Tapes, Records and some small changes...

1 copy of the Apophallation / BBBlood c30 left, 3 of the C30 on Beartown Records, 2 copies of the White Mountains c30 and down to my last couple of Molecular Beam Epitaxy tapes (For now).

All sold out!

I still have copies of the Al Qaeda split 7" and 2 more copies of the Reaching. split CDr

So if you're interested in any please contact me.

If you want any deals on more than one tape email and we can work it out. I'm hoping to clear out to make space for future Trans-Dimensional Sushi releases.

Expecting to have a new CDr and Tape out in the following months, and then some more in time for the Summer but things are moving very slowly.

No live shows planned at the moment.

Also I changed the blog from black to white. I'm planning to revamp the blog when I've got some time. I have restarted to use twitter sporadically so 'follow me' there @BBBlood

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