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Just a note that I'm playing in Croydon on the 29th April w/ Horacio Pollard and Cementimental.

Open Your Skull III, Croydon 29th April 2009

Review of the International Noise Conference gig last week at the Gramophone, thanks to everyone who came down and supported.

From Man Walks Into A Bar reviews blog...

"A sadistic foreman with absolute authority over his machinery"

Fantastic review, I love it.

Also starting work on some new recordings. One track is to be submitted towards a Dictaphone Tape Compilation


pelao said...

MUST HAVE BEEN A riot...i attended the madrid one(inc.)and was delighted to see many of my friends go pitch crazy in 15 mins...cheers

BBBlood said...

Yeah it was a lot of fun. Quite surprised that they managed to fit 8 bands within the tight time constraints. Who played in Madrid?