Recent Gigs.... New Releases... I need Artists!

Hey, I shall be doing an update to the website soon but in the meantime I'll keep on posting blogs of recent activities.

Recent Gigs

Thanks for everyone who turned up and cheered on at the gigs in August. Some recent photos can be seen on the flickr page.

New Releases

BBBlood / Towering Breaker - CD (Trans-dimensional Sushi)
Loads of excitement and interest has been whirling around this savage slab of noise and pestilence. Expect this one to be out by the 2nd half of September ltd to 100 copies with artwork by Dr Parsons. Don't sleep!

BBBlood - 3" CD (Unluck records)
12 tracks of wall to wall harsh noise in under 22 minutes expected soon

BBBlood - 3" CD (Kaleidoscope Gang)
More surprises and knife edge noise expected.

BBBlood / Gland / Cementimental - 3 way split 3" (Luggage Records)
A unruley noise battle royal from 3 London noise louts.

BBBlood C20 (Unrest Productions)
Filthy Dirty noise, gargled screaming and sonic worship

BBBlood / Mutant Ape 12" (Turgid Animal / TDS)
Expect someone to draw blood

All releases expected in the next coming months.

Art needed

If anyone is interested I'm looking for artists to do work on the artwork for my next couple of releases coming out soon. If you are interested please send me a message.

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