Live in June - Free Show

June 4th @ The Others

June 4th @ The Others

On the first Thursday of every month ILL FM broadcasts
from the Others Gallery. Come down for some mid-week
sounds and drinks. ***TUNE OUT, DROP IN***
This Month’s show features music from:

>> FMCONTROL - A sound engineer, synthesis researcher and experimental
music programmer who uses live coding and Supercollider in performing and
composing an engaging blend of digital glitch and electronica.

>> SPAX (Scrap club/ Wetsounds) – As well as organising destructive clubnight
“The Scrap Club” - and the immersive underwater event “Wetsounds” , Joel Cahan has a variety of musical projects ranging from cut-ups through to
experimental/concrete electronics.

>> BBBLOOD - The Baron returns to ILL FM this time to give The Others a
taste of his “Tinnitus-inducing Insanity” as its been described.

>> VIBE MACHINE - Poet, Bard and Wordsmith Dave Pepper and Producer and
Musician Odd Job Man. VIBE MACHINE mix acoustic and electronic sounds
with words and beats.

>>MOOCHA - expect an eclectic barrage of heavy breaks and bass
to round up the evenings proceedings.

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