Tour split CD sold out

Just a quick note. My copies of the tour split CD with Aqua Dentata and Duncan Harrison are now sold out. Electric Knife should have a copy or two left and quite possibly Duncan / Eddie.

This may be issued as a digital release soon.

Thanks to those who have supported us.


Hit the North

Long overdue update but next week I'm playing a string of three dates in the North of England with Duncan Harrison and Aqua Dentata. We're playing Newcastle, Sheffield, and Leeds.

Should be fun, in conjunction with the dates we are releasing a limited edition CD for sale at these shows. Any left over copies will be divided up and sold individually.

Thursday 24th September
Aqua Dentata
Duncan Harrison
The Old Police House, Swinburne Place, NE8 1AX, Gateshead
8:00pm, £6

Friday 25th September
Poot presents:

Luke Poot/Duncan Harrison
Aqua Dentata
Portland Works, Randall Street, S2 4SJ, Sheffield
8:30pm, £3/£4

Sunday 27th September
Termite Club presents:

Aqua Dentata
Duncan Harrison/Kieron Piercy
Acrid Lactations
Wharf Chambers, Leeds
7:30pm, £5

Hope to see you there.


Recent updates

I played this back in May, yes I've been slow to update.

Was a fun show!

But some news to come...



Hardworking Promotions presents...


Sophie Cooper is a West Yorkshire based musician influenced by psychedelic pop, weird noise and drone, whose main interest is in experimenting with conventional song writing. She is lovely and great, and her 2014 album 'Our Aquarius' went down a storm with people who know.



London-based 'proper' noiser who might be bringing a more restrained concreté sort of set along for this show, though I'm not making you any guarantees.



Brighton purveyor of gorgeous noisy shoegazey guitar songs. Melodies, and even vocals, lurk in the midst of wave upon wave of sparkle drone.



Ian Murphy of Hobo Sonn, Pascal Ansell of Panelak, and Tom Bench of Hardworking Families combine for the first time ever! Improvising guitar duo augmented with metal chair: you ain't seen this before.


All taking place in AT THE COACH HOUSE, an intimate and beautiful little Kemptown venue that you will feel very comfortable in. NOTE that this is not a pub called The Coach House, that is a different place in Brighton, and there will be no exciting music there.






2014 review...

After a slow 2013, there was a lot of hope going forward to 2014. Already a handful of shows were lined up and recordings pending. In 2013 I had no records out, 2014 I have had insane 6.

  • Live at Crater Lake (Sound Holes)
  • Untitled (Baertown Records)
  • Moments (KIKS/GF)
  • Blind Dates (Chocolate Monk)
  • Grot (Self released demo)
  • No Religion at the Salad Bar (Angurosakuson)
And appeared on a number of compilations for Skeleton Dust, Nefarious Activities, and a couple others.

On the live front it's been busy, highlights were playing shows with Lettera 22, the collaborations with Duncan Harrison, and playing two times with Clive Graham.

Next up...

Completion of the split / collaboration with Duncan Harrison and then a few other releases TBC.

No forthcoming shows planned currently.
Best of 2014

Listed here is some of my favourite records / performances / experiences  (in no order)

  • Vanessa Amara ‎– Both Of Us / King Machine (Posh Isolation)
  • Joseph Hammer - Roadless Travel (Art into life) 
  • Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet - Popeth (Glistening Examples)
  • Pam Ball Tripel  - 'Oi lads I smell wort' + other misc recordings / alright duckie (Vigneronne)
  • Valerio Tricoli - Miseri Lares (PAN)
  • Spoils & Relics - Live in Belgium  (November 2014)
  • Wanda Group - Symirroretry (Meds) / Henry Caravan - Street Exotica From The Met (Umbro G) / Live @ CafĂ© Oto (Oct 2014)
  • Russell Haswell & PAIN JERK Electroacoustic Sludge Dither Transformation Smear Grind Decomposition nO!se File Exchange Mega Edit (Editions Mego)
  • Adam Bohman - Music and Words 2 (Paradigm)
  • Brunt "Strewthsayer" (Dismal Hangover) 
  • Lettera 22 - Live @ Electric Knife / Rammel Club (May 2014)
  • Mark Dicker - Talk of the University (Bunkland Records)
  • Jason Kahn, Takahiro Yamamoto, Takuji Naka -Yugue (2013?)
  • Small Cruel Party - Unroof The House Of The Fishes (Harbinger Sound) (Reissue, doesn't matter)
  • Phil Julian & Mark Durgan - Live in Belgium (November 2014), nod to the 'Trace' lp by Phil that I've still not brought yet!
  • Diastolic Murmurs - Live (December 2014)
  • Darksmith - Moral Injury (Self-Released, who cares if I didn't hear this til 2015)
  • Stuart Chalmers - Imaginary Musicks Volume 1 & 2 (Beartown / Self Released)
  • Pigs Ear Beer Festival (London, December 2014)
  • Mica Levi - Under the skin / Feeling Romantic, Feeling Tropical, Feeling Ill (DDS)
  • Renato Rinaldi – live (September 2014) 
  • Greg Kelley And Jason Lescalleet ‎– Conversations (Glistening Examples)


HANATARASHI 'We Are Hardcore!!!!!'

