Heyhey, yet another amazing release out now.

Rank Sinatra / BBBlood - Split 7" (Mourning Glory)

£6 UK ppd, £7 World ppd. (Ltd 300)

If you can remember a few years back BBBlood's first full gig was at the Colechester Art Centre supporting the amazing Rank Sinatra. Well since that amazing show it's been on the cards for BBBlood and Rank Sinatra to do a split record. If you are not familiar with the genius what is Rank Sinatra then you are missing out on full on epic noise crooning from down under, as summed up by the BBC as "If pop has eaten itself, then this is what happens when it goes to the toilet". This 7" is the first release by new label Mourning Glory and hopefully soon I will have copies on sale (expect major spamming when I do). Art work on this record was done by Emily Hasselhoof and the BBBlood side by the infamous Dr Parsons. Amazing stuff and I feel really proud to have worked with some amazing people.

I currently have copies and they are shifting like hot cakes.. I accept pay pal. address baronbumblood @ hotmail dot com please contact for ordering information etc.

Thanks again to the amazing artists and the genius of 7U? for doing such an excellent job on this release.

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