HANATARASHI 'We Are Hardcore!!!!!'

Post on behalf of a friend. Last chance to nab a classic.

HANATARASHI 'We Are Hardcore!!!!!' 6 x CD-R + DVD-R


Extremely limited expanded reissue collecting everything from the original 5 x CD set of early cassette material PLUS OVER 90 MINUTES OF BONUS AUDIO in the form of more rare comp tracks added to each disc and a 6th disc of the Hanatarashi & Kyoaku Kyojindan 'Jigoku No Komoriuta' collab. cassette. Also included is a DVD of the rare 'Cock Aktion' VHS.

Includes the largely uncirculated FULL COLOUR ARTWORK for the original 5 discs and several size A4 inserts of rare early Hanatarashi articles & interviews from Japanese magazines such as Fool's Mate, P.O.W, Gekko-Luna and more.

Each set is completely hand-made and neatly packaged in strong 6/9" (close to A5 size) grip-seal polybag with artwork affixed to front and back.

Last batch of sets currently in production and taking orders now at a reduced price. Don't pay stupid prices on discogs and ebay for the original set. For the same price that was sold for on release you will get all that and alot more in this expanded and improved reissue.

GBP £ 24.00 UK
GBP £ 26.50 EUROPE

'International Signed For' (optional) costs an additional :
GBP £ 5.00

Payment by PAYPAL ONLY please to :
blackoperations_uk @ hotmail.com (remove spaces)

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