BBBlood / Towering Breaker Split CD - OUT NOW!

£4 (ppd UK) £5 (ppd World) paypal - baronbumblood @ hotmail dot com

TB / BBBlood - A brief alliance 'tween the erstwhile Baron and young seaside upstarts; once more Transdimensional Sushi serve us up a delectable dish of sonic sweets. A labour-of-love label run by the Baron himself and ADHD-ravaged metal exponent Guanoman, it may still be waddling around in a training nappy but has nonetheless dropped a few tasty turds already. Check beautifully packaged compilation 'Wasabi For Your Brainpipe' for a comprehensive statement of intent - a psychdronetrash ode to the belief that the puerile and the ecstatic are one.

But onto this record...Well BBBlood, for one, has been aligning himself with all manner of equally vile cohorts of late (Rank Sinatra, Mutant Ape...) and in joining forces with TB appears at first glance to've formed a close bond. A viscous mass oozes all over the audible (and inaudible) spectrum as a perfectly uniform entity, infinite density. Yet within this singularity much evidence of conflict; a group mentality plagued by in-fighting. Witness the violent tussle of a finale as the Breaker boys take control of the Baron's sounds, forcing them into strange new forms. Here is a big bang spewing forth in sprays of static, hiss and bloody screaming.

Friends? Hardly. Yet on this CD is captured that brief time when two discrete objects - each with their own determined trajectories - collide, and exist together in space and time before obliteration.

Larry Furrowbrow

· Towering Breaker are also about to release two full-length CDRs, 'Purges' and 'Those Who Do Not Believe In The Subversive Power Of Love Have A Corpse In Their Mouths' on Curor and Chocolate Monk respectively.

· Baron Bum Blood has some 34 and releases and counting scattered around the world, his output continues as prolifically as ever;

BBBlood - 3" CD (Unluck records)

BBBlood - 3" CD (Kaleidoscope Gang)

BBBlood / Gland / Cementimental - 3 way split 3" (Luggage Records)

BBBlood C20 (Unrest Productions)

BBBlood / Mutant Ape 12" (Turgid Animal / TDS)

all coming soon...

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