As part of Incubate 2010 they have asked a set of questions to all artists playing.

Here is my Q&A

[inQ&A] BBBlood

Only two more months until Incubate 2010. For the past few months we’ve been announcing new artists every week. But with 200 + artists coming up in September we can imagine you losing your hold. That’s why we compiled the Incubate 2010 Spotify playlist ( Subscribing to this playlist will get you acquainted with most of the Incubate 2010 bands.

Apart from their music, part of the getting-to-know-them-better-proces will also be us asking some of the artists a few questions in the upcoming months. The thirty-sixth edition in a series:


1.Can you please introduce yourself?
I’ve been making music under the BBBlood name since 2002 but before then I used to play in a load of trashy punk and grindcore bands. Once they all broke up I thought I’d work on my own noise based material as I was just getting into harsh noise and have always been involved in the D.I.Y punk ethics that the noise community also adopts. At first my sound was pretty cheap and very crude distorted computer based noise. But I eventually threw all that in the bin and started making straight up concentrated harsh noise. Since then I’ve not looked back and I’m trying to progress the sound further.

2.Where are you at the moment?
Currently I am enjoying the sun in London as we never seem to get a real summer in England that lasts longer than a week. I’m hoping that it like this at least until Incubate 2010 has finished, as I’m planning a holiday around the same time.

3.Have you played in the Netherlands before and if so, what’s your view on or experience with the scene you’re operating in in The Netherlands?
Sadly no, I’ve never played in the Netherlands. Last time I was over in Holland I was 18 years old with a few friends on a debauched trip to Amsterdam where all we did was smoke and drink beer. Last year I did a split cassette on Turgid Animal records with the Apophallation great harsh noise from NL. I really enjoy playing in mainland Europe as the crowds are always a lot more up for it. I’m really looking forward to coming over.

4.What can we expect of your gig at the Incubate Festival?

Expect no mercy.
No seriously, expect an attempt to produce some highly charged non-melodic metallic junk noise within 15 minutes.

5.What are your plans for the (near) future?
In the near future I’m planning to release more records, play more shows in main land Europe and keep on pushing my sound further.

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