Missed shows, collaborations, new releases,

So some updates here. I hope this finds you well.


On the 13th March I played probably the only gig I will be playing this year, a collaboration with Yoni Silver @ 5 Miles.

Here's the poster. . .

Was a great night. Here's a couple of photos

It turned out it was the last show before lock down. In retrospect maybe it shouldn't have gone ahead. But it's been that kind of year.

The recording of the set has been released by Beartown Records

Whilst you are there check out Karen Constance's new tape and the Lasse 10". Great releases! Send the Bears my love.

New Releases

Also I finished and put out the long overdue split c10 with Kindvriendelijk. It's a loud one, enjoy with a Belgian beer at any time.

I'm down to 5 tapes. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Untitled looped recordings.

Yesterday I also released a new online only release. This comprises of 16 tracks I composed from the contents of an old SD card which lived within my old looping pedal. So a lot of the material here is what I would have used and buried within my live set up for the last 6 years.

I set myself the restriction to get everything done in one evening and I delivered. Normally I would labour over artwork or track titles etc... but keep it simple it's just untitled looped recordings.

Cycle Ride Optimism

Another thing I've not shared here is that I've done a series of Cycle ride noise videos over the last few months what have appeared on several Lock Down era live broadcasts.

Please watch the whole thing and subscribe to their channels!

Colour Out of Space Present Plague Time Television 2

I feature from roughly the 1hr mark


Approx. 1hr 12 min

Roughly 1hr 50 min Mark

I also did a video for Heinous Whining #10 but it looks like the archive is not kept

However, I've uploaded a home recording to YouTube

On that note did I ever share this video here?

Next plans?

No gigging, but hopefully some new releases coming soon.

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