I have limited copies left myself, you may wish to contact Duncan himself with regards to getting a copy. As I'm pretty washed up and gave away a few of my copies at the LAFMS events over the last weekend.

SOLD OUT - Possible re-pressing in the pipeline.

30 minutes of ambient, drones, cut ups and layered loops, not a typical BBBlood release but I'm extremely proud of how it came out. Duncan Harrison follows on from the excellent Affirmations and No Day Blues with another amazing release.

Will try to upload some samples soon.

Also a review of the recent all-dayer

Next up:

BBBlood - 'debut' lp - NO LITE
BBBlood / Izanami's Labour Pains - split CD - TDS
BBBlood / ECP - split C40
- Quagga Curious Sounds
BBBlood / Legless / T'm'N / The Digitariat - 4-way Collaboration 3xC40 - TDS
BBBlood - Rust c20 - TDS

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