much this year either (Yeah you always say that!). But some records I enjoyed (Including the ones I downloaded from other peoples eoy lists and places to find them) are:

Acolytes - bus-final2-tFZqV8QQR34 
Darksmith - Hatred Of Sound LP 
Lolina - The Smoke 
Graham Dunning & Tom White - You Are A New Creature 
Hum of the Druid - A Strange Export
Kevin Drumm - Frozen Pipes
Kevin Drumm - Inexplicable Hours
Apostille - Choose Life 
Chris Goudreau ‎– Brief Sensuality
Blood Stereo - Tape Loop Meditations
Translucent Envelope - A Slight Remove
Slow Listener - Live At Fort Process
Red Brut - S/T

Xi'an Impression
Tough guys in Tokyo - The Nightingale
Visiting Japan
Monk Fest @ Cafe Oto
Haringey Borough FC ten game undefeated run and being top of the league at Christmas / Promotion / Beating Heybridge Swifts in the play-off semi final

As per tradition I'll probably review / add to this list when I think of more records. 

Also it's strange that I've finished this post before the end of the year and Christmas, so if you are reading this. Have a great holiday!



Updates - Recent Reviews, Old News

The long summer has not yielded any new news here, however things are moving at their own pace. I anticipate a new release to come out in the next couple months.

In the meantime here is a review of the recently issued split cassette with Claus Poulsen on Sound Holes.

Many thanks to Andy from TQ Zine, please check his excellent fanzine for a real reflection on what is going on in the UK experimental underground. Recommended.


As always the best way to keep up with my activity is via Twitter, but I also forgot to mention the release of the now sold out live album with Stuart Chalmers and Posset recorded at the Fuse art space in Bradford last year. Which now seems like ages ago!


Also reviewed here...



New Cassette Release - Split with Claus Poulsen

Out now I believe (or soonish) on Sound Holes.

My side is a live recording from February 2016 @ The Montague Arms in London.

Claus' side I believe is new recorded material from 2017.

Cass and Sindre are on tour this February and will no doubt have copies of this cassette.

I have limited copies, so if you want one direct from me please let me know.


2017 Review

2017 was probably the least productive year I've had for some time, yet at the same time probably the most hectic too personally, so this and a barely functioning internet connected laptop has led to a lack of time I've had to commit to recording or playing live.

Rather than dwelling on that fact that I did very little recording/performing, I'm feeling pretty optimistic about 2018 and will be making moves to get more records out there, playing more shows, and just being more active.


With regards to recorded output besides the aforementioned split with Stuart Chalmers and Posset on Crow Vs Crow no new recordings have been produced this year. This split CD has sold out now, yet still available as digital download. 

Also a limited run live recording of my set from November 2016 was released on Andy Bolus' (Evil Moisture) Royal Sperm tape label. Ultra Crude, strangely trippy, gloopy, documentation of a good gig. I think copies might still be available, I have none left but check the Royal Sperm website. See BBBlood 'El fin de semana me dejó fatal'. At the time of release I forgot to mention this, a recurring theme of 2017.


Earlier in March I shared the bill with Anla Courtis, Posset, Duncan Harrison & Yoni Silver in London, Cafe Oto Project Space. It was a great night, again looking back I forgot to mention this fact on the blog (oops) but here is the link to the event.

Following this I played a second show on the same line up as Posset, this time in Bradford in support of the three way split CD.

In 2018 a CD release Stuart's, Joe's, and my live sets from this night should be released so stay tuned for more information about that here.

To end the year on Friday 15th of December I did a live collaboration with Sharon Gal for John Macedo's successful Solo, Duo, Trio night #7 at Cafe Oto. This line up also featured the trio of  Áine O'Dwyer, Steve Beresford and Crystabel Riley, and  Leslie Deere playing solo.

