BBBlood colab with Made Out Of Wool 17th March 2006 ~ BRIGHTON

Yeah I know the Baron didn't even mention this but it was a last minute thing but my good good friends Made Out Of Wool (consisting of Another Enough Chairs and T11/Skunks/Crusty Old Cock) invited BBBlood to join them on the stage and make a noise. So I packed my bag and trekked to Brighton yesterday.

Turning up at a cheapo rehearsal studio very psyched up to get things started I unpacked my makeshift set up, from the initial warm up noises it sounded amazing!

So then few hours we make our arrival at the local Friends Meeting house aka a Quakers house. I know nothing about Quakers but its cool enough we are playing there. We turn up and the only people there are 3 of my favorite noise acts and darn right good peeps Mutant Ape, Shift and Filthy Turd. The host of this evening Dallas is no where to be seen what confuses us but after a cheeky coffee with Filthy the man turns up with two nice big amps.

Now at the moment I'm quite excited about this loud amps the UK's best noise acts this is going to be a treat, next to arrive is Johnny Scarr and Cheapmachines who bring their impressive gear.

We (Made out of Wooly BBBlood aka Crusty Cock Armageddon) are armed with some awesome megaphones and rape alarms. We set up gear and a few people start turning up. So after a little cheeky Beer in the cold we go on. We play a pretty nice 10mins of noise I mean I don't think I could hear what was going on but I think it came across as nice and loud.

As soon as we finish a few more people turn up but I was really glad that Spoono could make it as I've not seen him for ages.

(From now on the running order is a little hazy)

Next up is Cheapmachines who uses his metal bowl of noise to great use dropping what I think was an electronic whisk in to the mix is a classy touch and makes some lovely harsh noise. More of this is needed.

Ok so then I had another beer in the cold and it was fucking cold but worth it. Chatted noise with some of the crowd met some nice people. Went back in and Johnny Scarr was playing, he played a nice set what was considerably quieter than all the rest of the noise acts tonight, he specializes in bashing metal with loads of delayed and pedal driven noise really cool stuff, and thanks to Johnny for going out and getting the beers, life saver.

After Johnny Scarr's cool set was Mutant Ape who's got bigger and noisier and shoutier than I last remember giving it all noise and shouting over some pounding noise whilst Shift in full cammo/3 stripe as well stands his ground and makes the experience even more intense it was like war in 10 mins.

Another Beer (I think they are all gone by now) and the night is going pretty well more chatting and trading records. Next up is Shift. Sporting a big wooden box a microphone and some impressive looking gear he means business, I think the aisle like venue (Quaker meeting house) suited Shifts set as he looked like a demented evangelist converting everyone into his power electronic church of anger, Excellent stuff.

Last but least is the awesome Filthy Turd, who was my highlight of the No Trend all day event in London last month where he set fire to all his gear and poured mud everywhere as well. So very high expectations to top that were her on the night but he sure did not disappoint. The set started off (from what I can remember) with some insane feedback and the dim lit venue / candles created an atmosphere Filthy starts with putting on some rubber gloves and putting metal objects down his trousers then in a mass of feedback and destruction he starts smashing the fuck out of this pan and metal plate then chucks around loads of stones and pebbles creating just pure chaos, then more metal smashing and pant stuffing Filthy creates a load of concrete on the floor (what some guy Hoovers up at the end of the night) The grand finally is the noise stopping and Filthy stripping and putting a cd on (I think it was the Velvet Underground??) then saying "thank you very much" only wearing some animal mask and that's all. Quite possibly just as good as or even better than the last time I see his set.

What a way to end the evening. After that we had to make a move, said good bye to the lads who have a long journey ahead of them back to Leeds in the morning and to Dallas who was a complete legend for putting the whole thing on. Thanks again and hopefully we can play again sometime soon. After the show what I can remember is eating a good burger and getting a quick pint in some pub and then abusing plastic paddys celebrating St Patrick's Day with Made Out Of Wools megaphones good fun and then passed out ready for the 1 1/2hr journey home in the morning.

Excellent show!

**Oh yeah Paul Maccartneys nutter of a son was there too.

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