So, finally recovered from over 2 weeks of excess and a week away in the Netherlands / Belgium.

Both shows were a great success. It was great to meet, chat and drink with you all. A big thanks to Levi in Tilburg and Fré in Kortrijk for their hospitality. We had a great time, photos coming soon if you are interested. I hope to come over again some time in the future.

A short video extract from the NoiseFest2 set is on YouTube (See Previous Post)

I think we mostly enjoyed Kortrijk as it was a slower pace than Incubate + Belgium beer wins over any other beer hands down. Bockor Omer was my beer of choice at the festival.

I really enjoyed the sets by Sewer Election, Naked On The Vague, Alfarmania, Cheapmachines, Remork and to be honest every set I watched was great.

Anyway this post is just to document the fact we're still alive!

News on upcoming shows / releases to be posted shortly.

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