Post on behalf of a friend. Last chance to nab a classic.

HANATARASHI 'We Are Hardcore!!!!!' 6 x CD-R + DVD-R


Extremely limited expanded reissue collecting everything from the original 5 x CD set of early cassette material PLUS OVER 90 MINUTES OF BONUS AUDIO in the form of more rare comp tracks added to each disc and a 6th disc of the Hanatarashi & Kyoaku Kyojindan 'Jigoku No Komoriuta' collab. cassette. Also included is a DVD of the rare 'Cock Aktion' VHS.

Includes the largely uncirculated FULL COLOUR ARTWORK for the original 5 discs and several size A4 inserts of rare early Hanatarashi articles & interviews from Japanese magazines such as Fool's Mate, P.O.W, Gekko-Luna and more.

Each set is completely hand-made and neatly packaged in strong 6/9" (close to A5 size) grip-seal polybag with artwork affixed to front and back.

Last batch of sets currently in production and taking orders now at a reduced price. Don't pay stupid prices on discogs and ebay for the original set. For the same price that was sold for on release you will get all that and alot more in this expanded and improved reissue.

GBP £ 24.00 UK
GBP £ 26.50 EUROPE

'International Signed For' (optional) costs an additional :
GBP £ 5.00

Payment by PAYPAL ONLY please to :
blackoperations_uk @ hotmail.com (remove spaces)


Next London shows

Monday December 8th 2014

Wednesday 10th December 2014

Like buses

Heavy drinking sessions, colds, and general life admin has got in the way for me to announce the fact that over the last couple of weeks I've had 3 brand new releases out. Making 2014 a reasonably productive year.

Here they are. Limited quantities of each available from me but it's probably best to contact the labels direct as all releases are still in stock.


APATHY brings together another four amazing acts constructing and destructing the dynamics and textures of harsh sound: BBBlood, Brad Griggs, Vassbotn and Vast Glory. Edition of 100 pro-duplicated copies housed in a vinyl case.

More information and ordering here...

Claus Poulsen, Duncan Harrison, Paul Watson, & Sindre Bjerga - Blind Dates CDr

 Alcoholic lethargic collaborations between the finest from Norway and a couple soft southern lads.

BBBlood - 'Moments' C40

All new works from Paul Watson. The jolly brewer presents 2 sides of subtle, intricate noise with a sound that is straying further into D.S. Mischgewebe territory with each passing day. Side A is persistent, Side B eclectic.



Reviews of recent release

Hi - Some words about my recent release on Beartown Records now sold out but available as download for rock bottom price.

Radio Free Midwich

BBBlood – Untitled
Paul Watson is a current scene leader in what I’ve always thought of as ‘proper’ noise.  That is: a visceral racket created by rough-housing with physical objects, by combining field and domestic recordings and by filtering the lot through a rag-tag tabletop of battered and home-made electronics.  However, that is not to belittle the skill and care with which Paul puts these recordings together.  The sounds are not ends in themselves but chosen, ordered and edited as a means to establishing an atmosphere.  His latest recordings eschew ‘harshness’ almost entirely and the listener is led through a post-industrial landscape of broken glass and burning tyres with, dare I say it, delicacy and finesse.
I can sense the leather-jacket owning section of my readership twitching with unease but don’t worry – I’m not saying Paul has gone all Nick Drake on us.  He still get his balls out on occasion – and so magnificent are his plums that it is no wonder the crowd goes fucking apeshit when they are displayed.  What I’m saying is the flashes of nad are appropriate and proportionate to the larger task at hand.
Essential, of course.  Available from Beartown Records.

Muh Mur

"Untitled" (how original) is the latest BBBlood release on Beartown Records. A C30 tape complete with vellum insert. Four tracks are listed but each side plays like one long piece, Side one is like the onset of madness where everything is blurred yet crystal clear in thoughts, action and sounds … Quiet suffering, apologetic cutlery, the flicker of empty film spools, waiting for the night bus on Gunnersbury High Street … Hallucination Password.
Side two begins with junk noise played at high speed and very high volume. Train wreck electronics that come of the rails leaving silence and the sound of a Tibetan Bowl being struck in the distance. The sounds try to rise phoenix like from the wreckage not to recover but short circuit and continue along the wire ..
Wonderful stuff, both sides are totally attention grabbing. BBBlood runs a blog and Beartown have a website, both are easy to find via Google (or Bing).
I think it is only a matter of time that (like Putrefier is now Mark Durgan and Cheapmachines is Phil Julian) the Baron Bum Blood himself becomes Paul Watson. (Gut feeling……great song).*

*He's pretty much spot on

Thanks for the kind words!

The tape was going to be called 'Hallucination Password' but some way along the line the title was lost.