Playing this night I felt was really successful and I think has given me the much needed shot of vitamin B12 to see through the forthcoming winter nights and my musical output. Massive thanks to John and Sharon for making this night so. Hopefully the recording of the duo will surface some time over the coming year. As always I'll mention it here (or forget about doing so and then mention it in my 2018 review blog post).

After that nothing else is due for a while, but I'd like to get a brand new full length record out in 2018.

Next Up

Finally a live recording of my set from the Montague Arms on Valentine's Day 2016 coming out as a split cassette with Cass Poulsen on Sound Holes.Again more information here, I'll let you know.

Best of 2017

This year I don't feel I've really listened to many new releases*, some I own I've not even made time to listen to yet. But a nod to all of the following (music / non) as always including the usual suspects...

  • Duncan Harrison - Preamble to Nihil
  • Sewer Election - Malign
  • Aaron Dilloway - Gag File
  • Pigs Ear 2017, esp Kees Wee Heavy 9.5%
  • The Slowest Lift - S/T
  • London - Gibraltar - Madrid celebrations October / November
  • Jaap Vink - GRM
  • Performing Live With Sharon Gal @ Cafe Oto
  • Phil Julian - Relay
  • Of Habit - Extended Technique
  • Grit - Night Pudding
  • Croatian Amor - Love Means Taking Action
  • Bomber Jackets - Kudos to the Bomber Jackets
  • Harringey Borough lads, esp the 4-1 Bideford Town, FA Cup Qualifying Round, and a nod to 1-1 vs Heybridge Swifts match abandoned
  • Cycling to the QEII Bridge and back
  • Recovery - May 2017
  • Aqua Dentata ‎- One Day, You Will Be A Painter
  • Solar Flump - Tape Vomit
  • RLW & Dylan Nyoukis - Gukuruguh
  • Spoils & Relics - Threadbare Adult Life
  • Aaron Dilloway and Genesis P-Orridge @ Cafe Oto
  • Lasse Marhaug / John Wiese ‎- Continuous Loop Sheep 1997-2017
  • T.Mikawa - Rising Sunset
  • D. Glare 4 - Oscillators & 130 Samples At 130 BPM
  • Simon Whetham - InTolerance
  • Micheal Muennich - Klamm/Heimelig
  • Stuart Chalmers - Loop Phantasy No.4
  • Stefan Roigk - Sprachmusik
  • Chalmers/Campbell - Mazes and Labyrinths

* Something now looking back on this list is not true

Recommended reading the 2017 Zelleby Awards on Radio Free Midwich as always a really in depth account of  what they call the no-audience underground.


Live December 2017


Performing on Friday 15th December


OTO Project Space
Ashwin St, Dalston, London, E8 3DL
7.30pm | £7 on the door (£5 for OTO members)


SOLO:DUO:TRIO is a monthly night of improvised performances bringing together a wide variety of musicians and artists. Each show features a solo, a duo, and a trio performance where performers are invited to present something new or play with a person they haven’t played with before in an intimate and open environment.


BBBLOOD / Stuart Chalmers / Posset CDr. Blog post about a record that's already sold out.

Apologies to those who missed this but a couple of months back this three way split record surfaced with Stuart Chalmers and Posset.

However you can listen to some of it here.

Buy digital download from Crow Vs Crow

Proud to be part of record with these two excellent musicians. I got some real positive feedback from the record.

Review on We Need No Swords.

Oh yeah we also did a live gig, what was reported by Idwal Fisher here. I really should have said...

Anyway, no new updates.


2016 Summary - Preaching to NO ONE!

So it seems to be a trend at the moment in these end of year round ups to really moan and complain how bad 2016 was, I don't want to do this. Personally for me it was just like 2015, and probably the last few years... Constantly overworked, not creating physically enough time to concentrate on recording new records, oh and I got to travel around a little more than I previously did. A personal highlight for me was continuing my learning of the Spanish language, the culture, and visiting twice / exploring the country; this is something that will continue into 2017.

