BBBlood / al Qaeda Split 7" OUT NOW

I'm extremely proud to announce the awaited release on Trans-Dimensional Sushi

BBBlood / al Qaeda split 7" record

AQ/BBBlood 7" split

AQ/BBBlood 7" split

AQ/BBBlood 7" split

BBBlood / al Qaeda split 7" ltd 259 copies.

BBBlood is London noise musician Paul Watson making harsh noise and creeping synth / tape electronics since 2002. Releasing records with varied artists such as Mutant Ape, Green Mist, Rank Sinatra and Towering Breaker and has done several short tours of the UK and Europe. In this release BBBlood displays some of his most focused strange synth sounds and looped samples building up to a final noise assult.

Al Qaeda are a band (not a terrorist group) from San Francisco comprising of Scott, Erin and Eric. Al Qaeda have done collaborations with artists such as Richard Ramirez and are about to embark on a tour with Mike Watt formerly of the Minutemen and Droughter. Their side can be described as a blissful summers day in a field of dreams.

Amazing full colour cover art by Stan Reed (Blue Sabbath Black Cheer). This is the first vinyl release on Trans-dimensional Sushi.

BBBlood - Mental Funeral (Sample)

al Qaeda - Untitled (Sample)

BBBlood / al Qaeda Split 7" front cover

They're available from myself for £5.50 UK ppd, £6 Europe, £7 World.

US customers may want to contact al Qaeda via their myspace.

Prices postage paid

Coming up next BBBlood / Reaching. split CDr

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FRAGMENT said...

on my turntable right now, and it was definitely worth the wait!!