’Unexplainable Forever’ 6 Cassette Box Set Compilation.

Unexplainable Recordings is proud to announce the release of the 'Unexplainable Forever' 6 Cassette Box Set Compilation. This monster comp will be released on October 17th 2008. The comp features 50 artists from all over the world. The six cassette's total 4 and 1/2 hours of material. This comp contains a wide variety of styles ranging from Psychedelic Rock to Shoegaze to Harsh Noise, to Acoustic Folk, to Ambient Soundscapes, to full on Electronic Mayhem. This comp is limited to just 150 hand numbered copies and will sell out fast. The 6 cassette's are packaged in a hand stamped white box with a booklet that has info on each of the 50 artists. Here's a list of artists that are featured on this compilation:

Pica Pica
White Out
Bazooka Falcon
The Procedure Group
Screen Vinyl Image
My Lord
Mixel Pixel
Little Victories
Aunt's Analog
Blind Minds
Scud Nips
Richard & Karen's Music For Dreams
Colossal Failures
The Tamborines
DJ Olive
October Leaves
Aube L
Rainbow Goblins
Turkish Delight
Poopy Sings
The Judas Horse
Factory Kids
Wisdom Tooth
Red Faced Laughter
Torsion Fields
Ringworm Side Show
The Caution Children
The Sound Of Noise
Heavy Creatures
Eye Jam Party
Between The Cities Are Stars
Kidnapper Bell
A Cricket In Time Square
Spiral 25
Dulce Sky
+ more

You can Pre-order a copy through our exclusive distributor Custom Made Music. This compilation costs $15 Postage Paid in the U.S. and $22 Postage Paid in the rest of the world. Pre-order payments can be made by paypal to custommademusic@gmail.com Order one today.

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