Yes a lot has changed in the world during 2016, there's been some horrible tragedies globally, deaths, bad political changes, and it's really yet to be seen what impact they will have on the world. But I'm an eternal optimist, I think you have to keep on going, keep on fighting. There's either this, burying your head in the sand, divorcing your self from reality, or worse becoming apathetic which can be very unhealthy.

Posting this feels like preaching to the converted (or to no one!!), and I know this is possibly not the reason why you came to this blog.


So... 2016 didn't see many BBBlood (or billed as Paul Watson) shows, but those that I did play were enjoyed. Out of it there should be a BBBlood / Claus Poulson split cassette which is a live recording from my performance in February. I've found a good home for this recording now, so if all goes well I'll be posting more details here.

No gigs outside London this year,  hope to change this.

November straight after the excellent Colour Out of Space festival I supported Evil Moisture, Wall & Durgan at New River Studios. This was a fun night with some great sets, thanks again Aimmar.

The December last show at Electric Knife was emotional, drunken, and ended with a great set by the golden boy of North London Kostis Kilymis. Lovely day! It's the end of an era in Kentish Town, and I wish T all the best in Plymouth.

Going forwards I hope to announce a couple of shows for 2017 soon.

New releases (haha)

2017 another three way split CD should surface, I'm not going to say any more but it's a split with two other artists who have had in my opinion a great 2016 and it's a honor to work with them both. Again more details in due course. Watch this space!

The split box with Duncan Harrison is still happening, it's just taking me forever to get things moving. My own fault, maybe I should do a fundraising page to get the £££ to release the record. If I have the customers breathing down my neck it will get released in 2017!

Also a short C10 split with Child Friendly will come out, another project that I'm self-releasing just not getting finished.

Otherwise there are two other projects I'm working on but it's too early to give more details, things are drifting all over the place.

Best of 2016

Tough question, I was struggling to remember a lot of the records that stood out last year, how ever this always becomes a long list. But in no order these are some records I listened to and enjoyed...

  • Gerritt Wittmer - "Unknowns" C20 [No Rent]
  • Louie Rice - "33/45" 7" [Organized Music from Thessaloniki]
  • Richard Kamerman - "Music for glassblower's studio and broken toy piano" C31 [Organized Music from Thessaloniki]
  • Joe Colley “No Way In” LP (as mp3) [Glistening Examples]
  • MAAAA - "Abhorrence And Dismay" CD [Triangle Records]
  • Placid Tracktor - "The Great British Shopper" C30 [Bogged Down]
  • Aaron Dilloway & Dylan Nyoukis ‎- CS / CDR "Dropout Elements"[Chocolate Monk]
  • Marc Baron - "Un Salon Au Fond D'Un Lac" CD [Potlatch]
  • Anxiety ‎– "Self Titled" LP [La Vida Es Un Mus]
  • Wanda Group - "Central Heating" LP [Opal Tapes]
  • Stuart Chalmers / Z. Zsigo - "Untitled" C30 [Strange Rules]
  • Aqua Dentata - "An Equine Red" C30 [Strange Rules]
  • Posset ‎- "Double Jupiter" Cassette [Vitrine]
  • Tourette - "Proximité Du Murmure" C40 [Triangle Records]
  • Croatian Amor ‎- "Love Means Taking Action" CD [Alter]
  • The Pheromoans ‎- "I'm On Nights" LP [Alter]
  • Dale Cornish And Phil Julian ‎- "Laughing Out" 7" [The Wormhole]

  • Colour out of Space 2016, especially Kent Tankred + the Fylkingen Records curated night, superb festival overall.
  • This Heat @ Cafe Oto,
  • Pigs Ear 2016,
  • Digging up all my Prince tapes,
  • Duncan Harrison Live,
  • Madrid in August, Melque, Gijon,
  • Friends / loved ones,
  • Last day of Electric Knife,
  • Black Velvet,
  • La Pirata Black Bock BA

OK that's enough..