Updates / LIVE GIG / 2006 EP ~ Trades / "The Cosmic Gash"

Some more BBBlood news..

1) Website updated..


2) Gig added

28th May - Ryans Bar, Stoke Newington, London


3) I still have copies of the 2006 ep available for Trades etc..

4) I'm proud to announce the newest BBBlood full length "The Cosmic Gash" has been released on Audiobot Recordings.

BOT 185 BBBlood - The Cosmic Gash - CDr

UK harsh peddling feedback junk highly influenced by distorted water falls and mutilated sponge bob's, cranks out a space-travelling tribute to the forefathers of noise and the love of having no restrictions. Equipped with lowlife microphones, metal objects, crunched teeth, electronic drills and bargain pedals, BBBlood shows no mercy. Includes the track that first appeared on the nu-metal/hybrid compilation that accompanied the Zero Tolerance magazine. Described by Bizarre magazine as ' tinnitus-inducing insanity, like being vomited on by some angry digital god, the only way to appease him is to drill holes in your brain, record it, and play the sounds to a roomful of very small children! '. Full color artwork by Italian beach-dweller Tisbo, in an edition of only 65 copies. File under = distilling harsh blood.

Check www.freaksendfuture.com for more information and buy loads of excellent noise!

Expect more updates soon, I've been very very very busy so watch this space!

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