Live September 2010

2010 in summary was pretty eventful. These are my highlights and achievements.

BBBlood Releases - 2010

So not really as prolific as years previously but I'd recommend checking out all of these where you can. I still have copies of Rust and Lazar House but the split with Duncan is out of press for now, more copies are expected in the new year. Load more releases planned for next year, I just don't want to rush any of them out. Announcement of a new release is to follow.

Compilation Appearances

Last year I submitted a tracks for the following compilations
Currently recording at the moment has been mostly focused on the upcoming LP on NO LITE (pending name change) early 2011, it's almost complete.

BBBlood Live - 2010

This year I've really enjoyed playing a lot and have been getting more into my live set up after supporting Toshiji Mikawa / NAG etc.. last year. I guess the only two low points of the shows I played was the show with Team Brick and Skat Injector due to technical problems and overall dramatics from a venue turning on a limiter mid-way through the set cutting my volume in half and the Noise x3 UKNC I felt was just a really strange event.

The real highlights was playing NoiseFest2 in Kortrijk (a great place I really want to visit again), meeting all the great Belgians and drinking all their finest beer / getting toasted with Phil, Vicky Kapoor and the locals, Incubate 2010 for the incredible experience and finally playing on the same line ups as musicians such as Cheapmachines, Sewer Election, Oscillating Innards, Alfarmania and Dieter Muh.

Thanks to everyone who fixed up these shows. I'm open to offers for future gigs as nothing is currently planned till mid 2011.

Records 2010

There's been countless great noise and related records released this year, these stood out for me. This list probably reads a lot like others lists but here goes...
  • The Rita - Predators 7" (Second Layer Records)
  • Custodian - Toil and Waste (Syzmic Records)
  • Darksmith - Total Vacuum (Hanson)
  • Keranen - Bats In The Attic (Pica Disk)
  • T.E.F. - Consequences in Conversation (DaDa Drumming)
  • Jason Crumer -Let There Be Crumer / Self Pity Fuck (No Rent Records)
  • Black Air - Paris (Urashima)
  • Sewer Election - Vidöppna Sår (PAN)
  • Kazuma Kubota - A Sense of Loss + 1 (Pitchphase)
  • Pedestrian Deposit - East Fork/North Fork (Monorail Trespassing)
  • The Haters / Hal Hutchinson c90 (And possibly Hal Hutchinson 'A Taste of Iron' too on Freak Animal) (Der Bunker)
  • Pain Jerk - The Worst Form Of Musick (AMP)
  • Sewer Election - Bristning (Release The Bats Records)
  • Lasse Marhaug - The Quiet North (Second Layer Records)
  • Francisco Meirino & Dave Phillips - We Are None Of Us (Misanthropic Agenda)
  • Macronympha / Kakerlak split (DaDa Drumming)
  • Dem Hunger - Caveman Smack (Leaving Records)
  • Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet - Air Supply (Erstwhile Records)

Also mention goes to As Loud As Possible magazine. I'm still only half way through reading it but it's almost like when you're a kid and receive a copy of the Beano annual. Great read, inspirational and very insightful.

Live 2010

Favourite Shows of 2010

  • LAFMS - The Lowest Form of Music Weekend (London, Beconsfield) - Highlights for me - Hijokiadan, Incapacitants, John Duncan, Spoils & Relics w/ Mark Durgan, Raionbashi, Dinosuars With Horns. A unforgettable weekend, so many great acts, great people, records to buy.

  • The Rita (London, The Grosvenor), with excellent sets from Filthy Turd, Voltiguers and Vomir this was a great night. Sam Mckinlay's set was uncompromising walls of static suffocation and decay really knocked me for six and I felt pretty high afterwards.

  • Oscillating Innards (London, The Others) For a long time I've wanted to see OxIx play after hearing reviews from friends who have been fortunate enough to see Gordon play. After missing out last time I finally got to see OxIx play and even support that night. A real jaw dropping performance and intense set.

  • Skat Injector (London, The Windmill) The Transient Constellations all day event was fun from what I can remember, but out of all the sets I really enjoyed Skat Injector's set that night. One one hand it was abrasive grind core with incredible screamed vocals from Zara Skumshot and on the other hand it very tongue and cheek and the crowd were extremely up for going crazy.

  • NoiseFest 2 (Kortrijk, Belgium) I mentioned this earlier in this blog post but I really enjoyed all the sets I caught that day - no complaints + good beer.
2010 was pretty good, here's to 2011 cheers.

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