New C30

New Cassette

Available now - Beartown Records

limited to 40 copies. I have copies for Sale + will be selling at the Toshiji Mikawa show.

"Another enthralling expedition into the unknown with the shape-shifting London noise project BBBLOOD.

Fog-laden drones and the clicking whirs of some far-off clockwork mechanisms provide the equilibrium here. Squealing whines, metallic clanging and the intrusions of great static roars provide the disequilibrium.

Side A of this tape is a tense journey from comfortable miasma, through deconstruction, before settling with juddering drones that we all know and love/despise.

Side B takes disorientating stabs of reverberation as its starting point, and degenerates from there. Insectival chatterings create the sonic backdrop for an orchestra of broken fax machines.
Just wonderful.

This release includes monochrome wrap-around cover art and dark blue C30. It is limited to 40 copies" - Beartown Records


I have copies available please contact for more information or contact Beartown Recordings.

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