BBBlood Live @ Curry Club 2005 by BBBlood

BBBlood Live @ Curry Club 2005 by BBBlood

Recently rediscovered live recording from 2005 (I think, maybe it was 2006) it was one of my early live perfomances. Recorded at 'Curry Club' what was pretty shambolically organised night inside Corsica Studios (Elephant & Castle).

We were supposed to play in one of the side rooms but had to play live in the main area where there already was a Ska / Reggae night going. None of the regular club punters were really sure what to make of this set.

It's a pretty interesting yet crude mix of heavy vocal, broken synthesizer and distortion recorded on a tape recorder under my set up. I have a vague recolection of the night and if you listen closely you can hear people shouting "turn it up".

Short set, strange night.

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