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Radio Airtime

So first up a massive thanks to Steve Cammack from the legendary Dieter Müh. If you don't know him, alongside Dieter Muh, he has a excellent Blog "MuhMur" now ReMuhMuration and a regular radio show down in Devon. Steve has been kindly supportive of my work for I guess about 10 years now and asked me to do a session for him ages ago. Finally I've got round to sending him something!

If you've read the previous blog update I have a forthcomming EP Divorse (Proceedings) From Reality which I'm hoping will be complete before the end of the year. Steve's show plays the rough MuhMur mix of this ep in full alongside some other BBBlood cuts from the last ten years.

Please feel free to check it out.

And a direct link to the broadcast


Blog Update

In addition I've made some time to update the blog, this includes a biography detailing the early years of BBBlood, future plans and some of the highlights. Have a read if you have time.

More news soon!


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