BBBlood Interviewed in Bizarre Magazine.

BBBlood Interviewed in Bizarre Magazine.

Yeah pretty cool huh? I've not had much time to really comment about this but I was interviewed around christmas time by (the genius) Dr Parsons for Bizarre magazine. and finally my interview along with a few more excellent noise makers were interviewed and a massive noise spectacular special. I'm on pg 102 of this months issue (May 2006) it was released today I believe 29th March.

The article is titled "The Joys Of Noise"

Baron Bum Blood
"Tinnitus-inducing Insanity, like being vomited on by some angry digital god. The only way to appease him is to drill holes in your brain, record it, and play the sounds to a roomful of very small children."

Pretty cool huh? Go rush to the shops and get a copy so you can read the rest. Also the magazine contains strange stuff and some nudity yay!

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