Next London show is on Wednesday 3rd October 2012 and will be the launch party for the split with Umez. Please come along, I will most likely be playing an extended set and then collaborating with Umez at the end of the show.

artwork by Kohhei Matsuda & Takarsis
so i buried presents:
BBBlood / umez split launch party
this show is to celebrate the release of the split album by BBBlood and umez released by So I Buried Records.
the show will include an exclusive live performance of collaboration between BBBlood and umez after the live performances of each band.

A big thank you to everyone who put me on, came out to support, and shouted at my shows in Leeds and Deptford. Both gigs were a blast + there is live recordings kicking about of my set. 

Grab the whole Leeds set from here

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